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Is tissue grafting the only lasting way to cure receding gums due to gum disease?

. . . where tissue (skin) from the roof of the mouth (which grows back quickly) is implanted on the edge of the tooth where the gum has receded; or can a synthetic filler be used to get the same effect?

If your gums have receded, they will not grow back to their original level. Grafting is your best bet. Or you may just want to leave the recession alone unless it affects your appearance badly.  (+ info)


I have Trichotillomania, the hair pulling disease. I cannot control my urges to pull, at all. I've tried wrapping my fingers in rubber bands while I write and do work in class (since I pull alot with one hand as I write with the other) and so many other things. It would help so much if I could get some suggestions on ways to keep myself from pulling my hair. I've tried hats, fake nails, etc. Hats were just too aggrivating and annoying. Help? Thank you ahead of time! <3

a pair of handcuffs and your hands behind your back should work nicely  (+ info)

disease ???????/??????

Hemorrhagic Hereditary Telangiectasia , idk what it is i just heard about it , how do i detect it and what does the disease do

Yes, its a genetic disease. Its also called Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome.

Its an abnormality of blood vessels. They get malformed. And because of this abnormal structure they have, they easily bleed and are visible as spots on some parts of the body, esp. the mucous membranes.

This can cause a lot of bleeding in some. In some, these malformed vessels in major organs will have an effect on their function.

There is no cure. The problems that arise keep getting solved by doctors and multiple hospital admissions. But that's all, since there really isn't any solution on repairing the blood vessels all over the body.  (+ info)

What is the normal temperature of a grain silo in North America?

What is the normal temperature of a grain silo in North America?
Also if you know any of these, I'd be so thankful!
- What is the normal temperature to keep flour at
- What is the normal temperature for storing flour at (in large-scale storage)
- What is the normal temperature for storing flour at (in small-scale storage)

(Please in degrees Celsius).
Thank you so much!

certainly vaires by country/state & time of year

grain silos in Canada are going to be much colder than in Kansas.... and of course temperature in the middle of winter compared to summer, etc

you might get a better answer asking in the agriculture channel, and not the Beer, Wine & Spirits channel  (+ info)

How do you make Cheese and onion sandwich filler?

I like Tesco’s sandwich filler. But i would like to make my own.
I’ve looked on the label at the ingredients, it lists all kinds of things- Mayonnaise Mature Cheddar Cheese, Mild Spring Onion, Chives, Mustard Seed.
Is it possible to make it as good?

I made it myself, its ok but not the same, I used cheddar, grated, spring onions chopped,, and mayo with one teaspone of dijon mustard.  (+ info)

What are the best brand of vitamins that don't have filler and have the purest and largest amount in them?

I know most vitamins you get a drug stores only contain about 20% of what is needed because most of them are filler. Whats a good vitamin brand that is fairly inexpensive that is the vitamin in it's purest form, or has the least amount of filler and most amount of product???And where do i get them?

Cheaper is not always better. I've use CNCA (www.CNCAhealth.com) for years for the very reasons you mentioned -- very pure vitamins with no fillers. There are others, CNCA is one of the very few brands I trust, and I've done lots and lots of research. I hope that helps.  (+ info)

Filler to use in a Spice Mixture to add volume?

I have a great no salt spice blend that I put together, but it is a bit too concentrated. I need a neutral filler that can use to add volume but not change the flavor. Flour? Corn Starch? ideas?
Looking to add volume to the Spice Mixture, not the recipe.

Your main ingredient base food, would add volume to the recipe. For example ground beef or ground chicken or is this a rub for roast beef or a coating for potatoes or spare ribs. ?????? Not sure what your spice mixture will be used for.  (+ info)

What is the definition of a disease, and specifically a mental disease? Has science truly failed?

I think this is the biggest failure of science and generally the world. It is full of imperfections, even though religion is not a better alternative.

But, what can you define as a disease; and what can you not? First of all, we have to realize that all humans are different physically. But they should be treated equally on moral basis, and on the basis of humanity (whether its gay ppl, straight ppl, women, old ppl; they should be treated equally on moral grounds).

Because people are different physically; they exhibit different behavior due to the chemistry of their body. Here is where the tricky part comes. What can you categorize as an illness/disease/disorder and what can you not? This is the biggest failure of science: why do you need to categorize things into illnesses and non-illnesses? It is clear you are letting your bias through. Modern feminists define rape that is only committed by a man on a woman. So there come the discrepancies. Why can you not accept behavior that everyone's behavior is deviant from one another. Why do we have to claim somethings are anomalies, and some are not? I know pedophilia and rape is wrong, but can you categorize is as an illness/disease/disorder? Do we have any proof that pedophilia and rape are not illnesses/diseases/disorders? Is there any proof that homosexuality is not an illness/disease/disorder? I dont think so.

So why do we have to say that pedophilia and rape are done intentionally, when they could very well be 'illnesses'. And how can we say homosexuality is not a disease/disorder when it could be?

