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How to tell if you have acid reflux disease?

I'm a firm believer that the world is over-prescribed. I think that pharmaceutical companies just want to give you a pill for everything under the sun. So with that in mind I never thought I would get acid reflux disease. I always thought that I could just live with general acid reflux, because so many people have in the past and they got along just fine.
So my question is: how can you tell if you have acid reflux? What are the symptoms and if I have it, how can I reduce it without medication.

Thanks in advance.

You need to see a doc if you think you have it for a confirmed diagnosis and a cause. You may have a hiatal hernia causing it but you would never know if you don't see a doc. GERD is not something you can not treat as left unteated it can lead to esophogeal erosion which is serious. My dad never realized he had GERD and now has esophogeal erosion. See your doc if you think you have it.  (+ info)

is diabetes considered a glycogen storage disease?

i am a type 1 diabetic and filling out college scholarship information and when i got to the "disabilities" section diabetes is not an option but glycogen storage disease is so im wondering if diabetes is included in that? or should i just mark off medical disability?
i know what diabetes is. i just am confused as to why diabetes is not an opption when it seems like everything else under the sun is. i dont consider myself disabled but i dont consider lots of the options in this section disabled either. so idk?

No, I don't think so, glycogen storage disease should be something else, glycogen is a complex form of sugar than can be broken down into glucose when there is a need for it. If anything I think it would fall more likely to hypoglycemia, maybe there is an a (other) you could mark and name diabetes, if not it doesn't matter just make sure your friend now you are a diabetic in case of an emergency.  (+ info)

How does someone die of Acid Reflux disease?

And acquaintence of mine claims that someone he knew died of complications related to Acid Reflux disease? It seems absurd to me. How is this possible? Even if it is, wouldn't the symptoms before actual death be so severe that the person would seek out an emergency room, before the disease became lethal???

Several possibilities arise. With acid reflux, it is possible to aspirate stomach contents into the lungs and develop pneumonia. In a severe case, you could actually suffocate.

Over time, the acid from the stomach can erode the esophagus. Eventually there could be a massive bleed out.

Acid reflux is nothing to mess with. Unfortunately, a lot of people just think they have bad indigestion and grab a tums. If you have bad heartburn on a regular basis, see a doctor.  (+ info)

Where can someone find a good cook book for someone who has acid reflux disease?

I have grade II acid reflux disease and I'm having problems fixing and finding foods I like that I can tolerate.

try health food stores
http://www.cookbooks/acidrefluxdisease.com  (+ info)

What does acid reflux disease feel like?

Like i have had this wierd sentation in a small area above my left nipple. It isn't that bad because it dosen't distract me from my day but when im just sitting there bored, i can feel it. And when i push or rub against it it feels alittle tight so i was wondering if this is acid reflux disease or if it isn't what does it feel like?

acid reflux is when you have a burning sensation in your chest or stomach. same as when you burp sometimes and it burns? the tightness above your left nipple is probably muscle related and not related to acid reflux which can also happen if you bend over and food/liquid comes back up suddenly. even if you don't have a weak stomach muscle.  (+ info)

How can I tell if I have acid reflux disease?

When I eat spicy foods I pay in a big way, is there a way to tell if I have acid reflux disease?

Do symtoms increase when you lie down ? Like do you wake up at night with heartburn , or even vomiting ?

GERD can be compared to a valve failure between the stomach and the food-pipe . This valve due to many causes will leak and allow fluid from the stomach (which contains hydrochloric acid and powerful digestive juices) to pass to the food-pipe and even up to the mouth , causing a burning sensation in the chest and throat , and sometimes even severe pain as the stomach juice burns through the inner walls of the food-pipe .

Definite diagnosis requires ENDOSCOPY , 24 hour pH monitoring of the ESOPHAGUS (food-pipe) , also a barium meal contrast study to show how stomach contents return back into the food-pipe .

HEY !!!
I will tell you a cheap practical way to definitely tell if your indigestion is caused by GERD or something else !!
Simply take an ANTACID syrup or tablets when you feel the discomfort , if it gets better right away , then you most likely have GERD !!  (+ info)

What foods to eat when you have acid reflux disease?

My mom has Acid reflux disease. she hasnt eaten in days. Does anyone know what she could possibly eat that won't hurt her stomach? is there anything that might help in CURING this?


  (+ info)

Is acid reflux disease related to smoking?

I have acid reflux disease and my mom smoked while she was pregnant with me. I hate her for doing that. Every time I am around tobacco smoke, my acid reflux starts acting up all of a sudden. Has anyone heard of these two things being linked?

I havnt read anything, but I never had acid reflux until I quit smoking. Since then I have had it every day. I know it is related somehow.  (+ info)

what Disease causes Folic Acid to break your RedBlood Cells ?

What is it called when Folic acid causes your red blood cells to break?
its a rare disease that is usually found in males more than females.

  (+ info)

What are symtoms of acid reflex disease?

I was just simply wondering what the signs are of Acid Reflex disese. It there anyway to cure it? I might have it so thanx!

burning throat(because of the acid build up), vomiting, food does not digest all the way-feels like it is in the back of your throat, stomach burning and hurting, and In some cases shoulder pain. it is the WORST FEELING. I did some research, on the home remedy websites. They suggested Apple Cider Vinegar(Braggs) and honey. You can add garlic too. Yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds. There is no easy way to choke it down, but it works. I did this remedy for awhile, and it went away. You should start feeling relief quickly. Every now and then, I feel it coming on, but its not near as bad as it use to be. Good luck.  (+ info)

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