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cancer with necrotizing fascuitis?

should a dr cut on a person with cancer and necrotizing fascuiitis and a pus pocket all in the same place?

Necrotizing fasciitis is a severe infection of the skin and deeper tissues. Necrotizing fasciitis may start like any simple skin infection, with redness and mild pain. We usually call this form of simple skin infection, the kind that surrounds minor cuts, "cellulitis." In typical cellulitis, the infection progresses slowly and does not destroy the tissue. The more serious cases may require antibiotics, but there is little risk of death or loss of limb.
Necrotizing fasciitis, by contrast, spreads rapidly, involving large areas of skin and underlying tissue. Patients typically have severe pain, out of proportion to the appearance of the skin. There is extensive necrosis (cellular death) of the tissues. The bacteria often enter the bloodstream, causing signs of severe infection, shock and, without treatment, eventual death. Surgery is required to remove the dead, infected tissue for any reasonable chance of recovery.
Necrotizing fasciitis can lead to organ failure and, sometimes, death.
Consult your doctor.  (+ info)

I have Psoriatic Arthropathy,and Gout,was complicated by necrotizing faciitis?

I was given Morphine,talwin,demeral plus more,I cannot take antinflamatorie,presently on Fentenal patch 100mc and oxicontin 40 its barely keeping the pain in check.I worke up 3 times during a operation.I was told the nerves are frayed when I was in a coma 3 months,colostomy bag 2 years,I was back at hospital witrh same almost lost leg.

That's a very complicated medical history, dear, but what is the question.  (+ info)

how did Necrotizing Fasciitis Get its name?

Like most words in our language it originates from latin. necro meaning dead, and fascial meaning band, in this case referring to the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates the human body. It interpenetrates and surrounds muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood vessels and other structures. So necrotizing- to make dead, Fasciitiis- tissue.  (+ info)

Complications of necrotizing fascitis?

I just read about this weird disease on web md and it said complications are shock and respiratory distress.
I was wondering how come it the flesh eating bacteria doesn't eat away at other organs such as the heart, liver..... why do lungs have to suffer the most? Where is the shock coming from? Is it drinking the blood?
I guess the shock comes from blood loss like bleeding from your legs and body parts

The shock is due to water loss. Necrotizing fasciitis causes death of the tissue and muscle which becomes exposed and loses fluid similar to burns. The shock is also due to sepsis which is severe infection. The infection causes vasodilation which drops the blood pressure.
Sepsis and shock causes respiratory failure which may require intubation.
Necrotizing fasciitis needs to be treated aggressively with surgical removal of the infected area, strong IV antibiotics and IV fluids to maintain blood pressure.
Most patients require ICU monitoring. If caught and treated early the outcome may not be bad however if the infection spreads and septic shock sets in the prognosis is poor.  (+ info)

how can you visually identify necrotizing fascitis?

To be totally honest with you, you can't just visually ID it!!! GO TO THE ER, ASAP!!! I would say that most PCP's wouldn't be able to just look and ID it. You need cultures from the site. I work with pts that have this all the time, what are your signs and symptoms??? This can kill someone, really. Very important that you go to the ER not just a family dr, for example. I admitted a patient today with Nec Fac, he went to the family Dr they gave him some cream for it, now he been to the OR 2 times and hes getting sicker!!! Great example of when in doubt go to ANOTHER DR!!!!  (+ info)

Necrotizing Faciitis?

How rare is it? I know it's very contagious via skin wounds and can be fatal or require amputations I'm just curious how rare it is. Necrotizing Faciitis = Flesh Eating Bacteria.

It is quite rare and is very dangerous and hard to survive through. It really depends on when it is caught, but you can get it from the simplest cut.


try this website is has good info!!  (+ info)

Necrotizing Toxins...anyone with biology knowledge please help thanks?

what is a necrotizing toxin??...please help someone

a poison that breaks down living tissue into liquid. spider bites can do that. the brown recluse spider will cause a necrotizing wound. it has to be cut out of the skin.  (+ info)

Video Clip of Necrotizing Fasciitis?

Anyone know where I can find video clips of necrotizing fasciitis? It can be any length and it has to be downloadable....it's for my bosses` son's presentation.

I cannot find any videos, but plenty of pictures at teh link below.  (+ info)

Whats the best medical data & warning site in Canada for Necrotizing Faciitis and tel. #?

approx. 1 year ago I spoke with with parties at Winnipeg micro lab,this was similar to the SARS warning site reporting centre,with excellent data doctors needed.
I need to speak with a person who is 100% in the know & or the leading reasearcher working with international non biased info.

Nasty, horrid disease. I've worked in the OR at a Level 1 trauma center for 7.5 years. Thursday, I had a patient die in my room for only the 4th time. He was there for irrigation and debridement of necrotizing fasciitis, coded twice, died during the second. He was only 41, it was tragic. Sorry this doesn't answer your question, had to vent.  (+ info)

Anyone know info. on Necrotizing Fasciitis?

I need to know how its gotten, the life cycle image, and the type of bacteria it is. I've looked in many websites but I can't find them. Please Help . :(

Nec. Fas. is an infection of the subcutaneous tissues which involves the fascia. It can occur anywhere but is usually in the perirectal, genital area spreading up into the groins and abdominal wall(Forniers syndrome). It is usually caused by polymicrobial organismes, Strep, Staph, Bacteroides, Clostridia, etc... It can be fatal and requires very aggresive debridement of all the infected tissue along with antibiotics. Frequently the patients are Diabetic. The patients may need to return surgery every day until all the infected tissue is removed and the infection is controlled. This is what the press calls "flesh eating bacteria" they make it sound as if this is a new problem, but it has been described for over a hundred years. The press will do anything to scare the public. Hope this helped.  (+ info)

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