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Is it really weird that when I get a cut, I think...Oh no...necrotizing fasciitis?

I don't have OCD at all...but when I get a cut, I often hope that I won't get necrotizing fasciitis. (flesh eating bacteria) Am I crazy for having this thought? It's not a paranoia...I just think of it.

Actually , I don't it's that weird. I'm really afraid of MRSA. My cat gave me a deep scratch on the palm of my hand. I washed my hands obsessively while it was healing- terrified some little piece of dirty fuzz that I couldn't see would get caught in it. eweee  (+ info)

My doctor just told me I have Necrotizing fasciitis. What is it and will soap get rid of it?

You must ask your doctor to answer u in simple terms.I dont think soap will do much for this.

Regards (Ex Pharmacist)

Seamus  (+ info)

what is the latest treatment for necrotizing fasciatis?

Funny that you ask this question, because I just did a report on Alexander Fleming, the man who discoverd Penicillin, the first modern antibiotic. Anyways, the only treatments available for Necrotizing fasciitis includes intravenous penicillin, vancomycin and clindamycin. If necrotizing fasciitis is suspected, surgery is always necessary, often resulting in aggressive debridement (removal of infected tissue). Amputation of the affected organ(s) may be necessary and is common if necrotizing fasciitis persists.  (+ info)

Does the CDC require manditory reporting if someone has Necrotizing Fasciitis??

I would think so since this is such a serious, if not deadly, infection. But, to be honest, I cannot say yes, with absolute certainty. Here's a web:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infectious_disease  (+ info)

Necrotizing fasciitis is rare?

Now this disease is extremely deadly. But every source says that the bacteria that cause it are extremely common (Like streptococcus). But if the bacteria that cause it are so common, why is the condition so rare? I'd imagine that people would get this disease often if that were the case. I got a strep infection once and only got a sore throat that went away in a week.

There's strep and then there's strep. Common bacteria come in different strains. Different strains have different antibiotic resistance and different "virulence factors" (ways to attack).  (+ info)

does necrotizing fascitis ever truel go away or will the person have complications their whole life?

i caught necrotizing fascitis in october of 2006 and since then i have had 14 surgeries on the arm and it looks as if i have more comming. is this common. and what are some more side affects i should expect

Narcotizing fascitis is caused by a bacteria, and that goes away. The problem is the soft tissue damage left behind, as you well know. Once the surgeon has optimized your arm function you will probably will be done for a while with the surgeries. There shouldn't be any other side effects not related to tissue damage. That is to say, the only residual problems you should have will be related to the soft tissue damage

good luck with your upcoming surgery = and write down your questions for your doctor. If you give him a list he would be able to answer them for you more accurately than we can, and I know that going into a doctors office makes me forget my questions really fast!  (+ info)

necrotizing fasciitis - is the general public at risk ?

Will it become the next epidemic?
Its fucking scaring me!!!

There's no epidemic. While it can seem to hit "out of the blue", it's actually very uncommon.  (+ info)

how is life after necrotizing faciatis?

Mother of a son has it . N e 1? P s she is my best friend

It would depend on the extent of the infection. Usually areas infected with necrotizing fasciitis require surgical debridement (removal of the skin and underlying tissue/muscle that is infected). If the infection was extensive the recovery time would be longer than if it was a smaller area. It also depends on what part of the body was affected. For example if some muscle had to be cut away due to infection this way impede function or require therapy to regain movement.
Hope this was helpful. Good luck to your friend!  (+ info)

2 questions on Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria)?

How does this disease dirupt homeostasis? What is the typical population affect by Necrotizing Fasciitis?

Any information and links is greatly appreciated!


Several populations have a higher risk of NF:

Athletes (from abrasions on the field, and using shared facilities, e.g. locker rooms, towels, etc.)
Homeless (from close quarters in shelters, poor hygiene, frequent jail stays)
Prisoners (from close quarters with prisoners and shared equipment)
Correctional Officers (from being close to prisoners)
Social Workers (from working with at-risk homeless population)

  (+ info)

can necrotizing fascitis,myofascial pain syndrome,and plantar fasciaitis all be related?

several years ago my daughter had necrotizing fascitis, (flesh eating bacteria) it was touch and go but she survived! now she has been diagnosed with fibromyalsia-myofascial pain disorder,and plantar fasciatis.Is all this just a coindence or is it all somehow related?

I'm glad your daughter pulled though such a serious disease!

Yes, I think there is a link between the necrotizing fascitis and the myofascial pain syndrome.

Here why: I worked in a steel foundry and had what felt like bruising pain thoughout various parts of my body. I also had severe, burning skin pain on my thighs, forearms, ribcage. The doctors were baffled because my skin looked normal and they thought I had fibromyalgia. Well, after two years of this unrelenting pain, my skin became redder and I slowly developed very, very faint skin lesions. My skin had become thinned.
Once very old dermatologist(I had gone to four) finally diganosed me with "Erythema ab igne". I had damaged my skin from repeated overexposure to heat.

He explained to me that I did not have fibromyalgia. He told me that there are several layers of the skin (I forget, seven I think) and that I damaged the deepest layers of my skin. This is what is refered to as fascia pain. He showed me a picture of my bicep which look normal and then close up enhanced version and the damaged skin. He said that fascia pain sometimes feels like muslce pain and most doctors can't distinguish between the two.

Your daughters deep layers of skin were obviously damaged. Here protective layer is gone like mine is. I can no longer go out in the sun, it burns like a blow torch. If its a large area, her sweat glands will be ruin and she will overheat and fatigue easily. She will feel cold easily too.
My advise it to try and keep her in a comfortable temperature around 70 degrees. Too cold and she will have that bruising pain. Too hot and she will be fatigued. Be careful what kind of lotions you put on the skin, if it can't breath, she will overheat. Sunblock is one that will cause her to feel hot. I spray my skin with a mist of water in summer.

I hope she feels better.  (+ info)

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