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How do you know if you have ring worm or MRSA (Staph) skin diseases?

I need to know the side effects as well. Someone please help me.

(The pusy one is infected...its not the normal fungal infection)


Ringworm doesn't change in size or color and it itches like hell (doesn't hurt unless you scratch open the ringworm.  (+ info)

Can Veet cause cancer or skin diseases?

I used it on a small circle on my leg and it actually worked. Now I read on here that someone said that you can get cancer or diseases from it. I wouldn't think so, though. Is it true?

  (+ info)

Can you get herpes and other skin diseases from public restrooms?

No. Genital herpes and other STDs are almost ALWAYS spread by sex or some sort of sexual contact. It can NOT be spread by using a toilet seat after someone, using a shower or tub after them, using a chair after them, a pool, jacuzzi, door knob, etc. You need DIRECT skin to skin contact.

I have had genital herpes and HPV for over 6 years now. I lived with my parents and brothers most of those 6 years (I contracted both viruses when I was 17). NONE of my family members ever got herpes or HPV from me by using something after me like the toilet or shower. I've also had several other family members and boyfriends (now ex's) use the bathroom after me and NONE of them ever contracted either virus. They are just not spread that way.

Crabs, or pubic lice, may be transmitted an infested toilet seat. However, lice cannot survive away from the human body for longer than 24 hours. So contracting pubic lice from a toilet seat is possible, but it's unlikely.

Good luck!  (+ info)

What type of Sexually Transmitted diseases or skin diseases can be acquired through body to body massage?

If your just talking skin to skin there are a few like

Hpv the cause of genital warts


and some more im sure i got those from

http://yourstdhelp.com  (+ info)

Can benzoyl peroxide cause cancer, premature aging, and other skin diseases by itself?

Let's hope not, cause then I'm screwed!  (+ info)

Is amoxicillin good a treating acne or skin diseases?

Is it similar to pennacillin because when I took that I had no acne...

I have never heard of anyone using penicilin to treat acne. They are similar, both beta lactams, but taking a p.o. beta lactam for the purpose of acne has risks, including the development of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections in the GI tract as well as side effects such as diarrhea.  (+ info)

are there any tick born diseases wher the tick does not burrow under the skin but deposits bacteria which eat?

which eat white blood cells? my white blood cell count is .2 and no one can tellme what is wrong can anybody help?

If your regular doctor doesn't know, ask for a referral to a specialist - like an infectious medicine or hematologist. Don't ask for guesses from people without all of the info.  (+ info)

what kind of skin diseases do i have?

i have this rushes on both of my legs and it spreads so quickly sometimes its itchy i am under medication from yesterday and it look like the cream i was prescribe is not working?

It will work as long as you don't expose the infected area to oxygen or the air, my advice would be to keep the infected area covered as possible for fast healing, do not itch as it'll make it a bacteria inhabiting ground for new ones to enter your body, don't want that now do we, just keep applying cream to the irritated area and keep it covered.  (+ info)

Will swimming pool water spread contagious diseases like skin diseases and AIDS?

I think In the oil and wetness bacteria and virus will spread.

no. that is ridiculous. no skin diseases. no AIDS. you cannot catch anything from swimming pool water if the correct chemistry is maintained.  (+ info)

What genetic diseases/skin conditions occur in association with keratosis pilaris?

Please... anyone with a REAL answer?

KP is a genetic skin disorder and it is hereditary. There have been suggestions made that KP might be linked with a deficiency in Vitamin A.
"Follicular keratosis refers to orthokeratosis involving the follicular ostium and infundibulum. It may be isolated [as in standard keratosis pilaris (KP)] or associated with other pathologic processes, including follicular inflammation, atrophy, scarring, and alopecia [keratosis pilaris atrophicans (KPA)]. These are reaction patterns that occur alone or as part of a wide variety of syndromes"
The disorder may be associated with eczema (dermatitis).  (+ info)

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