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What dose it mean by scars on the spinal cord?

I have had chronic horrid back pain for 3 years now, and i have had an mri, and they say there is scars on the spinal cord, maybe down to heavy lifting in the past being a carer, I havent had an operation as they say there is nothing they can do. But i dont understand it at all, what is wrong with me? i have looked on the net, and cant find anything on it.

check out this website and also ask ur doc for more info about it.
http://www.rifeenergymedicine.com/spinalrepair.html  (+ info)

Is this a sign that I could be healing from my spinal cord injury?

I have a C-5 spinal cord injury, it has been almost 11 months since it happened and over that period of time. I have gained some muscles back that are below my level of injury, such as some abdominal strength, and some muscles in the middle of my back. My fingers have not begun to work just yet. And I still do not have any triceps, but my abdominal muscles have increased quite a bit. Could this be a sign that my spinal cord is starting to heal? I was in a car wreck in November of 2006 and my spinal cord is bruised.

Having had a break at C7 myself several yrs ago. From what i remeber the doctors saying when i had slit problems with moving.
Its sorta like a brain injury. Concusion, only in this case be the spinal cord swelling. So depending on the injury to the amount of swelling. Though i had a break it was a vey minor injury to my spinal cord. Lucky for me.
They explained all about spinal injuries, a really bad bruise can be worse than a breaK sometimes causing all the same symtomps of a break. and also become a permanate injury.
From all what i can remember and what you have said. i'd think the swelling is going down and you are slowly getting back your control of affected muscles. Though how much and what is probably yet to be found out. Also to what percentage you gain back is unknown.
So i wouldn't get my hopes to high, what you have gained back very well my be all you do. then on the other hand maybe you'll gain more.
So Best Wish's  (+ info)

Are there any research studys being don on stem-cell research on spinal cord severation?

I was in a car wreak that severed my spinal cord and broke my back from t12-t6 and I would be more than willing to go into a study with stem-cell injections in my back if there are any studies available. If anybody knows please help me!

you can google for studies but until obama got elected, the US doesnt allow embryonic stem cell research so other countries are probably ahead of the US  (+ info)

Can popping my neck seriously harm my spinal cord or damage anything other than muscles and ligaments?

Long question I know but I pop my neck alot! I know I shouldn't and I have recently decided that I am going to try and quit. I say try because it is a very big habit of mine. But my question is can I seriously harm my spinal cord, nerves, or something in my brain? I would prefer qualified answers only...... no opinions please.

I was in a car accident and was treated by a chiropractor for almost a year. Due to his 'popping' my neck I have had 2 cervical spine operations and am disabled for life.

Yes popping a neck is bad. I am an example of what kind of damage popping a neck can do.

I live my life in chronic pain and am only around because of a pain management program I have been in for several years.

I think that's pretty qualified.  (+ info)

Is there anyone here who has a spinal cord stimulator implant?

I have a medtronic spinal cord stimulator implant that was put in 2003. I am having issues with it covering the pain that I am having. My pain specialist is wanting to put me on pain meds until it can have a revision done to it. My question is this...First has it ever been able to completely block your pain? And my second question is did it help for a period of time and then stop covering the pain? What have you chosen to do about it? Can you give me any suggestions.

I have never used a spinal cord stimulator but I have friends in chronic pain that have. Some of them have had very good results with it as far as blocking the pain. Some of them have had issues with the pain not getting as good of control because of the leads moving and then having to have them moved back.

Another girl I know had tried a stimulator and found that it didn't much help her so she want a kind of pain pump that seems to be helping a lot.

I have the link to a site that has a messageboard for chronic pain patients that could be of help. If you are interested in joining please e-mail me off site with the subject line: "Chronic Pain Messageboard" so that I will know what it's in regards to.  (+ info)

How serious is this, Spinal Cord aches and slight pain?

For nearly 2 weeks now I've been experiencing slight aches and pain on my spinal cord. The aches located in the middle back. And the pain increases more when I bend even if i'm not holding anything?
And when i touch the the sore part and press some (or even light) pressure on it, it hurts even more. Is this really serious? Do you know what it could be?

To be honest it does not sound too serious. However, if it is bothersome go and get it checked out by your doctor. I have back problems myself on my lower back. I have a two herniated disks at the L4-L5 disk and at L5-S1 disk. I also have degenerating disk disease on my L5-S1 disk. It is quite painful to say the least. you say you experience only "slight" aches... so before you go spend money on a doctor I would recommend trying some other things... First take 400-600 mg of Motrin/Ibuprofen... next put some heat on the most tender part. Since you back hurts when you touch it it is more than likely a pulled muscle. So try taking some ibuprofen and put a heating pad on it or take a nice hot bath (those feel great on sore backs)... If it gets worse, stays the same, or is just very bothersome go to the doctor!  (+ info)

Rod suffers a injury to the sacral region of his spinal cord. Will he still be able to achieve a erection?Expl?

Rod suffers a injury to the sacral region of his spinal cord, will he still be able to achieve an erection, explain.

I am not a hundred percent sure. We are taught in our EMT courses that with any spinal injury there is a chance for what is called a priapism. Which is the persistent erection of the penis which is a key indicator to spinal injury. He may get an erection that may not go away.  (+ info)

Spinal cord is feelable from the back of my neck?

When I stand up, I can feel 2 parts of my spinal cord on the back of my neck. I have bad posture, and I don't think this is normal. How can I correct this?

thats not your spinal cord genius. thats your spine,
your spine is made of interlocking bones, it protects your spinal cord which is sort of like a vein through the center of your spine.
you should know this, this is basic human biology.  (+ info)

Who is the LONGEST living Quadriplegic with a C1 thru C 7th Spinal Cord Injury?

Quadriplegic: someone who is paralyzed in ALL four limbs with varying degrees of paralysis at whatever level Spinal Cord Injury that was sustained to their body? In my particular question, I am ONLY interested in Spinal Cord Injuries caused from breaking, compound fracture, compressing, crushed, fracturing, severing, shattering, swelling, twisting the Cervical Vertabra from C1 thru C7 in which the vertebra cuts the Spinal Cord some how?

I am a C2-C3 ventilator dependent quadriplegic, due to a auto accident 14 years ago.  (+ info)

Why we need to store cord blood? Diseases that can be treated by cord blood cells?

why we need to store cord blood, and the diseases which can be cured by the use of cord blood.

I'll give an examples to explain:

For instance, you have a child and freeze the cord blood cells from that child's umbilical cord. If that child develops leukemia, its own cord blood cells can be used in a transplant--no searching for an exact match donor because the cells are already available in advance.

How it works: The patient is "chemo'd down" which kills off most of the malignant cells, then the transplant is done. The new cells that are transplanted hopefully grow fast and produce more new healthy cells...


My brother had two sons born in 2002 and 2003. In 2004, he was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). Had they saved the umbilical cords of the boys there would have been a possibility that the cord blood could have been used in a transplant to him when we found that none of us siblings was an exact tissue match for bone marrow transplant.  (+ info)

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