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How does a young infant get a skull fracture?

A woman that works with my husband has an almost 5 month old baby boy and took him into the ER tonight because the left side of his head was swollen. Upon arrival they did a CAT scan and initially thought it was a broken blood vessel. Now they are saying it is a skull fracture and they are transferring him to a children's hospital for further testing and monitoring.

How exactly can a skull fracture occur? I assume one reason would be abuse but she's a good mom from what I've seen and wouldn't that have been obvious right off the bat?

Its possible he rolled off a bed or a couch. Sometimes wobbly babies slip out of complaisant arms too and its possible that has happened. My son bumped his head while in my hubs arms on our counter top in the kitchen, he saw an animal cracker an dove for it before my hubby could catch him.  (+ info)

How many pounds of pressure/force are required to fracture a skull?

Looking particularly for any scientific data showing the pounds of compressive force needed to cause a depressive fracture on the skull. If you have this data on the various areas of the skull (temporal, occipital lobes, etc.), that would be even more helpful.

Looks like a pretty wide ranging amount. Below is a link to a few other websites that have info.  (+ info)

how can a newborn sustain a skull fracture without the use of forceps or a vacuum?

my grandson was born on october 11, 2008, my daughter-inlaw went through 30 hours of labor with the last 14 hours spent pushing then had an emergency c-section. he had an mri 2 weeks ago that showed a fracture in the right pateal?bone. the mri showed the fracture was healing but i want to know how my grandson could sustain a skull fracture without the use of forceps or a vacuum?

  (+ info)

PLEASE HELP THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT What can a skull fracture do to a young person?

I just got called that my younger 6-year old brother had a serious accident and might have a skull fracture. What is the worst thing that could happen to him and is there anything permanent that could happen? I really need to know please help me I don't know much about medical stuff.

Polo. The worst is probably die...and it's pretty permanent. But probably not that extreme.  (+ info)

Can adults get a diastatic skull fracture from a car accident? Does anyone know the treatment?

I was told that I might have a diastatic skull fracture at the back of my head from a car accident I had back in June. Does anyone have experience with this type of head fracture? What kind of treatment is there for this? Thanks in advance.

What you "hear" isn't always true, you might have heard wrong.
Don't trust all the things you hear from people, and, I'm sorry, but sometimes you can barely trust the people you hold close to you when it comes to things that fall into the health category, unless of course, if they're doctors.

Though i don't think so. See, you can't even trust me, cause i'm not sure.

Ask a doctor or headline your question with something like:
DOCTORS PLEASE ANSWER, or something like that.

Best of Luck.  (+ info)

Question about recovery from an extremely minor skull fracture?

If you sustained the most minor of skull fractures (a very small, closed, linear, hairline fracture in an area away from any major blood vessels or nerves etc.), with no other complications such as brain injury etc., how long would it take until A) you could return to normal relaxed every day activities (such as going to the office), and B) how long until it would completely heal?

If there's no associated brain injury, there's no reason to restrict activity. A brain injury is what's dangerous, the skull's just the casing around it.
It'd take around 6 weeks for the fracture to completely heal  (+ info)

Can a hairline fracture to the skull cause a child to have squint?

When i was four i fell off a 4 foot high platform onto concrete, this caused a hairline fracture to my skull. I was only in hospital for 4 days! Soon afterwards i was diagnosed with a "lazy eye" and i had to wear a patch over the stronger eye! I was told that the above accident was the cause by the doctors! Anyone else ever heard of this?

It is possible that the fall damaged a small nerve that serves the eye from the brain. Nerves can be fickle creatures, sometimes they reconnect and regain full function and sometimes they don't. Certainly if you never had a lazy eye before and developed it soon after the fall, it isn't out of the ballpark to consider the two related.  (+ info)

Skull fracture: What happens when you get one?

I tried to do a double front flip on a trampoline, but I landed wrong and my knee came into my face and fractured part of my skull. Does that type of fracture require surgery?

skull fractures can kill you.
have you gone to the doctor? if not, go to the ER ASAP!
the worst fractures require surgery but I don't know specifically which.
I think the frontal fractures.  (+ info)

what happens if you have untreated skull fracture?

A few years ago, I fell down the stairs and smashed my head on the ground hard. I feel a dent in the skull. I am fine now, but I can still feel the dent. It happened 3 years ago. Do you think I was jsut lucky? because undoubtably, i had a skull fracture.

Nothing will happen. My daughter was thrown from a rolling car and suffered severe skull fractures. Her depressed skull fracture runs from her temple to the back of her ear. She was borderline for surgery, as she had alot of other injuries including a badly broken neck. The only time surgery is necessary is when pieces of the skull penetrate the brain. With my daughter the bleed in her head was small, and did not grow larger. She was kept in the trauma unit to monitor her brain. The Neurologist told us if the brain injury was going to get worse it would happen within 48-72 hours. After that time frame, most of the danger has passed.
My daughter had the option of having the fracture plated . She had 6 weeks after the accident to decide. After 6-8 weeks the skull starts to repair itself. She opted not to have the surgery, as she didn't want to shave her hair off. If you run your finger along her head, you can feel the dents.  (+ info)

Can a bare fist fracture the top of a skull and not break the fist?

Alright I have a friend with a charge against her stating she fractured this girls skull. Now its been said enough that a bare fist can. But what I would like to know, is if the top of the skull is the hardest part of the body, wouldn't my friends hand be broken? Her hand was never more then swollen.

I guess it could happen, but it would be uncommon. Only an x-ray would prove whether it's fractured or not.  (+ info)

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