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How can I get rid of the pain in my shoulder blade?

I have this horrible pain in my shoulder blade. It's a little lower than the shoulder blade and there seems to be a ball formed around there. The pain shoots up towards my neck and even travels towards behind my right eye. I think it may be a pinched nerve. I try massaging it and it gets rid of some pain but it doesn't get rid of that ball.

Here is a good muscle release for your back as well as your neck, you may need that one as well. Do the back one first. When you are done with them if you still have a problem with the ball, have someone press directly onto it for thirty seconds. then lean forward some so there is a stretch on the muscles in that area. Release the pressure but hold your new position for another 30 seconds. Here are the methods of release:
For your neck:
place your hand alongside your head and push your thumb in under your ear and place it on the muscle there. Take your fingers and place them on the back of your neck on the muscles there. Press them together and hold a good amount of pressure on them. Then relax, take a deep breath an happening, the muscle going limp under the pressure. Continue to hold until the entire muscle has gone limp.
Place your left hand on your left knee. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and with your fingertips find the muscle next to your spine. Press on it and hold. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After about 30 seconds there should be a release happening and when it does slowly lower yourself forward onto your right leg or even over it if you can, the more over the better it is. Continue holding for a total of one minute. Then release but rest your body there for one minute longer. Then reverse and do the right side.  (+ info)

Is it common to have neck and shoulder pain one day after a massage?

I had a massage yesterday thinking it would help the pain I have been having in my shoulders and neck. There are knots in my neck and shoulder blades. The massage felt great a little sore while she was working, but once I was done I felt amazing. Today my neck and shoulders hurt like they did before the massage. Should I consult a doctor? Is there home remedies? What should I do?

first of all, i am a massage therapist and the pain you describe is common for someone who hasn't had a massage before or hasn't had one for a long time. sometimes, bruising as well can occur if the body is not accustomed to it. it is like exercising intensely if you haven't done that for awhile, too and feeling the pain the day after as well. so, in the mean time, you must take it easy (this is what you should have done for a few hours after the massage) , drink lots of liquids. no sodas and junkfood and allow your body to capture the effects of massage in a day to three days. if it still hurts, see a doctor or chiropractor. i would see a chiropractor first as your pain could possibly stem from spinal misalignment besides from musculature pain...  (+ info)

What can cause shoulder pain when you breathe?

I have RSD/CRPS, lately when I take a deep breath I am getting a sharp stabbing pain in my right shoulder. My shoulder also hurts when I lay down.

could be a rib out of place or a fixated AC joint. Chiropractic can fix that right up quick.  (+ info)

What is wrong when you have shoulder pain ,accompanied with electrical charges down your arm,and numbness?

I have shoulder pain often.I thought that it was a torn rotator cuff,but it might be something else. I weight train regularly,and the pain prohibits me from lifting.

You need to see a doctor. Stop lifting weighs until you see one!!

You are talking about what nerve pain from your cervical spine feels like.

I know because I have a cervical spine injury and feel that pain every day. Here are a few links you should look at
http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002971.htm  (+ info)

How do you treat a shoulder pain and bump?

The morning after a workout a couple of days a go i woke and my shoulders were hurting due to working out however whilst most of it went away i have this pain in the back of my shoulder alongside my rear deltoids which I've now had for 4 days. I can feel the pain if I'm standing or sitting and if I move my elbow behind my body. Now there's a round bump next to the deltiod.

What can i do to stretch it or stop the pain?

you ave facing this pain a couple of days ago.now you have pain in the arm and back area as well. Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that causes restriction of motion in the shoulder joint. The cause of a frozen shoulder is not well understood, but it often occurs for no known reason. Frozen shoulder causes the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint to contract and form scar tissue.
Normally, the shoulder joint allows more motion than any other joint in the body. When a patient develops a frozen shoulder, the capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint becomes contracted. The patients form bands of scar tissue called adhesions. The contraction of the capsule and the formation of the adhesions cause the frozen shoulder to become stiff and cause movement to become painful. The first line of treatment for a frozen shoulder is physiotherapy. Physical therapy modalities such as myofascial release, massage, range-of-motion exercises reduce scar tissue.you should have a therapy i mean physical therapy.  (+ info)

What would cause pain in front of shoulder when running?