The fact is that these are faulty premises. We cannot categorize things into illnesses/diseases/disorders. Everyone is different from each other physically and psycologically. That is the best way to deal with things. Science cannot even come to a consensus when (at what time period) a child in a mother's womb is alive; or whether abortion is murder or not (after what stage). So i think science has failed in that aspect.

Feminists wants the EXACT same physical rights for women that they want for men. Men and women are different physically, remember that. So I would want rights to be 'balanced out' between male and female; and that would constitute as EQUAL rights, not the EXACT SAME rights.

Is there any proof that homosexuality is NOT a disorder/illness. Then why does science say it is NOT a disorder/illness? Is there any proof that pedophilia/rape is NOT a disease.

Please answer these questions, and give me conclusive studies NOT theories for this. Evolution as you like it or not is NOT proven, it is a THEORY. I also mentioned religion is not a better alternative.

Science is science. Medicine is medicine,.Religion is religion. Religion should not mix in often with the first two, and then, only rarely.
None are absolutes, they are always changing and being refined, sometimes out and out shook up and turned on their heads.
You can define plenty of things as illness/ disease and others as disorders.

I think you are concentrating on the grey areas of how religion and culture can shape policy and definitions and blaming science for those grey areas. Please remember all areas of science, medicine, religion, and politics are influenced by PEOPLE. People have opinions/beliefs,etc. and those opinions influence how they are going to interpret their work and world outlook. So if you want to blame anyone for the grey areas, blame the people that create them, NOT science.

and as for equal rights, we just want the same opportunities when qualified, and the same pay for the same work.
Please remember ALL people are physically different. Compare Don Knotts to her: http://www.wrestlingkingdom.com/women/women_of_wrestling_good.html and tell me who is physically (strength wise) superior?

p.s. this is getting pretty close to a rant which is illegal on yahoo answers. Most of this should be in the philosophy or the R/S section anyway. They are used to this sort of thing there. We usually just answer questions about diseases here.

Evolution- you need to look up what that means, seriously. Are you very young and go to an evangelical church or anything? I see this sort of thing in the RS section all the time, usually by youngsters who haven't attended 9th grade biology yet. Ok, Have you ever heard of MRSA, VRSA, antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis? Well, there is evolution in action. You also need to look up the scientific definition of Theory is. Here are a few more "the THEORY of GRAVITY" the THEORY of ELECTRICITY". lol! This is just plain silly, please post elsewhere!  (+ info)

What is the difference between an immune disorder and an autoimmune disease?

1.What is the difference between an immune disorder and an autoimmune disease?

A.When an immune disorder becomes very severe, it becomes an autoimmune disease.
B.An immune disorder occurs when the immune system does not function properly. An autoimmune disease occurs when the body's immune system attacks its own cells.
C.An immune disorder is the overreaction of the immune system to substances that are not dangerous. An autoimmune disease occurs when germs affect the immune system.
D.An immune disorder is a disease caused by germs, such as pollen or dust. An autoimmune disease occurs when the body's immune system attacks its own cells.
2.An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to

B.a substance in the environment.
C.carbohydrates in food.
D.an autoimmune disease.
3.During an asthma attack, the

A.bronchial airways narrow and become clogged with mucus.
B.bronchial airways constrict in response to environmental stimuli.
C.lining of the air passages swell and become inflamed.
D.All of the above
4.All of the following are good steps to take to avoid an allergic reaction except

A.avoiding substances you are allergic to.
B.washing sheets and blankets weekly.
C.cleaning bathrooms and kitchens to avoid molds.
D.taking long-term control drugs every day.
5.Which of the following is not an example of an autoimmune disease?

A.rheumatoid arthritis
B.type 1 diabetes
C.multiple sclerosis
6.Most allergies and autoimmune diseases can be

B.treated with medication.
C.eliminated with stress management techniques.
D.reduced by avoiding allergens.
7.Which of the following suggestions is not an important step to take if you are diagnosed with an immune or autoimmune disease?

A.Follow your treatment plan without asking any questions.
B.Let your doctor know if new symptoms occur.
C.Be honest with your doctor.
D.Learn about medications and medical tests necessary for your condition
8.Match the following terms to their definitions.
1.itchy swellings on the skin caused by allergies to foods or certain drugs
2.an autoimmune disease in which the immune system begins to destroy the linings of the joints
3.a disease in which the immune system attacks the cells of the body that it would normally protect
4.a disorder that causes the airways to become narrow and clogged with mucus
5.a disease in which the joints of the skeleton wear out as a person ages

A.rheumatoid arthritis
B.autoimmune disease

Do your own homework.

You - FAIL  (+ info)

How do I use a hair filler when dying my hair?

I currently went from platinum blonde to dark brown with red. I dyed my hair and it faded drastically, so I bought a filler to help. But I don't know how to apply it. Would I apply it first then the hair dye or apply it, wash it out, then dye it?

  (+ info)

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