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Who can tell me if a fracture shoulder can heal?

Thanks for answering.

Sure but it might take some time.  (+ info)

Any advice on what could be wrong with my shoulder AND cough?

I've had a really bad cough for atleast 3-4 weeks now (it has been giving me temperatures, making me weak and sweaty whilst sleeping), but it has gotten worst the last 4 days, when I breath now, my shoulder causes me extreme pain, when breathing out aswell, but not as much, any clue what this could be? Could it be fractureD? Iv'e noticed the pain comes when ever I cough alot and even if I stop coughing, it stays for atleast an hour!!

sounds like pneumonia to me. I had the same thing, and the pain eventually got so bad i thought I had broken a rib from coughing. The hospital xrays showed pneumonia  (+ info)

How can i tell if my stress fractures are healed?

Sustained stress fractures during bct. Has been roughly eight weeks since. How do I know if it's safe to run on them again? There is still slight pain if I jog, but walking is no problem. Is this just residual pain? Is any pain at all at this point normal?

  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for spinal compression fractures?

My husband is 83 years old and has numerous compression fractures in his spine and we are trying to find ways to relieve his pain. Any help would be appreciated.

Does your husband have recent urinary/bowel incontinent problem or motor weakness or sensory loss in both legs? If so see a physician ASAP as he may be suffering from cauda equina syndrome. It is also advisable to see the physician as an MRI is likely to determine the extent of damage. Spinal decompression surgery might be warranted if spinal damage is severe. Unfortunately, at this point it sounds like over the counter medication will provide minimal help. NSAID (naproxen) can alleviate some inflammation and provide some relief, but it sounds like you need something stronger that only a physician can prescribe. Best wishes.  (+ info)

What might be causing these mysterious rib bone fractures?

A friend has been having mysterious fractures of her ribs, with no significant bone pain prior to them. She is in her 70's and had breast cancer a few years ago, which appeared to have been treated successfully. She has been to several doctors and had many diagnostic tests including a needle biopsy, but so far no definitive diagnosis. Now they are are recommending an open biopsy.

What could be causing these fractures? One obvious possibility is bone metastases from her breast cancer, but the symptomatology seems somewhat atypical for that.

It is very likely mets from her breast cancer. See it happen all the time.
Have they done a PET scan?  (+ info)

Where is the evidence that osteoporosis causes bone fractures?

Please refer me to well-controlled, peer-reviewed studies that show:
1) Osteoporosis causes bone fractures.
2) Fosamax and other biophosphonates not only slow down bone density loss or increase bone density, but also prevent fractures.

Its common sense if the bones become less massive and deteriorate go on yahoo and do a image seach .The bones of women are 35 % less massive than men so they are more susucpetible to back problems than men so women should really taske it easy on there back.  (+ info)

I have a dull pain in right side under rib and shoulder. I have had blood tests done for liver function and ?

cancer all were neg. Also had x-ray done for broken or fractured rib all were normal. If I go to bed at night my side stops hurting,but my shoulder is constant. If you have any clue to what it might be please let me know.

The liver is on your right upper abdomen just
under the rib cage and to the front. The
one kidney is located behind the liver and
just down a little. The gallbladder is located
under the liver and about to the center of the
large lobe of the liver. The pancreas is
located behind the stomach, to the back, and is connected to the bile ducts below where the gallbladder also connects.

X rays don't always pick up some fractures, even
though they may be there. Blood testing doesn't
always show that there is a problem with the
liver....these tests are more of a hint that there
may be something wrong.

Ultrasound will show if the blood flow through
the liver is okay; if there are tumors or cysts in the liver; if there are stones in the gallbladder and
if these stones moved into the bile ducts,
outside the gallbladder, that may be blocking
the flow of bile coming out of the liver. It will
show if there is inflammation developing in
the liver which causes the liver to enlarge in
size. It can show if the kidney has stones in
it and that may have moved into the urinary ducts...and can sometimes show the
pancreas. The pancreas is very hard to
view because it is located in a difficult spot to
view behind the stomach.

The radiologist may miss a problem in
the other areas if the doctor has the focus
for his test on the liver and biliary area and
doesn't write on the form to check the kidney
and the pancreas.

Liver pain is usually on the right side from
the sternum. Gallbladder pain can be closer
to the sternum or midway from the sternum to
the side. Kidney problems are located in
the back and move to the back right side and
sometimes the shoulder. Pancreas pain can be anywhere in the right side and move up to the shoulder area. Different patient have pain in different places...so this is just an idea of
where the pain may be located. It is known as referred pain cause it projects away from the true area of the problem.

You need to have more testing done until
they locate the true problem...I wish I could be of more help...but without the tests results and knowing more, it is difficult to tell.  (+ info)

How long does it take for fractures on top of foot to heal?

I have 2 small fractures on the dorsal metatarsal of my left foot. How much time will it take for them to heal on the average. I'm 60 years old, female and in better than average physical condition.

They say it normally takes about 6 weeks for most things to heal. The metatarsals form part of the arch of the foot and are weight bearing.


Because they have to bear so much weight, it would probably be a good idea to follow up with physiotherapy to strengthen this area after the rest of waiting the 6 weeks. Are you using crutches now? You might want to go to a cane for a bit till the foot is strengthened, and a cushion orthotic (arch support) for awhile also.

This answer is not meant to constitute medical advise, so check with your doctor for follow up.  (+ info)

What is the best shoulder sling for a dislocated shoulder?

I dislocated my shoulder a few days ago, and the ER gave me a very cheap and uncomfortable shoulder sling to immobilize my shoulder until I can see an orthopedist. What is the best sling and/or immobilizer for my shoulder to use until I get to the Doctor (about 1 month)? Any advice would be helpful!

Well, you'll probably be coming out of the sling in less than a month anyway as you gain mobility back, but a good sling can be made from shirts and coats to bandannas. Just line it with soft cloth and it's very comfortable and supportive. Make sure to put a pad on your neck though so the top of the sling doesn't hurt it or rub the skin off.  (+ info)

Can bone fractures occur inside the bone without external damage?

X-rays of fractures people normally see show cracks or separation outside and through the bone to the outside, but can the shock to a human bone cause undetectable internal damage?

yes  (+ info)

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