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more info on scalded skin syndrome?

my 2 yr old son has some symptoms of scalded skin syndrome but the cultures and blood test came up negative for it and they cannot diagnose him because they don't have any answers. only one spot blistered and ruptured 3 times and still had fluid in it. the other couple of spots just look like his skin just peeled off. no one has any answers of what it could be. any info?????

Ask your doc if he feels that antibiotic therapy would help?  (+ info)

what is the difference between scalded skin syndrome & impetigo caused by staphylococcus species?

Both cause blisters and both cause by staph.

But, in SSS, it's more serious and can be fatal. It's due to exotoxin produce by toxigenic strains of the staph. It cause the epidermal layer of the skin to break and peeling by time. The skin will look scalded or burn. Usually SSS happen in neonate or child under 5 because they haven't develop immunity against toxigenic strains of the staph. But, adult with immunocompromised also can develop it. SSS is more severe compare to impetigo. A part from sign and symptoms like in impetigo, patients will have large area of peeling of the skin. Top layer of skin begins peeling off in sheets, leaving exposed a moist, red and tender area. They have fever, fluid loss from dehydration and weakness or maybe chills.

While SSS can be fatal, impetigo is more benign and common. It's happen when there is a break on the skin or irritated skin like injury from sport, eczema or insect bite. Infection of staph will lead to superficial formation of blisters. Ususlly impetigo presented with red blisters that easily ruptures and produce a yellow brown crust, itchiness and can be painful or painless.

And not to forget, both are contagious.  (+ info)

Scalded Skin Syndrome Contagious?

ok my mom has been at the hospital
for afew days visiting my sisters 6 month old
son who has scalded skin syndrome. she
will be going home today and we was
gonna visit her in a few days, me and my 2 year old daughter
but now im scared that maybe she may
carry that germ on her, even doe she is
not sick. im scared. i really dont want my baby
to get sick. i read alot about SSS but i just
wanted to know if there is anyone who
may help me out with this.....THANKS!

if it were that contagious do you think the hospital would let anyone visit your nephew?!

scalded skin syndrome is caused by a bacteria called Staphylococcus. this is a bacteria that ALL of us carry as it is a natural part of the bacterial flora found on human skin. kids are quite prone to really scarey things (like sss) because their immune system isnt as strong as ours. the likelihood of you passing this off to your kid is minimal if you wash your hands upon leaving the hospital. remember, the same bacteria that caused this reaction on your nephew is the same bacteria that is already on you and your baby. the only difference is, the two of you have an immune system that is keeping an infection at bay...your nephews immune system isnt.

see your nephew. just wash your hands when you leave the hospital (as you should be doing anyways).  (+ info)

Any one had problems with scalded skin syndrome?

my 18 month old neice was feeling unwell last week and came out all red and blotchy (she has excema) so my sister put her creams on as usual as it was getting worse she went to doctors 4 times last week . They wernt even looking at her just handing out more creams and putting it down to excema steriod cream was also giving anyway in the end she was having to apply creams 14 times a day my neice was in agony and getting much worse so she went to hospital for a second opinion. At hospital she was sent straight to a dermitoligist who was unsure and seen again by another one they decided to admit her and gave her a biopsy and 3 days later after being giving antibiotics and strapped in parrafin bandages was diognosed with scalde skin syndrome also known as ssss .Anyway she is looking much better and starting to feel herself again bless her it was horrific all over her groin and creases covered and skin was falling off everywhere any one elses child in the same situation xx

that is horrific, she should sue them for not sending her to a dermatologist to begin with, that poor baby should not have had to endure such a frightening and painful experience.btw watch the movie called 'Sicko'  (+ info)

what is scalded skin syndrome?

a serious skin infection usually seen in infants caused by staph aureus.  (+ info)

My baby is 5 months old and has scalded skin syndrome?

She has a dermatologist and has been prescribed several over the counter and prescriptions topical treatments.
Has anyone had this problem?
If so how do you stop them from itching themselves bloody?
we keep her fully clothed now from mittens to socks, But its getting hot outside. I would like her to be able to enjoy the outdoors if possible? She gets a little to hot fully clothed even it thin cotton blinds.
any advise?
She has not had an outbreak in 2 months she is just very itchy all the time,
as soon as I undress her to change cloths or diaper she starts digging at herself

Omg poor thing! Well, as far as I understand it is a bacterial infection that needs to be treated by antibiotics usually through an IV which requires a hospital stay. depending on where the location is have you tried putting a wrap on the area? rather than having her wear a ton of clothing could you wrap gauze or something else over the effected area to keep it covered but not make your LO wear so much clothing?

I do hope she gets to doing better.. I do not know anyone who has it but I have heard a little about it.  (+ info)

After a staphylococcal infection with a clindmycin 6-day treatment, do I still have staph bacteria on my skin?

I had an abscess, went to ER where the doctor made an incision and drainage. I got a prescription for Clindamycin 300 mg 24 capsules to take 4 times/day. Now, my question is do I still have staph-bacteria on my skin?

The bacteria are likely still present on your skin. All of us have staph species on our skin. The problem in an abscess is that too many bacteria got through your protective barrier and were multiplying too fast for the body to control it. Clindamycin does not KILL these bacteria, it is called a BACTERIOSTATIC antibiotic, which means that it slows or halts the multiplication of the microbes. This allows the immune system to catch up and kill off the bacteria causing all the trouble.

The other major curative is incision and drainage of the abscess. Without I+D, most abscesses will not get better. There is a very long explanation for why this is, but the bottom line is that the drainage brings the bacterial count down and the presence of oxygen slows (and sometimes kills) the bacteria.

If you are wondering if you are infectious, it is not likely. All people have staph species on their skin and have a potential to get it if they have cuts, etc. The most common sufferers of repeat infections from skin bacteria are those who inject often (like diabetics or IV drug users). Good sterile technique will avoid this problem.  (+ info)

how do you get rid of the dark patches on your skin that come along with polycystic ovarian syndrome?

should i use skin bleach?

The dark patches of PCOS are called Acanthosis Nigricans and like most of the symthoms it is now being well established that excess insulin or insulin resistance. There are now natural and combined systems developed to help woman restore their system to normal aleviating most if not all symptoms. You might try reading "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" by Dr. Christiane Northrup. She is also co-founder of Woman to Woman. Check it out!  (+ info)

How do you treat skin dicoloration caused by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

Please! I need your help.

go to the doctor!! he will tell you how  (+ info)

which is deemed the most serious staphylococcal skin infection?

my 4 choices are...
tinea versicolor

i think its folliculitis...can you please tell me if im right? thanks!

i think it's carbuncle.....folliculitis is one hair shaft, furuncle is a few hair shafts infected, carbuncle is a bunch of infected hair shafts all joining, so that's the biggest. tinea is a fungal infection  (+ info)

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