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Can an eighteen year old who had necrotizing inter colitis join the military?

I had nec at the age of 3 weeks old. had it until around the age of 3 years. now if feel fine and want to join the military.

Yes you can try  (+ info)

Where did necrotizing fasciitis originate?

I need it for a report and I can't seem to find information on where it originated.

"It is a bacterial infection caused commonly by group A Strep bacteria, which is the same bacteria that causes common Strep throat. Usually easily killed by antibiotics, sometimes a very strong variety of Strep occurs. This is the one that causes the life-threatening cases and is known as the "flesh-eating" bacteria. NF can also be caused by other bacteria, or a mixture of bacteria. The bacteria destroys soft tissue at the subcutaneous level, and often is coupled with toxic shock syndrome, both are deadly alone, together they are even more so. If muscle is destroyed, it is necrotizing myositis." (www.nnft.org)

The CDC is always a good site for any infectious disease.

I cared for a couple patients with this disease. It is not pretty. The patient required skin removal from the entire right side of his body. On a weekend, when the surgical team were not avail,. our resident had to trim more skin (8x12") piece from his upper thigh. The smell of burning skin is very overwhelming. It was the first time in my long career that I actually felt like fainting and vomiting.

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Anyone had experience with necrotizing fasiitis?

Is it essential for the dead flesh caused by Necrotizing fasiitis to be cut away? If not, what happens if the strep bacteria is destroyed by antibiotics, but there is no debridement?

You generally do have to remove the flesh. The reason is the bacteria multiply and release toxins much to quickly for any antibiotic therapy to have time to work on them. It is a horrible disease to contract because you are basically guaranteed to loose at least a portion of your skin or even a limb. It's best to have the cutting done sooner rather than later, however, that way you loose less because it hasn't spread as far. Then antibiotic therapy can help prevent secondary infections.  (+ info)

What does our body do against Necrotizing fasciitis ( flesh eating disease )?

I'm in need of a biology expert here. I realize that flesh eating disease is very serious and in most cases requires medical attention.

But im also writting a paper, and I need to know what specfifcally if anything our bodies innate and humoral immune responses do against the disease, and if our body can in fact prevent or fight of the disease on it's own.

Our bodies will act to it as though it is a bacterial infection like any other infection. Our bodies can't do much against such a deep infection.

-Andrew  (+ info)

Can you give a massage with someone who has been treated for flesh eating bacteria "Necrotizing fasciitis"?

What are some massage implications and systemic factors?

I would presume the answer is yes once the wound is fully healed and sealed and there isn't a reservoir of infection in the nose or groin area you'd need to worry about . However, I think I'd get them to check with their doctor and I'd wash my hands after you massage them  (+ info)

Support for Necrotizing Fasciitis or Flesh-Eating bacteria?

I recently lost my mother on August 2, 2009 to complications of Necrotizing Fasciitis and am wondering if there are any support groups or anything like that that i may be able to join.

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Some yogurts come with Bifidus Regularis, why don't they come with Necrotizing fasciitis or Yersinia pestis?

Necrotizing fasciitis & Yersinia pestis aren't the good bacterias that you need in your digestive track. You wouldn't want them.
whirledpeas7: Oh, that's what they are. Hee-Hee.

Yersinia pestis is a gram negative bacterium belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae family and is a facultive anaerobic that can kill, like the bubonic plague and other diseases.
Necrotizing fasciitis is commonly known as the flesh eating bacteria.

I believe that is reason enough, smarty pants...  (+ info)

Can previous case of necrotizing interocolitis prevent me from doing my job in the military?

you don't mention surgery on theis...how much removed? It should not.  (+ info)

is Necrotizing Fasciitis a chronic or acute illness?

I looked it up on google but I couldnt find anything.
answers are greatly appreciated
I will choose a best answer:)

Acute. Very acute.

It's a nasty condition that once it takes ahold, progresses quickly.

I know of one patient, a young man, who came to the hospital with a foot infection. A week later, his entire leg (as far as the hip) had to be removed.  (+ info)

how can i report my necrotizing fasciitis power point i want to get high score in these report?

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