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Does anyone know how to start a motorcycle ride to raise money to find a cure for shy-drager syndrome?

I want to start a motorcycle ride to raise money for shy-drager syndrome. My father passed away from this, and I would like to raise money to find a cure. Anyone have any ideas? Any help will be greatly welcomed.

you must make sure to advertise it! I suggest setting it up similar to rely-for-life. Get the people that want to get involved to help get sponsors. Have the sponsors pay for so much for so many miles.
To get more people involved I also suggest making flyers and/ or adds with all the contact information, and some information on shy-drager syndrome, not everyone knows what it is. I hope this helps!  (+ info)

What Adie Syndrome, Frey Syndrome, Horner's Syndrome and Shy-Drager Syndrome have in common?

I know they are neurological diseases but what parts of the Nervous System do they affect?

they affect the eye (optic nerve)
i forgot to add that they also involve sweating around the eye are face so this includes the facial nerve and other cranial nerves

and they are progressive nervous disorders so they gradulally get worse  (+ info)

what are the symptoms of shy drager sydrome?

Shy-Drager Syndrome

Multiple system atrophy with autonomic failure, also called Shy-Drager syndrome, is a progressive disorder of the central and autonomic nervous systems. The disorder is characterized by postural hypotension--an excessive drop in blood pressure which causes dizziness or momentary blackouts upon standing or sitting up. There are 3 types of Shy-Drager syndrome: Parkinsonian-type which may include symptoms of Parkinson's disease such as slow movement, stiff muscles, and mild tremors; cerebellar-type which may include problems such as loss of balance and the tendency to fall; and combination-type which may include symptoms of both types 1 and 2. Parkinsonian symptoms and symptoms of autonomic dysfunction such as constipation and sexual impotence in males predominate early in the course of the disease. Constipation may be unrelenting and hard to manage in some patients. Shy-Drager may be difficult to diagnose in the early stages; however, within a year of onset most patients develop postural hypotension. For the majority of patients, blood pressure is unstable--often fluctuating up and down--and causes severe headaches. Other symptoms may also develop, such as generalized weakness, double vision and/or other vision disturbances, impairment of speech, sensory changes, difficulties with breathing and swallowing, irregularities in heart beat, inability to sweat, and diarrhea.  (+ info)

How do I overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome?

For some reason i cannot pee in the bathrooms at school but I can pee anywhere else....it's extremely difficult not being able to go when i need to.

Do you have any tips on how to overcome this?
Please and thanks.


At 23, I'm still extremely bladder shy. Drug tests where they stand at the door take me FOREVER. Sometimes I shut my eyes and close my ears and it helps a little.  (+ info)

my mom recently died from a disease called Shy-Drager does anyone have or has someone close with it.?

Sorry about your loss. I never heard of this disease beore today, but here's a link to the Shy-Drager foundation with support groups information. Hope that helps.

http://www.shy-drager.org/  (+ info)

I Want to Get to Know This Girl But I May Have Asperger Syndrome, and She Might Think I Am Weird?

I wanna get to know this girl, but every time I try and talk to her she does not answer. Shy is shy if you could not already tell. But I may have aspergers syndrome, and also I heard she may think I am weird.
Huh, that may or may not work, holy crap Im getting really upset now.

Sometimes you just have to take a chance. Try to bring it up in a conversation when you feel like you have the confidence.  (+ info)

I have polysystic syndrome and too much hair on my face and neck?

I am 29 yrs old, I have been diagonsated with polysystic syndrome, I never been a hairy person before this condition, now i have too much black thick hair on my face and nec, I have to wax or treath it every 3 days. This hair problem has put me throgh depression, and iam so shy to go out or even face people. I just want to know if there is anything i can use after removing hair from my face just to slow down the growth so at least i can remove them once a week. Pleace Help!!!

Ask your doctor to also check your thyroid and pituitary function since these three things can be interrelated. If you don't intend to have any more children, you might consider an oopherectomy and take HRT. It at least helps with the misery! If this doctor isn't sympathetic, find one who is.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Asperger Syndrome and Avoidant Personality Disorder?

The two seem to have all the same red flags. It seems like two people with each of these conditions would have a very similar experience and profile, at least superficially (depressed, shy, introverted, low self-esteem, hypersensitive, late bloomer sexually.) How do you distinguish between the two since they seem to have similar outcomes?

People with aspergers are not withdrawn around others like in other forms of autism. They do approach others. They just lack the ability to interpret social ques of physical expressions. They may go into a one sided long winded conversation with someone else freely. They just do not get the ques others try to give about how they are interacting. "active but odd"
Avoidant people are withdrawn. They are highly unlikely to strike up any kind of conversation with someone they are not familiar with and will feel highly uncomfortable short in response and quiet when others try to talk to them. They are beyond just aware of others social ques when they are interacting with others. They are hypervigillant. In fact they spend so much time anylizing both their own language and body language and that of others trying to figure out how they are being percieved that they may loose track of the actual conversation or become randomly silent.

the aspergers person may appear aloof flat or indifferent in expression
the avoidant nervous shy fearful but expressive

People with aspergers are not so much introverted as prefering their narrow range of interests and subjects and having difficulty relating to others socially.
People with avoidant personality are beyond introverted. They wish and long for relationships with others and have a normal range of interests in things and in people they are just terribly afraid of being rejected or demeaned by them.

As far as the late bloomer sexually... I dont know much about this on either disorder.
I dont have aspergers and only a vague general knowledge of it
But I do have AVPD and I was no late bloomer sexually.

I think it would be rather easy to distinguish between the two.
If someone shows little understanding of social ques and a narrow range of interests, and will freely approach others, they are more likely to be aspergers than avoidant
If someone shows excessive awareness of social ques, has a no restriction in expressing social ques average interests in things and others, and is beyond hesitant to approach anyone that they do not know well they are more likely avoidant  (+ info)

are people with asperger's syndrome shy or socially awkward?

Socially awkward - yes.
Shy - not necessarily.

People with Asperger's syndrome lack social skills, so they are usually socially awkward.

It is a widespread misunderstanding that people with Asperger's syndrome are usually shy. Shyness is not more common among people with Asperger's syndrome than it is among others.

However, people often mistake them as shy when they really just don't know how to act. For example, if you're at a social gathering and a person with Asperger's syndrome is just quietly sitting somewhere and not socializing, most people would assume that this person was shy. In reality they might simply not be able to initiate conversations or their sensory issues might be making it very hard for them to function in that environment, or they might not know what is appropriate behavior for this setting and are staying on the safe side by not taking much part in the socializing. They don't withdraw from social interaction out of shyness, they do it out of lack of social skills.  (+ info)

About me having shy bladder syndrome?

Recently I saw two girls talking to each other while walking into a bathroom, each took a stall and 'went' while still talking! I was shocked. I never go to the bathroom with a group of girls and I certainly don't do what those two girls did. How can they be so at ease in that way when I can't even 'go' when someone is in the bathroom at the same time as I am?

(All happened at a college dorm. Which makes my paruresis much worse than usual.)

I've always thought it was kind of weird, too. I think it's a nervous thing, even though they don't act like it. It would be weird to me to walk in a bathroom the same time with someone and NOT make small talk. Complete silence would be worse, you'd only hear the other people peeing. Girls are weird, though. They pretend they don't poop, where guys practically show each other. Guys don't talk when they pee, I guess because they're standing there with their willies out.  (+ info)

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