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How long before shoulder will recover?

Yesterday i was doing Jiu Jitsu (martial arts) and i landed directly on my shoulder.
It was the worst pain i have ever experienced. I had to go the hosiptail to get an x-ray but they said its not fractured, just tissue damage.

Now i can't move my arm up or down. The pain is inbetween my neck and shoulder.
How long will this pain last

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I have a sever pain in my shoulder. What could it be?

I have been in moderate to severe pain for 4 1/2 years and I've been to doctors, physical therapy, orthopedic specialists, and I've had countless x-rays done, one MRI, and one MRI with a saline injection but the only thing that has shown up is inflamation. . They have rulled out a rotator cuff tear, fractures, and labrel tear. Can anyone tell me what else it could possibly be or what type of treatment may work so that I can discuss it with my doctor.
I have tried all kinds of over the counter meds like naproxen, asprin, ibuprofene, and aciphetomen (I know I spelled it wrong) I have also tried icy hot, biofreeze, and some prescription meds like vicoten, percocet, oxycoden, and valum and none of them worked. They did electotherapy and sonogram treatment too.I did try applying ice and massage therapy and those are the only things that sort of helped. The ice helped the most with the inflamation and the massage therapy helped with the range of motion and slightly with the pain but it's still very painful.

Well it sounds like you've covered a lot of options. My husband had shoulder pain and it turned out to be be repetitive wearing of the bone at the joint, signs of arthritis, they said he could have a certain amount of injections to improve it.

I would try, a sports injury specialist, and a really good masseur. Some kind of hydrotherapy where your weight is supported.

The question is why is it inflamed? and could you try an ice pack treatment and an anti inflammatory pain killer.

Also take codliver oils, drink plenty of water and eats raw nuts and seeds, for your joints and make sure you're getting enough (not too much) calcium.

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i was snowboarding went off a jump and landed on my right shoulder?

i was snowboarding went off a jump and landed on my right shoulder onto ice and now it hurts when i move it certain ways or if i put pressure on it. Is it sprained, fractured, or dislocated??

Sprained. If it was dislocated you would freak the f*ck out  (+ info)

what is the prognosis for a fractured and dislocated shoulder after surgery?

a dislocation that results in a shattered humeral head that requires surgery to repair not replace.

your surgeon will have the best info for you. get your money's worth and ask!  (+ info)

What can be done about a frozen shoulder?

My partner fractured her elbow 3 months ago. It was operated on and a plaster was put on for three weeks. When the plaster was taken off she had got a frozen shoulder. The physio does not want to see her for treatment to her elbow until the frozen shoulder is healed. Can anyone shed light on a cure. She has tried acupuncture but to no avail. Regards


Check these links out and they will tell you everything you need to know about frozen shoulder.hope you are okay.take care  (+ info)

Fractured rib under my right shoulder blade?

I fractured my rib playing football three weeks ago with my friends. It is the first (top) rib under my right shoulder blade. The doctor says it was kind of a freak accident, but also says that I can't play sports again for 4-6 weeks. Right now, a week before the "deadline" I feel great. I know I don't want to push it, but how long do i have to wait? I can't stand not playing sports!

I would wait til next week at least before I get back to sports.  (+ info)

I want to build up my shoulder muscles and pecs. What's the best excersises?

Anything besides bench press? (i have limited access to a gym due to my work schedule.) I can get some dumbells. Also, I fractured my right wrist a couple years ago and it hurts like crap when i try to do pushups/or any other strenous weight on it.

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What could be causing my shoulder pain?

I have had shoulder pain for almost five years. Most of the time it is pretty moderate but sometimes if I move a certain way it becomes so painful I can't even move it. I have been to several doctors including a Primary physician, physical therapists, and orthopedic specialists. They have done x-rays, an MRI, and an MRI with a saline injection and they still can't figure it out. They have determined that it is not a rotator cuff tear, labrel tear, burstitis, arthritis, fracture or broken bone, or torn cartilidge. I have tried a number of different pain relievers such as asprin, naproxen, ibuprofen, icy hot, biofreeze, bengay, and acometaphen. I have also been prescribe percocet, vicatin, tylox, oxycodene, and valum and none of these have seemed to help at all. I am still going to the doctor but if I could get any suggestions to what it might be so I can discuss it with him I would really appreciate it.
The two things I have tried that helped a little were applying ice and massage therapy.

have you been to a chiropractor you might have a bone out of place i dislocated mine and looks like i try never thing you did and thats who help me  (+ info)


please tell me. i don't want to do it. it really hurts.i am just interested in that stuff. i have researched almost every breakable bone in the body and now i want to look into this stuff. it is just interesting to me.
does it hurt a lot if you do it the way david Nguyen. how can you tell if you did it right?

I popped my elbow out of it's socket. I was young then though and all that it took as a sharp pull to the arm.  (+ info)

Besides Ice what should I do to relieve the pain from my shoulder fracture?

I fractured my right shoulder last night and am wondering if heat would help as well? They also gave me percocet

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