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what does a skull fracture feel like?

I fell like 4 feet through a bush and hurt my head alittle on wood chips. The spot feels alittle sore, only when I touch it. What are other symptoms of head trauma?

The skull is a extremely hard bone to fracture. Falling four feet and hitting your head on some wood chips is not a typical mechanism that cause skull fractures. Isolated skull fractures are typically seen in with direct force to head caused by bats, crowbars, golf club, etc.
Typical symptoms are:
1. Pain -- severe
2. Loss of consciousness
3. Bleeding from the ears
4. Clear discharge from the nose which could be cerebrospinal fluid.
5. ringing of ears
6. Nausea and vomiting
7. Weakness
8. Death  (+ info)

I have a hairline fracture on the bottom right side of my skull, how long before i can smoke or drink again?

I fell down a flight of stairs on Halloween (October 31st, 2009) which is half way over 2 months. I am a 17 year old female, and weigh about 95 pounds. Do you know when I can begin to consume alcohol or smoke once again?

btw please don't tell me that i'm underage or anything because I have just moved here from Romania where everyone is allowed to drink and smoke.

the fracture needs to heal, you will have to wait until the xrays show you are properly healed, I would think 6 months should do it, I hope you were not drinking when you fell..  (+ info)

When a baby has a skull fracture and it heals can you still see evidence of the fracture after it heals?

like on an xray
This happened to someone I know and the doctor said the baby had a skull fracture at the time of the accident, now come to find out another doctor says there was no evidence of a fracture. This is after the state took temporary custody of the baby and placed him with a family member, so this is why I asked, the doctor said the fracture would heal so Iam wondering when it heals is there still evidence to show that the fracture was there. The time frame since the fracture is about 6 months.

The answer is yes. But I would question why you are asking that question! My immediate concern about ANYONE asking such a question would be: "Why was there a skull fracture in the first place?" Was it an honest accident. Or was it carelessness, neglect, or worse, child abuse. If there was ANY suspicion of child abuse or neglect, I would be obligated to make a social services referral to investigate the home environment or circumstances.

Now, my next question to you is: "Why did you ask that question?" If there is any guilty conscience, then I would take every step to get care for the child and to get counseling. If you did anything, and you take the first step in addressing it, then that will go a long way towards leniency. If, however, you come to my ER and the child has a skull fracture, that alone would mandate a police call and social services referral. So if you did anything (I'm not saying that you did. I just want to be thorough), then take the first step.

Addendum. I'm glad it wasn't your baby. The answer still remains that there will be evidence of a fracture that can be detected for several years. Was the doctor who said that he didn't see a fracture a Radiologist? Was a CAT scan performed? A CAT scan can detect evidence of an old fracture that would be difficult to see on a plain X-Ray.  (+ info)

Is skull linear fracture curable?How much time it takes to be cured?

A linear skull fracture is the least serious of all skull fractures. It basically mean there's a crack or line that runs down the cranial bone. The bone is not displaced, so there is no risk of brain damage from pieces pressing into the brain.

It will take about 6 weeks to start healing, and should be fully healed by 12 weeks.  (+ info)

Very confused about healed skull fracture. Please Help?

Ok so I have this depressed skull fracture (I think) that's healed up at the back of my head toward the very top. Its indented, about 1.5-2 inches long, about .5 inches wide and feels like it was broken at one point. I asked my parents, and they said as a kid (about 2 or 3) I was struck very hard by my uncles weightlifting bar but they never took me to the doctor. They said after I was struck was also when I developed my stuttering problem (I stutter on certain words without control, very humiliating, it's horrible but used to it now). Im 22 now and a police officer, so stuttering really doesnt help in my job. I've been unable to find any info on people with a similar problem because they're parents probably cared about them. It is very noticeable when people look at my head, looks like I have a flat spot there and I'm very self conscious about my looks. So my questions are, can a depressed skull fracture that's healed be fixed??? If it can be fixed, how and by what kind of doctor? Will it fix my stuttering? Will it leave a very bad scar? ( recently got into the shaved head look, really like it and don't want a bad scar visible. Thanks so much to any answers.

There really isn't anything to "fix" about the fracture. what you are looking for is cosmetic surgery to fix the appearance, so you need to see a cosemtic surgeon, or plastic surgeon. It might leave a scar, but one of the points of cosmetic surgery is to not have a scar so they would be careful about that. It would not help with the stuttering. You need to see a speech language pathologist for help with that. The SLP can develop a program for you to work on which can help with the stuttering. There is no way to know if your hit on the head caused the stuttering. The causes of stuttering are not well understood.

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stuttering/DS01027/DSECTION=causes  (+ info)

Is unsteadiness and constantly staggering and falling a symptom of a skull fracture in a 4 to 5 year old?

I have a daughter who will be 5 years old at the end of this month who has developed these symptoms.

If this is suspected, I would take them to the doctor at once! Any balance abnormalities or lack of normal coordination could be a sign of a serious neurological problem.  (+ info)

if one damages ones pituitary gland with a skull fracture how will it effect one long term.?

will it mend itself. is surgery an option.

Pituitary is a vital gland. Major growth spurts develop from hormmones released by the pituitary. Several vital hormones that regulate everything from milk production in breastfeeding women, to hormones that keep you from having to go to the bathroom every two minutes are produced there.

I hate to be vague but effects are determined on the extend of the injury. It must be a pretty severe skull fracture as the pituitary gland is pretty well protected.  (+ info)

my mum has a skull fracture and it smells quite bad,is it infected ?

we dont quite know what happened,she's been to hospital & had it cleaned,& she came home,and they prescribed her with tablets,she hasnt taken them,and now it smells quite bad,does that mean its infected ?

Yes it is infected and obviously that's why they gave her tablets. Why would you want to take risks with a skull fracture?  (+ info)

Will it hurt me to smoke weed 4 weeks after a skull fracture?

  (+ info)

could a skull fracture/crack cause internal bleeding quickly?

just wondering, i need to set the record straight in a novel i'm writing.

IT would typically cause bleeding between the layers of the membranes that line the brain. This causes a "baloon" effect and creates pressure on the brain tissue. The crack in the skull could actually HELP the patient because it would allow the skull to give a little as pressure builds.

Look up subdural hematoma.  (+ info)

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