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How much food would you need to eat in a bulimic binge for your stomach to rupture?

I have stomach problems due to my severe bulimia, I was wondering how much food would someone need to intake for it to rupture/split/tear?
I'm not asking so it happens. I'm asking so I'm careful.

Normal stomach capacity is 1.5L so...maybe 2 or 2.5?
I dunno, please be careful..Email me if you ever need to, I too suffer an ED  (+ info)

Can my implant rupture if I lay on my stomach?

It feels weird as I'm laying, but this is the only comfortable position I can find. My surgery was in September, so it has been awhile. But I don't want to mess it up. Should I not lay on my stomach?

just dont like push really hard on it.  (+ info)

Sudden sharp pain in back and stomach: possible ovarian cyst rupture?

I have a 3.5 ovarian cyst, and I am not sure if it ruptured or not. I got a sudden sharp pain in my back side that quickly spread to my stomach and back. What could this be?

Need more info.
Which side- left or right? Right side, could be a Gall stone attack. Google Gall Bladder diet and stay on it for a week, see if that helps.
Since you know you have a cyst, you need to see your doctor.
Hope you feel better soon!  (+ info)

what exactly is a stomach rupture?

After anorexia for 2 years, I binge ate for about 2 months; this was 8 months ago. Every since then my stomach has been swollen/bloated, I am never hungry, my stomach makes weird noises and sometimes hurts a bit. It has been like this for 8 months. Is this likely to be a stomach rupture?

the noises are stomach/gastric secretions, with reactions.
It is more likely to be gastric ulcer. However, it will progress to a stomach rupture/perforation if untreated or when measures are not taken to prevent it.

Ulcers can be treated with medications. Ruptures need medical emergency attention...

http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/Gastric_Ulcer  (+ info)

if your teacher's stomach could rupture at any time.how could you help them if it happened in classs?

my teacher mr. anglin is extremely over-weight.
his stomach could rupture adn he could die right on the spot.
what could we the students do????
i am very sorry to seem rude.
but he has a very rare condition that he cannot go to the dr. for because no one can sub for his class.
i just need to know what to do in case of emergency.
i do not want him to die.
i take that answer offensively.

Run. Stomach acid is very bad for you, and could give you serious burn injuries. Also the room will begin to stink pretty quick.  (+ info)

how much food can ur stomach hold till it bursts or ruptures,and what medicenes will rupture your stomach?

how much food can the stomach hold till it bursts or ruptures..and does stomach acid eat away at your stomach slowly if you don't eat for a few days..and what medicenes will rupture the stomach?

  (+ info)

Can a sign of rupture stomach have flu like symptoms?

A rupture of the stomach is a surgical emergency and shortly thereafter you'd likely either succumb to massive hemorrhage or otherwise chemical peritonitis.  (+ info)

Can your stomach rupture if you eat to much?

Yes. It is rare, but it has happened.

"Spontaneous rupture of the stomach in an adult.
LeDoux MS, Sillers MJ, Atkins CP.
Department of Surgery, University of Alabama, School of Medicine, Birmingham 35294.

We have reported a case of spontaneous rupture of the stomach in an adult. Immediate onset of severe upper abdominal pain after overindulgence in food and drink along with radiographic evidence of pneumoperitoneum and the clinical findings of massive abdominal distention, epigastric tenderness, shock, and occasionally subcutaneous emphysema should suggest the possibility of gastric rupture. The treatment is simple, but mortality is high when surgical intervention is not rapid."  (+ info)

When I purge I press a water pottle on my stomach to help, could something rupture when I push constantly?

The answer to your actual question is "probably." If it hurts, don't do it.

Second, you know this is stupid, it is not healthy. A better way to lose or control weight is to control (reasonably) what you eat in the first place. You know you are destroying your teeth and esophagus when you do that, don't you? Get help, not advice.  (+ info)

if you eat mentos and then drink diet coke, will your stomach really rupture?

I found this artical for you..........In November, 2006, the Urban Legends Reference Pages examined the rumors of people dying from eating Mentos and drinking cola. Their research found that while eating Mentos and drinking cola can result in people regurgitating the foamy result (as evidenced by numerous online videos), no actual news accounts exist of anyone dying from it. However, eating Mentos and drinking Diet Cola in a short timeframe is not an advisable course of action. So I guess No!!!. I know where your coming from... The video was cool, if you seen it..  (+ info)

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