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Which type of skull fracture is the worst and why?

They're all bad but if you are getting hit in the head, which fracture is the worst to get? Would it be a hematoma thats building up between the scalp and the dura or simple or linear fracture?
WHy does CSF leak if the dura is disrupted. CSF is found between the arachnoid and pia maters.

The worst fracture would be a depressed skull fracture. Pieces of the skull can get pushed into the brain.
I'm not sure what causes the CSF to leak, but my daughter had that, and that's when her basilar fracture was discovered  (+ info)

what happens to a person that has an untreated skull fracture for yrs?

i have had someone hit me in the head all over and i have many depressions in my skull and they are drepressed into my brain. someone kept me from knowing what they did to me and kept my confind somewhere until i healed and made me forget that it even happened. they have been using powers against me for yrs keeping me from knowing what has happened to me.

As frost said, your skull has healed as best as it can. If you are suffering depression that you think is related to this or there are other problems your next step is to see a doctor and you will need to explain exactly what you think may be going on. He may want to do an MRI or other test.  (+ info)

If a teenager got a linear skull fracture, how long should they wait before returning to school?

This isn't a real situation, it's for a school thing. Any estimates would be great.

i,m sure if you had this you would be under a doctors care. what did the doc say?  (+ info)

What are the vital signs of a skull fracture?

Looking for info on what happens to the pupils, skin, respiration, and blood pressure. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  (+ info)

Skull fracture how do you know everything is ok?

My nine year old son fell and was diagnosed with a skull fracture and small bleed. We were sent to harborview medical center PICU. He was given 3 CT scans all came back the same with no change. It has been a week now and he is acting just fine. But how do I know everything is ok? How do I know there is nothing else going on inside I cant see? Can things go down hill? can the bleeding start again?

I would recommend keeping an eye on him for the next week or so and if you notice any problems or if he complains of not feeling well, then you should definitely take him in for another assessment.

For now the doctors seem to think he's OK and I'm assuming he's out of the hospital...they wouldn't do that if they didn't think he'd be OK. Go with the doctor's judgement unless you think the doctor's completely wrong.

Because he's your son, it will be easy to think you need to do something more to be absolutely sure. Second guessing, where there's no symptom as evidence you need to second guess, won't lead you anywhere. You can easily worry yourself to death by thinking of "what if" scenarios.  (+ info)

What are some restful activities for someone recovering from a concussion/skull fracture?

Something that won't interfere with the recovery but will keep them occupied...they are becoming quite restless with lying around.

I've heard that it helps if you read, think alot! you can always eat ;) hahaha, watch shows, movies, listen to songs ! anything that wont bother you ;)  (+ info)

My son suffered a skull fracture at 4 weeks, which caused him to have siezures. Will that cause autism?

They Dr's have told me he will be delayed due to the accident, and his tracking is weak and he his not always responsive. I am worried he will be Autistic. He is cooing and smiling but he doesn't focus on objects for a long period and he doesn't always react to noise. Could he be autistic now?
He is now 3 months.

Dr.'s aren't sure what causes autism. There really is no way to know until he gets old enough to be diagnosed by a Dr.  (+ info)

is it possible for someone NOT to have brain damage after suffering a skull fracture?

My 18 month old son had EEG's and cat scans done but the neurologists said everything was normal. should i take him in and get him re-checked?

Absolutely it's possible. Some areas of the head are easier to fracture than others. Even a small crack in the skull is still called a fracture. My daughter had severe skull fractures (basilar and depressed) after being ejected from a car. She had xrays and a CT scan. The scan showed a small bleed, and also the depressed portion of her skull. She recovered from her injuries with no signs of permanent brain damage.


If your son had a CT scan, that is the most reliable way of seeing any damage. My daughters Neurologist also said if things were going to take a turn for the worse, it would happen within the first 48 hours. After 3 days had passed he told us she was past the danger point, and would most likely make a full recovery.  (+ info)

So i went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a skull fracture and brain bleed from falling?

I'm still kind of worried because they sent me home after a few hours. I don't want anything bad to happen while I'm at home. Is there anything else I can do?

  (+ info)

what are the side effects of a childhood skull fracture in adulthood?

i fractured my skull at age 12 (fracture with spinal fluid leakage into the ear) can i expect side effects later in life?

Not at all but you should get a Scanned every 10 years just to be safe.  (+ info)

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