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Could I have fractured my shoulder blade doing this?

I was jumping on the trampoline with my niece and was showing her how to do flips. One time I did one a bit sideways, and landed on my shoulder blade. Immediately, there was shooting pain, and it has been constant ever since. This occured two days ago. Although shoulder blade features are very rare, I have all of the symptoms of it. Also how can I deal with this pain until I can go to the doctor?

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Coming off a shoulder injury, does anyone know of anything to support it while playing sports?

im fully healed from my shoulder injury that i fractured. I was just wondering when i go back to playing baseball is there anything i could do to help support it?

I know there is some kind of tape, but you need to go to the physical therapist and have that done. I had that tape on my shoulder once.  (+ info)

What could be causing this shoulder pain?

This morning my shoulder began to hurt alot. It still hurts now. It feels like I am getting a shot and every time I raise my arm it really burns. I went snowboarding yesterday and might of hurt it. Could it be fractured or something? thanks
It doesn't feel like a muscle, but it does feel like something is inflamed or irritated.

It sounds like a muscle strain. Take aspirin or some other anti-inflammatory drug to reduce the swelling. Rest it and ice it, off and on. If it's still bad in a few days, see a doctor.  (+ info)

Does anyone know how to fix a shoulder in less than a week?

I fell on my shoulder and may have fractured my clavicle. Are there any options to fix it without going to a doctor?

if you absolutely have to play any form of heavy pain killer particularly those that effect solely on the region like a morphine patch or something cause a few vikadin may effect your performance but go to the doctor right after the game dude.  (+ info)

Anyone ever had a plate put in their shoulder for a proximal humerus fracture?

If so a couple questions:
1) Is the plate put in permanently or is it removed at some point?
2) What was the surgery like?
3) How was your recovery?

I broke my humerus about 7 weeks ago, but now the doc is thinking of putting a plate in due to loss of mobility (cannot raise my arm at all) and continued excessive pain.

Hi John

No - I've never had a plate put in personally but I'm a doctor who specialises in shoulder pain so I know lots of people who have.

The plate is usually permanent but can be removed later once the bone has healed if the plate itself is causing pain (not common in my experience)

The surgery is relatively straightforward in most cases - although the anesthetic will make you feel a bit groggy for a few hours.

Recovery is typically quite rapid because the plate helps to stabilise the fracture - but it depends if there has been muscle injury or tearing as well as the bone fracture. If muscles have been torn or nerves damaged then recovery will take longer.

Hope that helps

You can read more about this sort of thing here:


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i suffered a shoulder dislocation that resulted in me getting a hill sachs impaction fracture.?

i also tore my labrum and have a 4mm bone chip in my shoulder. i play football and wanted to know about how long to expect to sit out and if i need surgery.

You can expect to sit out for at least a couple of months, maybe longer. Only your doctor can say whether or not you will need surgery, but there is a possibility that you will need surgery.  (+ info)

My sisters in the house with a fractured shoulder and cant go out for 3 weeks.Any ideas for fun stuff to do?

Apart from dvds,what fun stuff could she do?

What good books could she read?She likes sci fi,adventure,anything with vampires in it.

I don't know if this would be her cup of tea, but have you ever heard of "Imajica" by Clive Barker? When i think of adventure, that's what I think of. It's a very long book though.  (+ info)

i fractured my collarbone near the shoulder and it didnt snap, will it heal properly?

my mom did some research that came back saying if it heals on its own then i will have continuous issues with in the future.and surgery might be better. im a cheerleader and want this healed asap.

Fractures can always be worse than they appear, trying to let it heal on its own isn't a smart idea, and you're lucky it 'didn't snap'. Because broken collar-bones are alot more painful and hard to deal with than fractured ones.  (+ info)

Is there anything that can be done to fix my shoulder?

I messed up my shoulder 5 years ago skateboarding. There was a fracture, soft tissue damage and scar tissue showing in the MRI. Nothing was really done to heal the shoulder, after 5 years would physical therapy do anything for me or would surgery be the only way? I have been very active with my shoulder over the 5 years and there are still restrictions and mild pain. Any info or advice would be great. Thank you.

Use this http://www.hubpages.com/hub/Speed-healing-of-trauma-injuries-through-self-directed-regeneration

Physical therapy will not fix the problem and surgery will do more damage.

It's now an old injury so the speed part is not valid due to complications which will also have to be fixed. Try long tedious healing.  (+ info)

i fractured my right clavicle near the shoulder and have tight nerve pulling when trying to eat, what is this?

yeah no doctor or orthopedic surgen here on the island of Hawaii sadly could not tell me whats wrong at all besides put this sling on and rest? so i turned to the internet!!! PLEASE HELP!!
the nerve pulling is in my right side back of my neck and into my lower brain. it's when i try to lift the injured side arm to eat it happens, this is now 3 weeks after injury.

its probably the muscle that is pulling.  (+ info)

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