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3 spinal cord diseases with cure and treatment?

i need to know 3 spinal cord diseases with the cure and treatment! Whoever can will be so awesome! I am so stumped! Woo can tell me them?

  (+ info)

Can you get mad cow disease by eating any beef from an infected cow, or is it just by eating the spinal cord?

I've heard that the brain, spinal cord and other central nervous system tissue is where the disease is found. Would steak be ok to eat?

Well 'officially', it would be OK to have a steak - scientific studies on cows with BSE have found no infectivity in muscle or peripheral nerves. However, these were studies using carefully dissected animals. In reality, due to the way meat is processed you could never guarantee that any part of an infected cow was OK to eat. And although infectivity has not been detected in the blood of infected cows, the blood of people with vCJD (which is the human version of BSE) IS infectious. But these days BSE is thankfully very rare, so it's certainly not something to worry about.  (+ info)

How do they not pierce the spinal cord in an LP?

In an LP( Lumbar Puncture), they take a sample of the CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) to test for infections or other diseases. Well, what I'm wondering is how do they not pierce it?

The spinal cord ends at the inferior border of L1 (slightly lower in infants) and is several vertebral spaces above the proper location for a lumbar puncture which is L3 and L4. So basically...the needle never really gets near it.  (+ info)

Spinal Cord?

Is it bad for my back to carry 30 pounds of gear on it everyday? I already have back problems like where I can pop every bone in it. Will the pressure damage my back at all?

if you already are experiencing back problems i wouldn't advise you to carry such a heavy load.  (+ info)

I am looking for information on muscular disease in the muscles surrounding the spinal cord?

I was told today that I have a muscular disease in the muscles surrounding my vertebre, and I cannot remember the name of it. I have pain constantly in my muscles in my neck which I am not able to move up or down or turn my head. Muscle weakness in arms and legs and continual pain. They said it was rare in females.

perhaps amyotropic lateral sclerosis  (+ info)

How long does spinal cord swelling last?

I asked another question about the spinal cord before. Since I learned that the spinal cord swell, how long does it stay swelled? Weeks, months, years?

nobody knows. some say a month, some say a year.  (+ info)

What part of your spinal cord would you have to damage to die?

What parts of the spinal cord tell the heart to beat and the lungs to breath so if you damaged it you would die pretty suddenly?

The spinal cord is a long, thin, tubular bundle of nervous tissue and support cells that extends from the brain (the medulla specifically). The brain and spinal cord together make up the central nervous system.
The spinal cord itself doesn't regulate the respiratory or cardiac centers,they are located in the brain.
Infections in the spinal cord fluid can travel to the brain and affect these areas.Trauma to the brain would cause deterioration(due to lack of blood supply) to these areas and eventually death.  (+ info)

Is a Dynatron sts machine avaliable with an already implanted spinal cord stimulator?

My girlfriend has RSD. After many surgerys doctors decided to go with a spinal cord stimulator for her arms and legs. Her legs seem to be in much better pain-free atmosphere, her arms are extremely in chronic pain. She is on oxymorphone and oxycontin to control the pain but we are hoping for an alternative method. I have read about a dynatron sts machine for nerve pain. Would this be a solution considering she already has a spinal cord stimulator?

Hi. Your girlfriend should have no problem at all using this type of unit in conjunction with her spinal cord stimulator as they are stimulating different nerves at different levels. In any case, if the STS gave her some relief in her arms but somehow caused interference, she could turn her spinal stimulator off for short periods to use the SCS on her arms. I have CRPS/RSD in my legs and arms - I have a spinal cord stimulator (and an intrathecal drug pump) and have used something similar to the STS (though with no success).

My only concern with the STS would be whether she would tolerate it the patches that are used to adhere the electrodes to the skin. I had some problems from a sensitivity perspective, despite the fact that I do a lot of desensitisation work every day. The big worry however was that the adhesive on the electrode patches caused my skin to ulcerate, producing wounds that took many months to heal.

As you are looking at alternatives, or at least adjunctive to medication (I know how she feels - I take so many tablets that I feel as though I'd rattle if you shook me!)

Anyway, I hope that answers your question and really hope that she can try the STS system with  (+ info)

What can happen to the brain if one has a rather large intramedullary spinal cord tumor?

An intramedullary spinal cord tumor is a tumor inside the cord. So what could happen if a tumor was found inside a person's spinal cord in the cervical region, which is in the neck? What could this possibly do to the brain, specifically? Keep in mind this tumor is long and large enough it expands the cord and been left untreated years.

I hope you are not the patient. The cord tumor can cause increased intracranial pressure- papilledema, sometimes acute enough to cause other symptoms, like vomiting, headache. Not very common, but I have seen a couple.

Understand that we never see anything common at Walter Reed- the other hospitals can handle the common stuff. So sometimes it is hard to get a good idea of just how common a given problem is.

Usually the symptoms of a cord tumor are related to the damage to the spinal cord.- pain is common, weakness, spasticity, sensory loss muscle wasting in the muscles supplied by the affected part of the cord. A tract of the Trigeminal nerve goes down into the upper cord, then back up- can cause numbness of the face. This can be a confusion factor, as it can be mistaken for a second lesion, and lead to a diagnosis of MS.

http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/251133-overview  (+ info)

spinal cord stimulator and how to tell if you have new problems?

I have a spinal cord stimulator and it does help although it doesn't block the pain 100%. I was wondering if anyone else had one of these and if they ever had any new disc problems after having it installed. If you did end up with new problems how did you know you had something new wrong and not just pain from your old injury?

Your symptoms would change. If there was pain running into the bottom of the foot it might change to the front of the shin or into the toes. The pain patterns or numbness are going to be the key. The stimulator is not going to stop pain from a higher level though it could conceivably lessen it. The stimulator is not going to stop any changes that are taking place in the back. Talk to the surgeon that did the procedure or a neurologist.  (+ info)

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