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Is it normal to feel sick when you have sinus problems?

How long does sickness last when your suffering with sinisitus?

Yes, sinus problems do make you feel sick.

Allergic reactions to inhalants, be they pollens, dust, molds, etc., cause the mucous membranes to secrete lymph in an attempt to wash away the irritants. When the irritation persists, the constantly produced mucous begins to dry and thicken, providing a warm, moist, dark place for airborne bacteria to land and colonize into what become pussy infections. This will subsequently drip into the lungs and ultimately contributes to pneumonia, fever, and in the worst of cases, death.

Doctors are good at prescribing medicines that can help to control various stages of the irritation and after effects.

Unless you isolate the triggering causes and reduce your exposure to them, it will keep repeating every year.

So start thinking back and keep a diary describing your surroundings until you can figure out what the initial triggers might be.

It is complicated, because what can in one case be a trigger, when there has been prior exposure to some other irritant, can not appear to be a trigger when taken by itself. That is to say, sometimes allergic irritants have a way of masking reactions to other irritants. This is most typical of food allergies, which also cause nasal and sinus irritation.

A well-balanced nutritional program is the foundation for building a health recovery program. Your first defense against allergic irritations are robust and healthy nose, throat, and sinus membranes.

I used to suffer frequent post-allergic infections until I tried taking some nutritional supplements that helped me overcome it. Now I enjoy clear sinuses year-round.

I have found a family of nutritional products that I know gives me the best chance for longevity and health. Email me if you would like particulars.

No more sinus headaches for me.  (+ info)

Do sinus infections count as being sick?

I have one does that count as being sick?

Only if you have a fever , if not then it can be treated with over the counter meds , i get that all yr round.  (+ info)

Sinus drainage in the morning, sick to the stomach?

Hi, I have sinus drainage, particularly when the weather changes, when I wake up in the morning, I feel sick to my stomach and coughing out the clear, thin to thick mucus. I take Clartin to help cut down the sinus drainage but is there something out there that is better? I also have a neti pot and used it for congestion before. Would it help with the sinus drainage? I've also been drinking more water. Thanks,

I have resigned myself to the realization that I sleep better at night and have less morning problems if I use a neti pot before I go to bed. Every night.

I also found that after I took my pillows to the laundry and washed and ran them thru the dryer I do better. Need to do it again, actually. Also put a cover on my mattress.

Solution you can make for the neti pot: 2 cups water, 1/2 teaspoon each of salt, baking soda, glycerin. I just make a double batch and keep it in a big mason jar.

I also keep vicks by the bed. And I also do a whole lot better if I'm running a vaporizer.  (+ info)

Getting sick after eating Chinese food - is this Chinese Restaurant Syndrome?

Had Chinese food at a local Chinese take-out joint in my area. Had sesame chicken + fried rice, egg roll. This morning about 12 - 14 hours later I start throwing up. I didn't have a headache or anything, wasn't dizzy and didn't have a sore throat. Most of the vomit (ew) was more like stomach acid, but I know it came from the food I had last night that I mentioned. Does it sound like I have the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome? Your thoughts?

Probably not .
Maybe an ingrdient used in it , you were allergic too
or you couldnt digest it properly .
Thats why you vomitted .
Make sure u drink lots of water .
And if this still keeps happening
go to the doctors
there might be something wrong with your digestions .  (+ info)

What's the best way to get your throat cleared when you are sick with a cold or sinus???

I have tried "Mucinex", it makes my nose run and be sore. I think the biggest problem is I have allergies. I really don't want to go to a doctor. Claritin is no good for me.
Also I have high blood pressure and take medisine for this. What would be the best thing to take for sinuses???
Also I have high blood pressure and take medicine for this. What would be the best thing to take for sinuses???

Try SinuCleanse's Neti Pot, It is wonderful and cleans out alll your congestion in your nose and helps with sinuses. It is the greatest thing ever, not many people know about it, and some are grossed out by it. It helps so much that you feel INSTANT relief. http://www.sinucleanse.com/ will give you so much info on their amazing product! I use it once a week and it makes me feel great, and my nose is like woooooo, thanks!
so good luck with the neti pot,
its very user-friendly  (+ info)

I was sick last week with what I thought was sinus infection?

went to the doctor, he gave me amoxicillian. I have a lingering deep couch still but I am unusually tired and my head feels heavy. I do not have a headache but my head feels heavy if that makes sense. My throat is a bit sore as well which could be the coughting. I have been on the pills for 6 days..shouldn't I feel better?

a sinus infection is often accompanied by other viruses. your body is already got a lower resistance because of the infection, so you are more prone to pick up any virus you come in contact with. i think you also are getting the beginnings of a cold/flu thing. take tylenol for the headache, keep taking your medication till its all gone, and suck on a lozenge or a candy to make your throat feel better. hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

Does anyone elso out there have symptoms of sick building syndrome?

Also do you have a hard time getting doctors to listen and diagnose anything related to your illnesses?
I'll try the air filter, thanks for the tip. I've been taking cleansers (Ultimate Cleanse)and exercising a lot lately and it seems to make a big difference. Problems I've had for the last 4 years because of this are chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, allergy like symptoms, headaches, muscle aches, dry eyes, rash on face, ibs, colitis, and probably some more that I don't remember. It's funny how all these problems go away when I'm out of the building.

YES, my eyes are always RED when I am at work and I have a tickle in the back of my throat, only when I am at work. when I go outside, my eyes are clear and no cough...

try putting on of those air cleaners on your desk, it helped me.  (+ info)

Should I workout while I am sick I think I have a sinus infection?

I want to lift weights I did cardio the other day and I was fine.

I don't think you should ever work out while sick because your body needs rest and working it out would make it worse.  (+ info)

two weeks ago i got a cold, ran its course and all that was left was some sinus congestion, now im sick again?

how is this possable? i feel like crap again almost as bad as when i had the cold, ive basically had a cold for two weeks that has started getting worse again, whats wrong with me? not a cold after all? what else could cause a person to have a stuffy nose cough and low energy?
p.s. i tried taking allergy medicine (claritin) it didnt do much for me.

If you have been sick for more than a week with the same symptoms you need to go see a doctor. You could develop something more than just a cold i.e. bronchitis or a sinus infection.  (+ info)

odd question, but can sinus problems make you sick to your stomach?

and by that I mean can, a sinus headache/ possible sinus infection make you throw up? I haven't but I'm just really freaking out that it might.

Yes. I used to have it bad. Once, it made me throw up all night. But, ask your doctor about it.  (+ info)

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