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What is the name of the spinal cord before it exits the skull?

What is the name of the spinal cord before it exits the skull?

Brain Stem  (+ info)

How do i build a homemade spinal cord?

I have to build a spinal cord for my biology class out of household items. It just has to be the cord and the nerves though not the vertebrae. Please help

you can use a wire hanger and "paper mache" to do it.. or you can make it out of jello or cake.. that way is original and you can eat it after the presentation :) good luck!  (+ info)

What is the most common tumor of the spinal cord?

What is the most common tumor of the spinal cord called? Is it an astrocytoma or is there another that is more prevelant?

The most common spinal cord tumors (or intramedullary tumors) are ependymomas, astrocytomas and hemangioblastomas, in that order, although all spinal cord tumors are rare.  (+ info)

What are the risks and benefits of a spinal cord stimulator?

I'm contemplating a spinal cord stimulator for RSD, and pain in my right arm. My doctor gave me some videos, but they're really commercial. It doesn't mention any of the risks. Thank You!

There are a lot of people with RSD who have answered this question at http://www.raceagainstpain.com. Search through the forums and you'll find some really good information.  (+ info)

How is the heart rate affected by a spinal cord injury?

Will the vagus nerve be affected or is it something to do with the spinal cord?

It depends a bit on where the injury occurs.

The vagus nerve shouldn't be injured by a spinal cord injury (it comes down with the carotid artery, fairly anterior to the spinal column). The vagus nerve is parasympathetic, secretes acetylcholine and slows the heart rate.

The sympathetic nerves in the thoracic area (I forget the details)... these ARE likely to be severed by a high thoracic spinal cord injury. These secrete norepinephrine and tend to accelerate the heart rate. They also maintain blood vessel tone pretty much everywhere.

So if you cut the spinal cord in such a way that you lose sympathetic function but the vagus is intact... what would you expect to happen to the heart rate?

Good luck!  (+ info)

What are the effects of spinal cord injuries?

I met the most FANTASTIC little girl the other day! She is 7, and she fell as a baby and suffered some spinal cord injuries that have given her many of the syptoms of Cereberal Palsy. My partner has CP so I am somewhat familiar with it. The little girls walks with crutches, but I heard them saying she may need a wheelchair soon. I know this is a VERY broad question, but I am just looking for people with experience in the situation?

Well, since the spinal cord is affected, it mainly concerns the person's central nervous system. It can affect four areas of the spinal cord: (top to bottom)
1. cranial (everything is affected: mobility, breathing, loss of sensation, paraplegic where limbs cannot function)
2. thoraxic (breathing)
3. lumbar (loss of sensation)
4. sacral (paraplegic)

The little girl could have CP since it is either congenital or acquired. It is best to have her assessed by her medical team.  (+ info)

How to handle weakness due to tethered spinal cord?

Detethering spinal cord has high risk. Has anyone got his cord detethered with positive results? Can anyone suggest a hospital or surgeon for consultation? Any other suggestions/views are welcome.

Oh dear, where do you live? If we knew we could suggest someone but since we don't??? Try just doing a search and that may pop up a few in your area. I usually go on my medical insurance website and find the nearest doctor. And maybe 2-3 opinions? And, who told you you had a tethered spinal cord? Wouldn't that person direct you to a good hospital or surgeon?  (+ info)

What are the nerves in the spinal cord, and what do they do everyday?

I want to know the nerve in the spinal cord does, what its calles, what they do everyday, as in, what their job is...

The spinal cord as it leaves the brain controls everything the body does-especially the autonomic systems. You don't have to think to make your heart beat, your brain does that all by itself via these nerves as well as other things like breathing when you are asleep.
Remember the late Christopher Reeve. His central nervous system was interrupted just below the brain. He had to have a machine to breathe for him and a pacemaker to keep his heart beating.  (+ info)

What does it mean if my head hurts really bad along with my spinal cord and lungs?

For the past night I have not been able to sleep, and it feels like something is moving in my brain/head. My lungs ache, my spinal cord aches, and I feel really dizzy. I have not been throwing up, but I have had diahrrea and I feel really weak. Is this worms? Brain tumor? Please help!

It could be a chest infection because diarrhea and headache sound like flu like symptoms so if it hurts around your chest then that probably means that it's a chest infection. You need to go and see your doctor soon before it gets worse. Don't worry or panic because that will make things things worse and it can be treated easily any way. Hope everything's ok.

God bless!  (+ info)

How are people able to survive a serious spinal cord injury (paralysis)?

People who survive spinal cord injury and are paralyzed neck down. How do they survive? Internal organs are still working but it wouldnt be long before they die of suffocation. How do they keep them from suffocating. If you dont die of suffocation what would you die of next?

It depends where the injury is located. Breathing is contolled by the brain stem so as long as the injury occurred below that the person will not suffocate. However, the human body is not designed to survive immobile, and extensive medical care is needed for a person to live with serious paralysis.  (+ info)

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