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How can you get rid of snoring?

my dad snores extremely loud and its very, very annoying. Besides earplugs and surgery, how can he get rid of snoring?

The 7 Major Causes Of Snoring
I do know that living with someone who snores loudly every night, it becomes annoying particualry if it is the main casue of your insomnia. T

Here are the following ways and methods to eliminate snoring and overcome insomnia:

1) Breathing exercise - Snoring happens when there is a blockage happening in the breathing passage, particularly at the throat area. This blockage might be because of a tensed throat, wrong positioned jaw, or stuffed nose. Take several deep breaths in order to relax the throat and make breathing normal again. You can buy jaw straps that keep the head in the best position in sleep to keep the airways open.

2) Decongestants - There are instances wherein the cause of snoring is nasal congestion. Here, the person tends to breathe through his mouth which may trigger snoring. Taking decongestants will free any blockage and relieve the person from snoring. Yuo can buy anti-snoring products that have dcongestant properties.

3) Exercise and proper diet - If your Dad is obese (sorry) , he probably snores. This is because there is fat concentration on the airways that limits the air to go in and out freely. Also, fat formation on the stomach restricts the diaphragm to perform properly. Thus, snoring occurs. In fact, around 40% of the obese population snores. Taking regular exercise and proper diet can reduce the weigh and stop snoring, not to mention other health risks associated with obesity.

4) Change of bed position - There are occasions where snoring is the result of wrong sleeping position. Sometimes, sleeping with too many pillows can stretch and narrow the air passage. Use one pillow to avoid it. Also, lying on the back can cause snoring. So, maybe suggest change in sleeping position.

5) Change of lifestyle - Smoking and alcohol can contribute to the onset of snoring. Snoring may be a result of other medical conditions caused by these two. So, to maintain a good and healthy life, if your Dad smokes or drinks heaviliy get him to stop or reduce smoking and alcohol intake, which in turn can cure snoring.

6) Regular sleeping habits - There are two periods of sleep: the REM sleep where the person experiences frequent dreaming and deep sleep, and the Stage 1 sleep which should only be experienced during falling asleep but can also be experienced several times if the person is sleeping poorly. Both can trigger the development of unstable breathing that can cause snoring. Irregular sleeping can also cause respiratory instability that result to unstable breathing during sleep. Establishing  good sleeping habits and routines work best here.

7)  Nasal congestion caused by mucus can disrupt sleep and can cause snoring. To prevent this, saltwater nasal drops can be used to flush out the mucus. There are over the counter saltwater nasal drops available in drugstores. However, you can also make it on your own. Dissolve teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of sterilized water. Let the water cool down to body temperature and place it to a nose dropper.

However, if snoring is caused by other serious condition such as sleep apnea and enlargement of adenoids and/or tonsils then suggest you reccomend your Dad gets checked at with your medical practitioner.
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What kind of doctor would you go to for snoring/sleep apnea?

My husband and I are having severe problems with snoring. I think he suffers from sleep apnea. Would a GP treat this or should he go straight to an ENT?

Neurologist could refer him to a Sleep Pathologist to have a Sleep Study done, to see if he needs a CPAP or something like that. If you don't have insurance, the sleep study is quite expensive. A normal doctor should be able to refer him to the right place though, he shouldn't have to go to a neurologist for it.  (+ info)

How to stop a mild snoring problem?

My boyfriend has a snoring problem. Sometimes its loud, sometimes it's not, depending on how tired he is. He snores when he's not even asleep yet and he can't hear it. I would just whisper, you're snoring, and he would be like SERIOUSLY? I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING. It's very strange, and then after that he can control it.
What are some easy ways to help his snoring problem. I know some people with severe apnea have to use a oxygen machine that pumps oxygen into their lungs at night, but is there anything less exreme?
the nose strips do not work. i forgot to mention that we tried those

Nose strips that open the nose wholes bigger:you can get them at the pharmacy.
It stops snoring
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What are the best remedies for snoring?

I am in a relationship and snoring has become an issue. I love this woman with all of my heart, but she can't handle my snoring. I feel powerless over this issue and horrible that she has to deal with it at all. Is there anything that I can do?

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How can a person stop themselves from snoring?