I can run for around 5 minutes before getting this pain. I think it might have something to do with running up hill. The pain is in the shoulder joint around the ball of the shoulder. It hurts so much I have to stop running and rest the whole arm. Stretching doesn't help. It takes about 5-10 minutes to ease, and I don't get it again until the next time I run. I'm not sure if it's my running technique, or something more serious that I should get checked out. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it, because I'd really like to get through a good run without having to stop and nurse my arm every 10 minutes.
It's my right shoulder. I'm only 24, and I'm relatively fit. This pain has been coming and going for about 3 months now.
Oh yeah, there's one more thing...
I can feel a clicking in the ball as the arm moves backwards and forwards

Do you lift weights?Alot of curls?Long head of bicep attachas where you describe,hurts like hell  (+ info)

What could be causing right shoulder pain and hand numbness?

Hi, I'm 34weeks and 4days pregnant for the past 3 weeks I've had borderline high blood pressure and trace of protein with mild headaches. Over the past few days my headaches have been getting slightly worse and is now accompanied by mild blurred vision I realise that this could be a sign of Pre-eclamsia and I'm being monitored for this but would like to know if the recent hand numbness and right shoulder pain I've started getting could also be a sign?

Shoulder pain can turn into pains in the hands and head. You could have a pinched muscle as part of the problem. There are ways to release the muscles but each group has a different approach so it's impossible to pass along that info.  (+ info)

What would cause a person to have pain in upper right shoulder?

My right upper shoulder is really sore, bone is also sore, pain in arm down to the finger tips. Hurts to raise, lower or even hang my arm.

It could be a pinched nerve- but if its that intense you need to see the doctor.  (+ info)

What are the positions of sleeping to avoid shoulder and back pain?

i always experience shoulder pain everytime i wake up in the morning.please help me.

I used to get that - I try to fall asleep flat on my back. Make sure your pillows aren't supporting your neck and head too high because that can also put a strain on your back and shoulders. Try and use a squishy pillow if you can :)  (+ info)

What would cause pain from the shoulder only when I do this?

If I take something as light as a stapler, and extend my arm out to my side I am fine, but If i then (with my arm extended) swing my arm in front of me it hurts very badly.

I do allot of weight lifting, and have always had this shoulder pain, it seems to only hurt when my shoulder is rotated to the front of my body.

I have been taking anti inflammatory, and they have not been able to help. ANy suggestions?

As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor, nor a medical professional, but I have had numerous surgeries on my shoulder.

It sounds like you are having issues with your rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is responsible for moving your arm around in its socket. This is why the pain is confined to certain areas/movements. You might notice that while you hold the stapler at some angles there is no pain, while at other angles it is quite painful. This is because the rotator cuff is made up of four major muscles (supraspinatus, etc.) that allow it to move roughly 360 degrees. Most people only injure a part of their rotator cuff which is why the pain is a "range of motion" issue and not in the whole shoulder.

The cause of rotator cuff injuries varies greatly. They are common in pitchers, swimmers, and other people whose sports/professions involve heavy use of a rotating shoulder. Also, trauma (most often a violent dislocation) can cause injury as well. From what you have described, it is possible that your weightlifting is causing, or exacerbating, the issue.

You should definitely see a doctor for this issue. He/she will be able to identify (either through physical examination, or MRI) the exact cause of your injury. If your rotator cuff is torn it will require surgery. However, in many cases, the rotator cuff is loose and physical therapy will help repair it. Also, a doctor might be able to tell you how to change your workout routine to avoid future complications. One danger of leaving it untreated is that it can further destabilize the shoulder and lead to more problems (e.g. a tear in the muscles, dislocation, more pain, etc.). Bottom line, have a professional check it out before it becomes more of a problem. Good Luck.  (+ info)

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