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What does it mean for a spinal cord to be "pinched" ?

Someone at my high school was recently hit by a drunk driver and initially doctors said his spinal cord was severed and that he was paralyzed (or most likely paralyzed w/ very very slim chances of being able to walk again)
But I just checked an update and they said his spinal cord is "pinched" not severed.....

  (+ info)

what is postural hypotension got to do with the spinal cord injury?

what is postural hypotension got to do with the spinal cord injury?

if you have a spinal cord injury, the nerves that control when to dialate or constrict blood vessels won't function correctly. When you sit up or stand up if possible, the blood vessels can not constrict to keep your BP where it needs to be so you get light headed and that normaly will make you sit or lie back down to increase BP.  (+ info)

Have you heard of a bulging disc touching the spinal cord?

Right before I lost my insurance coverage I went for an MRI and they found a bulging disc in my back touching my spinal cord...has anyone ever heard of this? I havent been able to go back and I been having pain.......... any treatment or know anything about this?

I have a slight disc bulge that barely touches my cord. You might benefit from physical therapy or massage therapy. NEVER see a chiropractor.  (+ info)

Can dialation of the spinal cord in the neck be a sign of ms?

I recently had a brain mri checking for ms> They found several small white spots on the brain. They also saw something weird on my spinal cord in the neck while taking a pictures of my brain so they took a picture of my neck and found eather hydromyliea of dilation of the spinal cord, rim enhancement of the eara,intence of fluid in the area. I am getting a another mri of my spinal cord next week....

I have MS and the white spots are called lesions. The spots on the spinal cord could very well be the same thing. I have 4 in my brain and 6 on my spine. Do yourself a huge favor though... be sure to get a second opinion before you start taking any meds. I have been diagnosed for 7 years. But they say I have had it for about 15 to 18 years. Just a word of encouragement here... I lead a very full and busy lifestyle, this also includes keeping up with our 10 year old active daughter. There are times that I have problems, but for the most part I do fine. If you find out that it is MS and need someone to chat with just come back to this question and leave me a comment with your email address.  (+ info)

My lower back has purple marks around the spinal cord. What are they?

I'm barely in high school and have already developed purple marks around my spinal cord. They don't hurt and I'm not quite sure what they are. I haven't gone to a doctor about it because I don't think that it is that serious. The marks appear to be scars of some sort from an injury yet I have never had a major back injury. Thanks

They sound like just stretch marks.  (+ info)

would a tattoo on the middle back affect the spinal cord?

i am planning to get a tattoo on the middle of my back, but i am having thoughts that it may cause something bad because it is going to hit my spinal cord... plus i am a little skinny =]

any help guys? pls help me out


There is no way that the needle is going to pierce your spinal cord. Not only is it not long enough, but your spinal cord is completely encased in bone and cartilage. You would need a really big, long, sharp needle, pressed very hard to have any hope of piercing your spinal cord. The only thing getting a tattoo there might do is hurt like a motherf*cker because you don't have a lot of skin and fat to cushion that area.  (+ info)

does nerve injury mean the same as nerve damage or spinal cord damage?

I had injection in my neck. Had complications. I signed a waiver for nerve injury. I have spinal cord damage. Does that mean the same thing?

Unfortunately, injury and damage are the same when it comes to such things..... probably wasn't a good idea to sign the waiver, but if it was the only way you could get the injection, then the risk had to be taken. Still, i don't think you should be forced to pay for getting this thing better yourself - seek good legal council quickly!! Anything involving the spinal cord demands VERY specialized and expert care if you are to stand the best chance of recovery - and that's expensive.  (+ info)

What Country has the best treatment for stem cell research regarding Spinal Cord Injury?

I have researched that China has a good program with umbilical cord blood that they store for different types of blood .

Check this site it refs you to many stem cells success stories:

http://www.stemcellresearch.org/  (+ info)

spinal cord injury I still get erections, can slightly feel intercourse, is there away to increase sensitivity

I Had a Spinal cord injury, I still get erections and sustain them but cant ejaculate, I can feel a little during intercourse and am trying to find a way to increase sensitivity to sex or masturbation. Any advice? Creams, Gels, alternate ways of playing with myself?

use your brains. stimulate with the visual.  (+ info)

Is spina bifida caused by spinal cord injury or chromosomal disorder?

My text says injury, but also states the damage comes from imperfect development of the spinal cord and spinal column during the first 30 days of fetal development. So, should I put spinal cord injury or chromosomal disorder?

The link below will help you.
Personally I would not class it as injury, its more of incomplete development. Again personally I would go for chromosomal disorder but I'm not 100% sure of that. The link might help...I havnt read all of it.  (+ info)

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