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How do I get used to people snoring?

I have sensitive ears, I have the hearing of a dog or something and I sleep next to a person that snores. What can I do to get used to it? Waking them up every five minutes doesn't exactly make them happy and I do not want to use ear plugs. I just can't stand the sound of snoring!

have them see a doctor to correct the snoring or at least make it lessen  (+ info)

What is the good method to stop snoring?

Dear everybody, could you please help me how to stop snoring when sleeping.
I have sleep apnea, and it is really annoy for my partner, and I don't know what to do? I already tried to use over the counter stop snoring spray, but it did not work. Please give me good advice, thanks a lot.

If you know you have sleep apnea it means you have been tested by a doctor. Why on earth didn't he get you a CPAP machine. That took care of my problem. When you have sleep apnea you stop breathing in your sleep. It will stop the snoring and help you breath.  (+ info)

Did anyone else start snoring late in pregnancy?

My fiance has had to sleep on the sofa a couple of nights because my snoring has gotten so bad in the last week. I'm 39 weeks as of Friday. He says that he tries to nudge me, but it just keeps going. I have even woken myself up a couple of times. I usually don't snore. He said that even though he grew up with three brothers and lived with male roommates in college, he has never heard snoring like this - it is rather embarrassing. Has anyone else experienced this?

It happened to me.. as baby grew and got heavy I started snoring so bad.. my Hubby started sleeping in guest bed room..

It is quite normal.. tell him it is one side effect of pregnancy.. Lol..   (+ info)

How can i get my friend to stop snoring without making him go to the doctor ?

I have a friend and i stay at his house often, as soon as he passed out he starts a horrible snore and i lie awake all night.
How can i get him to stop snoring, its quite anoying.
He snores so loud help me out and dont say suffocate him.

Roll him over to his side or stomach. It's usually better that way.  (+ info)

Are there any ways to stop myself from snoring?

I always wake up my girl friend in the night because I snore. Are there any ways to stop it? I have Asthma and obviously male, I heard those can affect snoring.

This is just speaking from experience, but in the UK we have this stuff called olbas oil that you put on a tissue and put the tissue inside your pillowcase. It clears your nasal system or whatever its called, and it smells like menthol, it's great for colds. But I noticed it also stops me snoring (or at least subdues it). So maybe use some of that stuff, or suck on a menthol cough drop before bed?  (+ info)

What is the best remedy for snoring?

I've been sleeping in the guest bedroom for the last 4 nights because my wife could not stand my snoring problem. HELP!

breathe right nasel strips

try not to sleep on your back either because that makes you snore more  (+ info)

What is the homeopathy medicine for stoping snoring ?

I read in yahoo questions & answers a homeopathy medicine was suggested for stopping snoring . As now I am unable to find it , will anybody please tell what it is .?

Homeopathic treatment to stop snoring :-
Three drops each in a sip of water twice a week.
Followed by :-
Four Tablets each four times a day every four hours.
These will help stop snoring in any person with regular use. keep me posted about your progress.

Take Care and God Bless you  (+ info)

What can I do about my husbands snoring?

I can't sleep with his loud snoring and nothing helps, short of him sleeping in another room. We've tried the nasal strips and the SnoreStop with no success... Other than surgery, what else can we do?

believe it or not knowing WHY he is snoring should be your first questions in resolving the issue. i looked all over online and came accross a book that explains all the reasons for snoring and if it could be a deeper underlying issue. i did have to pay quit a bit of money for it but it has helped not only my husband but son as well. i tried to find it in library but it wasnt found. try this http://www.productsupplycenter.com/web220693 good luck  (+ info)

How to stop snoring at night?

I cannot seem to stop snoring at night. I've tried a couple of different products, but none of them seem to work. Anyone have any suggestions, my wife is ready to move onto the couch.

The best thing you can do is to start working out and try to lose some weight. It is said that snoring at night is caused by fatty tissue in the throat, and this traps some mucus and creates a pocket of saliva. Nasty, I know, but its the truth.

You can also try using a product called snore zip, which prevents this mucus from building up at night and will help you stop snoring. Check out link below for reviews. I believe they have a free trial, my friend said he used it and it dramatically reduced his snoring.  (+ info)

How can I keep myself from snoring for a few days?

My friend is coming over next week and I snore in my sleep. He'll be sleeping in the next room but I'm afraid he might hear me. What is a good way I can try to keep myself from snoring while he's here?

My girlfriend always complains when I snore so I have taken a few measure to ensure that I dont. I found that it has a lot to do with the way my body is positioned when i fall asleep. If i lay on my back or my head is back, then i usually snore, so sleeping on my side takes care of this. They also have special pillows that you can buy that help you get a better nights sleep. If he will be in the other room, u can try nasal strips, just be sure to take them off before he sees lol. Good luck and I hope he doesnt hear!  (+ info)

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