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How long does the pain last after arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

I dislocated my shoulder in the beginning of March. Got a second opinion 3 weeks ago and had surgery 2 weeks ago. My pain level is at a 10 if I do not keep up with the pain meds. I even have to take them earlier than the prescribed 4-6 hours. I am off work and need help. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I have 4 incisions to repair Bankart lesion.

Shoulder surgery is rough! I know, I just had a Type II SLAP Repair and Capsular Plication 5 weeks ago. I was taking pain meds every day until last week. If you are having to take your medications more often than prescribed, you need to contact your surgeon and try a different pain med. What does he have you on? I took OcyContin for 10 days, 20mg with Percocet for any breakthrough pain. I switched over to just the percocet at day 11 and just came off everything about 9 days ago. You may need to have the doctor check your shoulder. Infection is always a possibility and can cause extreme pain. If it is not an infection, then you need better pain control. Call his office and let him know what is going on. Maybe he can put you on a stronger dose or a different medication all together. I hope that you feel better soon. Just keep in mind, it does get better  (+ info)

What can i do for shoulder muscle pain and headaches?

I get very bad headaches that always seem to start from my top shoulder muscles. The muscles is always swollen and sore. The pain shoots from the top of my shoulder to the top of my head. Any suggestions?? I do put heat on it and take Advil with no relief.
I guess im really wondering what i could do right now for the pain?? Any suggestions?

i highly recommend seeing a chiropractor. i love getting adjusted. it helps all the pain in my neck and shoulders which causes my headaches too. most will take you even if you don't have insurance. good luck!  (+ info)

Any tips on how to prevent shoulder pain from sleeping?

I sleep on my left shoulder a lot, and when my friends come over and spend the night, i let them have the bed, and i get the floor.
One night, i woke up to find a horrible pain in my shoulder, which is probably from sleeping the wrong way on hardwood floor.
But ever since that one night, the pain keeps getting worse and worse.
Every time i sleep on my bed and wake up the next morning on my left shoulder, the pain is back and unbearable. What should i do?

you need to support your neck muscles... try doing this: take two pillows & cross them over each other on top, like an upsidedown V (firm pillows), then take a softer pillow & put it across the others, making sorta like an A;; when you lie on your back, take the bottom of the top pillow & sorta scrunch that part under your neck a little so as to "fill in" the small of your neck to help support the area;; & when you lie to your side, you do not have to move the pillows, they should be positioned over your shoulder @ this time to "fill in" the space between your head & your shoulders;; by the way, NOT a good idea to sleep only on one side, can alter your aligment in your spine, both hips, both knees, both shoulders, etc, etc; moving around in bed is the best thing for us. Try starting your sleep on your right side & stay there as long as you can tolerate;; eventually you'll be "tossing & turning" like the rest of us. Good Luck!!  (+ info)

What does a sudden sharp pain at the top of my right shoulder mean?

For as long as I can remember, I'd get a sudden sharp pain at the top of my right shoulder, but it would come and go really quickly and hardly ever happened. Recently, it's started becoming more frequent, and the pain lasts for several seconds. A while ago, it did it about 4 times in the same minute and each time it lasted for a few seconds and then it left my shoulder feeling achy.

Should I get it checked out?

Does it hurt when you move it or even when not moving it? Can you lie on that side at night? Is it on your dominant side? Does it feel weaker? Do you have a good posture? Do you work/use computers a lot? All I can think of with your brief description of your pain is Impingement Syndrome. A tendon can get caught in between 2 bones. A sharp pain is felt when this happens. Exercising your rotator cuff muscles will take care of this. Just google rotator cuff exercises. Good luck.  (+ info)

How can I get rid of my pain on my right shoulder?

Since last 3-4 years, I am having a severe pain on my right shoulders and till date I am suffered of it. Doctors say that there is problem with the nerves and also my case is mysterious. When I am in rest position, it seems like nothing had happened. But when I try moving my hand about my shoulder, it pains as if it had factured. Also i can't carry up the heavy load (not even 2 kg ). I know it problems with the nerves and the veins.
Can anyone please suggest me some treatment or recommend me a doctor? Please help me.

Try massage and Yoga? Both can relax your body.  (+ info)

What can I do to get past the pain of a shoulder muscle?

I'm not sure but either I have a bad rotator cuff, or I have impingement in the shoulder girdle, or maybe some tendonitius, but the pain is CHRONIC even though I have completely laid off the shoulder for months! I do however sleep with my arm extended and it hurts when I move the joint in even a small way. Has anyone had similar experiences with this pain? What did you do for relief?

You need to take something to not just relieve your pain but the inflammation. This is probably why that the pain has not gone away over the period of time. Even with it elevated it wont go away. You need to visit a local pharmacy to see if they can give you something sold over the counter that would be generic for a drug such as flexiril. You can also use the treatment of Nsaids this things are found in most anti-inflammatory drugs from Ibropferon to Pepto Bismol. Just let the pharmacist know that you need something over the counter that would relieve both pain and inflammation and they can give you something most times that are not sold on the shelves but something that they will sell you. You also need to switch out with cold and hot compresses. You will use hot and then cold. Do not use a heating pad because the strength and temps are too strong if you have inflammation. Wet a washcloth and place it in the microwave on high for 30 seconds and once the cloth has cooled immediatley change it to a snadwich bag full of ice wrapped in a cloth. Do this 2 times a day and with the meds you will fine in about a week! If this doesnt help then its more serious and you should see a doc for some stronger meds and possibly some therapy.  (+ info)

What is the best therapy for my shoulder pain?

I work on my computer more than 8 hours a day. My shoulder and neck is uncomfortable. What would be the most convenient way to relief my pain at home?

For everyday comfort, use a heat pack around your neck and shoulder. This one is particularly useful (http://www.sunshine-pillows.com/shoulderwarmers.php). It has a wide long tail to drape around the center muscle between your shoulder blades.  (+ info)

What kind of massages can help pain in the shoulder momentarily feel better?

ever since i broke it 1 year ago i often feel slight pain or discomfort in my shoulder. what massages can i give myself or have other people give me to make it feel better?

I could get a violation notice for answering this impulsively...whatever...massage lower...you'll forget all about the shoulder.  (+ info)

What could be causing this sever pain in my shoulder?

I am getting an Xray,but it happened a couple of weeks ago. They didn't do an xray and proceeded to say it's bursistis. However, I know it's not that it's something else. The pain goes from my collar bone through my shoulder. It's really painful to where I don't want to do anything with my left arm. I remember yesterday hearing a rip or snap in my shoulder and that is when the pain came back. What could it be?

  (+ info)

What might be the cause of my recurring shoulder pain?

Sometimes, if I put my weight on my left hand to get up or support myself, I'll end up getting a pain in my shoulder that lasts for a few days. It hurts to twist my arm and put on a coat, or to lift my arm with my elbow out slightly to the side. The pain seems localized in the front of my shoulder, slightly below the bone, in the muscle surrounding my humerus. It's a real discomfort and the pain will remain even with my arm being held still. Any ideas?

The two most likely causes are tendinitis or a rotator cuff tear. Make an appointment with your primary health care provider or an orthopedist. They can have you do some maneuvers in the office to try to discern between the two problems. If there is any question to the diagnosis, an MRI will be done to make a definitive diagnosis.

Best Wishes For Pain Relief!  (+ info)

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