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if i have hereditary spherocytosis and still have my spleen can i get waivered if im depped in the navy?

im already depped in but had surgery, i was diagnosed with hereditary spherocytosis after having surgery to remove my gallbladder, can i still get a waiver for hereditary spherocytosis to be in navy?

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I was medically PDQ'd for hereditary spherocytosis, will BuMed grant me a waiver for the Marine Corps?

You may call the hospital and inquire about your question.
Their telephone number is: (202) 762-3211

As far as I know, even with a waiver you may or may not be recruited because it largely depends on what position or duty you are looking to perform in the navy. However, if your medical waiver is disapproved, then you are better off trying to get a recommendation from your congressman.

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What is Hereditary Spherocytosis, is it bad?

Hereditary spherocytosis: A genetic disorder of the red blood cell membrane clinically characterized by anemia, jaundice (yellowing) and splenomegaly (enlargement of the spleen).

In HS the red cells are smaller, rounder, and more fragile than normal. The red cells have a spherical rather than the biconcave-disk shape of the normal red cell. These rotund red cells (spherocytes) are osmotically fragile and less flexible than normal red cells and tend to get trapped in narrow blood passages, particularly in the spleen, and there they break up (hemolyze) leading to hemolytic anemia.

The clogging of the spleen with red cells almost invariably causes splenomegaly. The breakup of the red cells releases hemoglobin and the heme part gives rise to bilirubin, the pigment of jaundice. The excess bilirubin leads to the formation of gallstones, even in childhood, There is also often iron overload due to the excess destruction of iron-rich red cells.  (+ info)

My 16 month old son has hereditary spherocytosis and he has to get blood tranfusions , spleen begun to enlarge?

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can people with spherocytosis donate blood if they are not anemic?

My son and I have hereditary spherocytosis. Providing that I am not anemic, can I donate blood?

You are probably best to call your local blood donation centre and double check.  (+ info)

who discovered hereditary spherocytosis?

i'm doing a science project and i cannot find this answer, neither can i find how its diagnosed. please help

In a peripheral blood smear, the abnormally small red blood cells lacking the central pallor as seen in non-hereditary spherocytosis is typically more marked in hereditary spherocytosis  (+ info)

My daugher has Spherocytosis should I get a flu shot for her?

My 7 year old has Hereditary Spherocytosis and was hospitalized last month and referred to a pediactric hematologist. She has gallstones but her spleen is okay for now. Should I consider a flu shot to help prevent the Swine Flu?

The current flu shot does not prevent swine flu, as it is a different virus. However, her doctor may recommend one anyway, to prevent her from getting the regular seasonal flu, that kills many people each year, especially those who's immune system may be compromised by disease.

You should ask your doctor how to best support her immune system, such as diet, sleep, etc. Also, take regular common sense precautions for limiting the spread of disease. Encourage her to wash her hands or use hand sanitizer frequently, especially before she eats. Teach her to avoid putting her hands in her eyes, nose or mouth. If someone in her school gets sick, keep her home, and keep her away from large crowds.

Kudos on being a caring mom, but try not to panic yourself, as that could cause her to stress out.  (+ info)

hereditary spherocytosis can it be caused b/c of drinking?

can this be caused from drinking alcohol--- no links just answer

from what i remember its hereditary! i knew a girl that had it and her whole family did too. it was not caused by drinking.  (+ info)

Is Having Hereditary Spherocytosis Bad?

My Mam has It And According To Wikipedia The Kids Have A 50% Chance Of Getting It Too.. Does That Mean That 1 in 2 kids will deffinately Have It?? And Also Is Having It Bad At All? Will It Affect Me? Ive Had Tests 2 Day But I Was Just Wondering About it.. i dnt get the results til friday..

Hereditary spheroids is a genetically-transmitted form of spheroids, an automatic anemia characterized by the production of red blood cells that are sphere-shaped rather than donut-shaped, and therefore more prone to hemlocks.

NO that does not mean one of two kids will have it not at all its not likely that's its 50% and even if it is 2 kids might not get it its 50% in a kid not int he mother

i don't think it will affect you so badly, however there is treatment to it ask experienced doctors, and also children with spheroids require immunization against the pneumatics bacterium and prophylactic antibiotic treatment as well to lessen the risk of sepsis.

Don't worry about it and live your life! or you will regret it there nothing worth worrying

I wish you best of luck! =)  (+ info)

Hereditary spherocytosis?

my brother has a moderate form of this condition. One of his doctors said that he should have his spleen removed because if he doesnt he will have liver damage. another doctor said that the liver damage would not be that severe. He hasnt had a problem with it in about a year or so. his only real problem was when he contracted mono. His levels were real low at that time and he had several blood transfusions. Like i said for the last couple of years his levels have been fine. He's schedules to have the operation for removal of his spleen august 28th but we are having second thoughts. Anyone know about this disease or have it. and what do you suggest?





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