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How much force do you need to exert on a human skull for it to fracture?

I'm talking about pushing on it, not hitting it with anything (I'm not sure it makes a difference, but I like to be precise). No, I'm not planning to murder anyone, I was just wondering about it today (I know, that's a strange thing to ask...).
I you have an answer, could you please give me a rough equivalent (like 'same thing as crushing a ping pong ball')

The same pressure that a vice would exert. It would be hard to just push on it to fracture it. Fracturing the skull is usually caused by blunt trauma.  (+ info)

Blood on the brain or skull fracture ?

My son has a friend in hospital after an accident last night, we don't know many details as she's been flown to another hospital hours away.

All we've heard so far is 'skull fracture' 'spinal' and 'operation for blood on, or in skull'.

Would anyone know what this means? would they operate to relief pressure on the brain or something, how serious is this?

Any skull fracture is serious, very serious. My daughter suffered severe fractures to her skull, after being ejected from a car. She had a severely depressed skull fracture, and a basilar skull fracture, along with a broken neck, broken pelvis, internal injuries etc
If fragments of the skull are pressing inward into the brain, surgery will be necessary. However a bleed in the brain is bad. Yes, sometimes if the brain starts to swell, the Dr will try & relieve the pressure. He might also be trying to stop the bleeding. Sorry, you just don't have enough info.

With my daughters basilar fracture, she was leaking CSF into her ear and nose. With her depressed fracture she had a bleed also.

After the accident the Neurologist told us (after she was out of danger ) that someone was watching over her, as almost everyone who comes in with her injuries die within the first 48 hours. That was 3 years ago, and my daughter has recovered from most of her injuries. She has no permanent damage to her brain.Try not to think the worst, it is indeed serious, but she may have an amazing recovery like my daughter.

I will keep my fingers crossed.  (+ info)

What does a skull fracture feel like?

I was running down the hallway and my cat tripped me up, I lost balance and slammed my forehead down on the steel door frame.
It's been 2 days, it's still sore when I touch it or crease my forehead, also when I sleep on it. I can't tell if I'm dizzy because of it, or just my usual iron deficiency.

My mother thinks I might of fractured it, but I'm not sure... Help?

You may have bruised yourself but I would defiantly see a doctor! Head injuries are risky, and your mother may be right. Try putting some ice on because, if you did bruise yourself, it may help. Best of Luck!  (+ info)

Why do I have migraines everytime I stand up (following a skull fracture)?

I fractured my skull 3 months ago, and there's still a pea-sized lump on my head. Everytime I stand up, my head throbs and hurts REALLY bad. It feels like someone is pounding my brain with a hammer, or wringing it out like a wet towel. This has only been happening for the last three days, however I also have the flu right now. Is this serious? Should I go to the doctor?

My head does this when i have the flu. Its really normal. If you have been laying down for a while and u stand up it will do this. If you walk around with out laying down, i would consult a doctor.  (+ info)

If I had a hairline fracture on my skull 4 months ago can I eat Weed brownies?

Question says it all folks.

try the canna-pops there good, they have a nice mellow high  (+ info)

When you fracture your skull, what do doctors use to fill in the space?

I'm writing a report, and I have NO idea!

Depends on the severity of the fracture. In a depressed skull fracture if the pieces aren't digging into the brain, the Dr will just leave it alone. It will heal like any other fracture.
If the pieces are sticking into the brain, the Dr will perform surgery to pull the pieces back into place & then plate it.  (+ info)

Where can i get pathophysiology of a skull fracture?

please help me.I badly need it please.

this is the closest site i could find that you didnt have to pay, but it mostly talks about children... http://www.doctorniruprasad.com/Headandspinal.html  (+ info)

Why is a skull fracture at the base of the brain dangerous?

.... Hi! im doing a survey regarding this question...if u knw why,.. just answer!... i appreciate it most...tnx

it injures the brain stem where all the vital function centres are located ,  (+ info)

i think i have a tiny fracture in my skull?

when i place my head on a desk or hard surface in a very specific way on a specific spot, a sharp line of pain runs across my skull. the pain runs in a very thin line in a small area, is my skull fractured?

  (+ info)

Can a punch break an eye socket/fracture a skull?

My friend and I have been kicking around the idea of boxing each other. Ordinarily not a problem, but my friend hits like a freight train(knocked a guy out with two hits to the jaw once). If it's at all possible for either of these things to happen from a punch, I wouldn't box him. I have a contract for the Army already signed and I'm NOT risking not getting to go over a boxing match. Possible to do either?

  (+ info)

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