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I have pain in shoulder when doing lateral raises. What kind of injury do i have?

I can do frontal raises and all other kind of exercises fine without pain. However, when I do lateral raises my left shoulder is in momentary pain when i'm in the process of lifting a 10 lb dumbell. I notice I drastrically can't do as much with my left shoulder as I can my right. In general my stronger side of my body is my left side. What could I possibly have wrong with my shoulder? Is it serious?

Probably an Ac separation. See an MD though.  (+ info)

a pain in my arm a few inches below the shoulder when I put my arm in a certain position?

I've had this before but don't know what it is. If I raise my arm to high or put pressure on it in a certain way, I get this excruciating pain directly below my shoulder in the middle of (I think it's) my forearm. It's in a sling now and it feels better if I don't use it, but I have things to do. Does anyone know of any type of exercises or something to help ?

If it hurts don't do it.  (+ info)

What can be the cause of my constant shoulder pain and what can I do about it?

I have this constant pain on my shoulder, around shoulder blade, and pain in my arm. It basically feels as if I have had the shit beaten out of me. I can't even really stand to have any one touch these areas.

it may be a trapped nerve see a physiotherapist  (+ info)

What does it mean if you have sharp pain in your shoulder everytime you breathe?

I have a sharp pain in my shoulder, sometimes my chest, everytime I breathe. Does anyone know what I have? I can't go to the doctor until after I work tomorrow. Please Help!

you could have any number of things from a bruised rib to have slept wrong on your bed ....

the easiest way to git rid of the pain is to take a over the counter pain reliever

if the pain gets unbearable you should go to the doctor  (+ info)

What is causing this pain in my left shoulder blade?

It started last night. All of a sudden i had this incredible pain just to the right of my left shoulder blade, and it lasted a few hours. when i got up this morning it was fine, but it has started again and its really uncomfortable. I haven't injured myself or been doing any exercise that may have caused it. Can any one help?

see your doctor for a definate answer  (+ info)

How to get relief from wrist and shoulder pain?

I have continuous pain in my right shoulder, wrist and elbow for the past few months. I feel it is due to continuous use of mouse and keyboard. Previously I had similar pain in upper back and neck area and relieved about 85% with some simple exercises.

I hope some one can help me with some exercises to overcome this problem. Many thanks.

I think you know the practical answer is that you are on the computer too long and need breaks. Now that you are ready to go on working on 85% and put up with the pain do you think your body is going to say OK we can do this! No! its going to put you in a position where you may have to give up computing altogether. Love yourself and your spirit, go for a walk in nature, talk to real people, get out more. Change your career if all it is is computing. Look up EFT Gary Craig for the mental side of it. The body is trying to tell you something.  (+ info)

What could be causing the pain in the upper part of my left arm/shoulder?

I occasionally feel a slight discomforting pain in around the areas of my upper left arm, elbow, and shoulder when it's cold outside. It feels more like in the muscle or bones. When the weather is decent or warm, my entire left arm feels fine.

It can be a little arthritus or it can be the pc mouse if your shoulders are not level where you sit.
I get it from sleeping on my stomach and it goes away if I sleep on my back.  (+ info)

Why do I have severe shoulder pain in the morning?

When I woke up this morning I had a sharp pain in my left shoulder. It was so bad I had to groan. After about 20 minutes the pain went away. I haven't been working out recently, and all I did yesterday was drive. Could it be I slept on my left side with my shoulder scrunched up, and that restricted blood flow to the area?

you probably feel a sleep in an uncomfortable position that resulted in the pain.

i get that a lot. so you'll be fine  (+ info)

How does endometriosis cause shoulder pain?

How Is shoulder pain related and is it(and other pain associated to endometriosis) always cyclical?

It might do, one can have patches of endometrotic material almost anywhere in or even on the body. If you have an ectopic patch of this tissue on the diaphragm it may well cause shoulder pain. Discus it with your GP, one option would be to attempt to confirm this using a laporoscope and then arrange for the tissue to be cauterised via the scope at the same time.  (+ info)

What type of doctor do I need to see for shoulder pain?

My shoulder began hurting a few weeks ago, and I have limited range of motion right now. Most of the time it doesn't hurt at all, but if I move it the wrong way it hurts very badly. I'm planning on going to the doctor, but I don't know which type of doctor to see. I've never had this type of pain before, and I want to go to the right person. Thanks for the help.

orthopaedic surgeon

Don't let ANYONE do physio or chiropractic manipulations on you without diagnostic tests done first!!!!!!!!!! If they do not know what's wrong with your shoulder, they have no business initiating treatment. Doing so can make your problem worse, can delay getting the proper therapy, and can cost you a lot of money unnecessarily.

Diagnostics can include x-rays, cat scan, MRI, ultrasound, manual palpation, putting you through a range of motion, questions about previous activities/sleeping positions, medical history, family medical history...  (+ info)

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