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Can tanning products give you skin diseases/cancer?

NOT the tanning booths. Just the ones you can get from the drugstore or the mall.

I don't know but I know they do wonders for leather products which is what your skin will look like if you abuse them.  (+ info)

Why is the control of pruritis so important in curing skin diseases?

Pruritis is medical speak for intense itching. There are at least a couple reasons why it so important to control/treat: 1) People can scratch themselves to distraction and actually have open wounds all over their body which are then open to more infection, and by extension, worse infections and diseases than the one they presented with. 2) Open skin sites can give further skin area for the presenting infection to spread and increase, so you can make the condition worse and bigger if you spread it by itching. 3) Human beings being what they are, if you itch an infectious skin condition and don't wash your hands well or at all (sigh), you can spread the condition to others. 4) You can also scratch and itch yourself so much that you can damage the tissues and create scar tissue that takes months and months to heal or may require skin grafting. Does that answer your question pretty comprehensively? Any other questions?  (+ info)

What is the reason for skin diseases on the rise nowadays?

Skin diseases is a pretty broad topic, but here are a few key points...

There is less high level ozone, so will be a steady growth in the number of skin cancer cases. Combine this with the sun worshiping that became prevalent in the 1960s (using baby oil and neck mirrors.. and there is no surprise.

Increasing incidences of allergies also play a role. The more scented stuff, weird proteins, and detergents we allow to sit on our skin day after day, the more likely we are to get diseases like eczema.

The final component is nutritional. The overall nutrition of Americans has declined significantly. There are many minerals, vitamins, and fats that are required to maintain the skin. Without these, it is just a question of time until the skin quality subsides.  (+ info)

Does Shrimps makes u sick with having skin diseases like Acne?

I have acne but i wonder if it is with eating too much shrimps??

no it doesn't i live shrimp and nothing happened to my face at all like i don't have ance and i don't use that special face stuff cause im acne free they don't cause acne
but what does cause acne is a lot of soda and chocolate  (+ info)

what is the treatment or medicine for HENOCH-SCHONLEIN PURPURA skin diseases? except the dermatologist....?

this kind of skin diseases is usually in leg, bottoms, and arms.
except in dermatologist do u know what is the medicine or a cream for that? it is so itchy and longer and longer if scartchy and take a cream after a an hour its scratchy again. its look like a big pimple but so very itchy and scarctchy help me for this i want to know what is the best medicine for that...except a dermatologist i want to know from you.thank you

http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic845.htm  (+ info)

Can any one tell me a good medical website on skin diseases?

I need to know about Pityriasis lichenoids et varioliformis acuta (PLEVA), also called Mucha-Habermann disease.

www.webmd.com  (+ info)

What are the links between skin diseases and hospital borne-infections like MRSA?

  (+ info)

What are the major causes of skin diseases?

Sun exposure from UV rays.  (+ info)

Do you get skin cancer or any other diseases from being in front of the computer too long?

Some of these ppl in my class were tan, and then they turned white after they spent many days in front of the computer. wtf

I know it's not good for your eyes and butt.

Urban myths all  (+ info)

Can someone give me a website containing all the different kinds of skin rashes/diseases?

With pictures please

Please see the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy for dermatological disorders.
Please visit for images of skin diseases.  (+ info)

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