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First aid for shoulder fractures?

I wan to know how to do first aid for this, especially how to put gauze.

Use a triangle bandage to keep your arm up in a sling then wrap the gauze around the body to pin the arm aginst the body. That way you don't have any movement.  (+ info)

What are some exercises i can do with a broken shoulder?

i broke my shoulder ski racing, well actually it's just two fractures but i need a way to keep in shape with all my sports that im missing. i mostly need to do abs and legs, clearly arms arnt really possible right now. im in very little pain, but i cannot move my shoulder. it's my left one. so any exercise you know of that i can do with my shoulder, that would help a ton. thanks.
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thanks :D

walking, heel raises, lunges, squats, leg curls
and the only one i know for your abs is sit ups.

sorry i couldn't be of more help,
hope you have a good recovery.  (+ info)

What is a chip fracture in your shoulder?

I hurt my shoulder and was diagnosed with bursitis and a chip fracture. The Dr. really didn't explain what these were. I was able to find what bursitis is but I am having a hard time finding what a chip fracture is. Thanks in advance for any help!

a chip fracture is the bone was chipped.  (+ info)

My clavicle is fractured, and one shoulder is lower than the other is it normal?

I fractured my clavicle and am currently wearing a sling. The shoulder with the broken clavicle is apparently lower than my right shoulder so it us uneven. When I try to allign my shoulders it hurts. Will this fix when my clavicle heals?

Depending on how bad the break is and how well you restrict activity the bone should heal properly and straight. A physician can determine if healing is progressing normally. If not you could have problems after healing if your bone does not grow back properly due to you doing prohibited activities during healing. Allow this to heal before using your arm strenuously.  (+ info)

My husband has a large lump on the shoulder he just fractured?

He hasn't not seen a doctor - and absolutely refuses to. He believes it's a hairline fracture. He did it when he crashed his motorcycle 2 weeks ago. Now there's a large-ish bump on top of his shoulder that is hard and a little larger than a quarter around and stands off his shoulder noticeably high. I can still not convince him to see a doctor to get an x-ray. Any suggestions what this bump might be?

Also, he has a full range of motion in his arm and shoulder, and is only in a slight amount of pain.

when a bone is broken the bodys normal reaction is too form calcium to heal the broken area. the body naturally forms extra calcium in this area to give it more strength to prevent further breaks. this is usually not seen as early as two weeks after the injury but it is possible. if he refuses to have it evaluated then i wouldn't worry about it. with minimal pain to the site, it sounds like its healing fine. i would definately discourage any motorcycle riding for awhile though to prevent further injury.  (+ info)

How can u tell if u fracture or ripe or muscle ur shoulder?

Yesterday i was in karate and i did something that i fell on my shoulder 2 or 3 times.
When ever i move it,it hurts.My friends tells me that i might have fracture or ripe my muscle in my shoulder.But one of my friends say that it maybe a fracture and that i shouldn't go to the E.R. cuz it cost at lot of money.But i'm worry about my shoulder.

I think it's a fracture.  (+ info)

How to exercise your shoulder after Shoulderblade injury?

I injured my shoulderblade, no fracture, just hurt the muscles around my shoulder area and i was wondering what exercises i should do to rehabilitate.

Massage is *very* beneficial in these cases. Find someone professional to work muscles in the affected area.  (+ info)

How do I give myself physical therapy for my shoulder?

I had a small hairline fracture on my shoulder. Now I am need to get my muscles back in shape, what can I do at home? I do have access to weights and pool if that helps?

Yes, good suggestion, get into PT. To recommend exercises to you without examining you would be negligent. There are areas of the shoulder that can have a small fracture, but if you push too aggresively can actually lead to further problems. Once such example would be a fracture of the greater tuberosity...trying to do lateral raises could lead to a rotator cuff tear. Talk to your orthopedist as to whether you have any restrictions...if PT is necessary, one or two sessions may be all you need to show you what you should work on at home.  (+ info)

what does a shoulder fracture feel like?

Had a fall last week, more like a choke slam to the floor. Any ways I am having difficulty picking things up. My shoulder and arm hurt a lot since my son jumped onto me yesterday. Is there any way to tell if it is a fracture without going to the doctor's?
I can lift it over my head but it hurts like hell to do so.

you may have fractured or broke your collar bone, you should get x rays. Can you lift it over your head? If not you should get a sling and go to the doctor  (+ info)

What are some possible ways to get a spinal injury, or fractured ankle wrist or shoulder?

I'm not going to try these, need ideas for a story I'm Writing. Preferable ideas that aren't too dramatic and may happen in everyday life.

You can't get any more commonplace than a wrist fracture from trying to protect yourself while falling. You can break your ankle just walking across the street, perhaps stepping into a pothole or ice or landing wrong on uneven pavement or a curb. Spinal and shoulder injuries could result from falling down stairs or being hit by a car, bike or person. I broke my ankle doing high impact aerobics. My sister herniated a couple disks in her spine doing an advanced yoga move improperly.  (+ info)

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