Is there a do it yourself way to stop this? My roommate snores very loudly and sleeps with her mouth open...really wide. How can we at least stop the snoring?

Breath Rite nasal strips. There's a picture at the bottom of the page. Inexpensive at drug stores.
http://www.doctorspiller.com/snore_guards.htm  (+ info)

How can a doctor check the reasons of snoring?

My friend and me have a problem due to his snore. I really do love him, however it's incredibly strenous to wake up during night due to the noise he makes. I'm quiet sure, that one's able to find out the reasons for snoring, yet how is that done and does anyone know how much it costs? I don't want to switch to the couch, but I'm tired of being awake when all I really want is just to sleep.

Thanks in advance.

Yes they can.

The main reason people snore very loudly, is due to a number of reasons;
Being over weight
Drinking alcohol
Enlarged tonsils or adenoids
Sinus problems such as allergies

Does your friend stop breathing in the night, do they complain of feeling tired all the time, does he often doze of to sleep through the day?

If so he needs to be assessed by a sleep clinic, to rule out sleep apnoea or some other sleeping disorder. These conditions can and do cause health problems, and can be exacerbated by the above reasons. He will need to see his regular doctor for a referral to the sleep clinic.

There is also a home diagnostic kit, which means the person being tested in their own home. Frees up hospital beds, not hooked up to machines, sleeping in your own home. This kit is smallish and you have to have a few leads, one on the finger, nasal cannula, two elastic bands with leads to the main kit, which is strapped around the waist, and on the upper chest, and the kit rest in the centre of the chest or waist.

I have just last night used such a diagnostic kit. The Embletta pds. So it will be interesting to see what the results are.  (+ info)

What is something I can do to stop my roommate from snoring?

I don't sleep that much, but when I'm awake I hear his snoring and it pisses me off. I want to take a baseball bat to his loft and wake him up, but I don't want to break his bed [i'm really not that angry].
So what do I do [other than leave the room]?
Like it's ok when people snore, but his snoring is ridiculous, it almost sounds unhealthy.

Oh, Lord, I know how you feel. My dad was the same way. He's a horrible snor-er, and when we used to go on vacation and my whole family had to sleep in the same room together at hotels, I felt like I was going to have to either shoot him or shoot myself. Ahaha.

But, when my mom finally got so fed up with it, she took him to the doctor and they gave him some sort of mouth piece [it looks like a mouth guard that a baseball/football player would wear.] He wears it when he sleeps and the snoring stops!

So, perhaps you should tell your roommate that you don't sleep at night because he snores. Ask him to go to the doctor and surely they'll be able to help.

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How can I stop myself from snoring when I sleep?

I used 2 be a silent sleeper, & I wanna go back 2 the silent sleeper mode. Does me being overweight have anything 2 do with me snoring?

This worked really well for me and everyone I reccommended it to. Try it, it is worth every penny! Everyone in my family is the same way it is really bad!! One of my brothers had to use a CPAP machine for a while because of his sleep apnea, but we finally found the answer to stop snoring and it is awesome!! It is a custom fitted mouthpiece that we purchased on http://www.prosnore.com it really works good and my brother doesn't even have to use his CPAP anymore!! IT IS AWESOME! GIVE IT A TRY!! PROSNORE.COM is the place!

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How can I reduce or prevent snoring ?

I tend to snore loud like a bear in hibernation. Is there a way for me to reduce snoring or stop snoring period? Much thanks!

I use Breathe Right nasal strips. You can buy them at a pharmacy. They really improve your night's sleep and reduce snoring. I was really amazed how much they opened up my nasal passage the first night I tried it. It's the most convenient option to try if you are a heavy snorer. ;)  (+ info)

can snoring start when you are half asleep or not in deep sleep?

the problem is sometimes when i'm trying to sleep i hear my own snoring & i wake up.

Yes! Snoring can start way before you reach your R..E.M. sleep (rapid eye movement) otherwise known as dreaming stage of sleep. I, myself suffer from a deviated septum and enlargeddtonsilsls which contributed to the diagnosis of sleep apnea. With that comes a lot of snoring. Snoring is the vibration of your pallet on the back of your throat.and believe me I've woken myself up a time or two from my owsnoringng.  (+ info)

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