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I know strabismus is when one eye is in a different direction to the other eye but my left eye only does that when I make it and when I do, my left eye turns inwards and my right eye stays straight and I see 2 of the one object.

Is this strabismus? or related to strabismus?

Strabismus is a neurological disorder where the eyes move rapidly back and forth horizontally.  (+ info)


I have Strabismus, had 5 surgeries that fixed it enough to where it's not "so" obvious, but because it wasn't corrected in time, I am forced to "choose" which eye I want to look out of. I don't have the ability to look out of both eyes at the same time, I have to choose one. So is this why I can never see the 3-D imagine on those "Magic Eye" pictures? Do you have to use 2 eyes together to see the imagine? Also, I am unable to see 3D images in movies (ie: Jaws) with those plastic glasse- I can only choose if I want to watch the movie with a red tint or a blue tint! Also, I am 28... Can I train my brain to use both eyes at the same time? It seems so impossible. Thanks for any advice!!

I have the exact same situation as you. The only difference is I had 3 surgeries. Cosmetically, my eyes are straight, but when I get tired, one eye will turn. Because I cannot use my eyes as a team, I can pick which eye I want to use. Due to that, my 3-D vision is severely limited...I can appreciate some depth perception, but very little. At this point, considering your age, little can be done to regain your binocular vision. Sometimes, vision therapy might be of some assistance. I am 33, and had my first surgery at 3. You learn to use monocular cues instead of binocular ones to appreciated depth (i.e. if one object covers another, it must be in front of it). I have 20/20 correctable vision in each eye, and hopefully you do to. I believe that is what is important. If the worst thing is that you can't see the Magic Eye pictures, then you are doing OK. It didn't affect me...I am an optometrist.  (+ info)

What are the chances that my kids will have strabismus?

I have interminttent strabismus where the eye I'm not using will cross inward. I've had it my whole life. So I have a constant cross-eyed appearance. I'm the first in my family to get this.

I've heard that my condition is hereditary and I'm aftraid that my kids might get it. I don't want them to have to deal with this. What are the chances I'll pass it on?

You can find out the exact probability of you passing this on to your children by going to your doctor and having you and your husband's genes analyzed. This will tell you if one or both of you are a carrier for this condition, if the gene is dominant or recessive, and what the ratio is for your children contracting it. This is the only way to be 100% sure. However, it may be a little expensive but worth it to your future children.  (+ info)

Do people ever have strabismus where both eyes are turned in?

Whenever I've read about Strabismus, it always just mentions one eye being turned in. Does it ever occur where both eyes turn in at the same time? How often does this happen?

Thank you very much!

Yes, it does happen. And when both the eyes converge or diverge, it is called "Bilateral Strabismus".  (+ info)

what would happen if u had a Strabismus surgery and then the surgery failed?

I want to have a Strabismus surgery even though my eyes are not really very bad but its still not aligned, so my question is what would happen if u had the surgery and then after a while u see that the surgery failed or ur surgery made ur eyes look worse.
would the same doctor give u another surgery for free?
what would happen?

I actually know someone who has Strabismus and he is going to get surgery. I believe that if the surgery fails you would be able to sue for malpractice.  (+ info)

What are the chances that I will need another strabismus surgery?

I am 17 almost 18 and I had surgery for strabismus when I was 10 months old. Everything has been fine since then, but I have heard that people sometimes need more surgeries. Is it likely that I will need another surgery even though everything has been fine for 17 years?

no, you'll be fine  (+ info)

Please has anyone tried using Botulinum toxin to treat Strabismus. I read that it works. How true is that?

I've got Strabismus, started like 5 years ago, and though it does not affect my confidence, i just want it gone.
So please if anyone has concrete info, pls share.

Yes, botox can be used to treat strabismus. It depends on the underlying cause of your strabismus. If your strabismus is caused by a muscle paresis, botox can be injected into the antagonist muscle to prevent it from working, thus straightening your eye. I have seen patients with marked improvement in their alignment, though it has usually been temporary. (a few months)

Please visit with a pediatric ophthalmologist and ask them if you're a good candidate for botox or if you're a better candidate for other treatments.

The first link explains more about strabismus, and the second is a link of info from Children's Hospital they give their patients who are having Botox treatments for strabismus.


  (+ info)

Should I get strabismus surgery so can I wear contacts?

I have intermittent strabismus where the eye I'm not using crosses inward. I wear glasses, but they limit my side vision. I don't wear contacts because when I put them in, the turned eye gets irritated and sometimes the contact gets lost. But I want contacts to have a winder range of vision.

I'm having a hard time deciding because the surgery is kind of risky and my eye problem is kind of complex and my need more than one surgery.

All three of my kids have strabismus, and my daughter's eye seriously drifts if she's not wearing glasses. It's a hard choice to make, and we've decided against it--for now. She's only 13, though, and not active in sports or anything, so her glasses suit her just fine.

If she becomes more active in sports or other activities where glasses become restrictive, we'll check back into surgery. I would encourage her to have it in that case.

If you do decide to have the procedure done, don't go back to your usual eye doc first, but get a second opinion. That never, ever hurts, and he might have some differing opinions that would sway you. Also, he might recommend a doctor who has tons and tons of experience with surgeries like yours, and that might be even more beneficial, given the possible need for multiple surgeries.

Not to sound patronizing, but, baby, it's your EYES. My son is legally blind in his lazy eye, but it doesn't swing around like my daughter's does, and losing his good eye would be awful. You protect your vision at all costs, and find the most experienced MD for your procedure if you get one.

I hope for the best for you.  (+ info)

Need to HELP find a cheap Strabismus Doctor around OrangeCounty, CA for an eye exam?

Im low on funds but need to get a new prescription for my glasses. Not sure if i need surgery or if glasses can fix my strabismus. anywhere close to OC would do, im willing to drive. any suggestions would be a appreciated, thanks in advance.

eye exam  (+ info)

Why are people surprised when a person with strabismus is self-confident?

I have intermittant strabismus where the eye I'm not using with turn inward.. so it gives me a cross-eyed appearence that is very noticable. I've had this my whole life so I'm kind of over it now. Yet, people are always surprised that I'm so out going and friendly and fun.

Like some people have actually told me they would be shy and self-conscious if they were in my situation. Why? Would you be embarrassed to have a bad leg or an arm in a cast?

Why do people think like this?

I read a really wonderful book once by Jacques Lusseyran, the blind hero of the French resistance during WWII. He was not born blind, but anyway he described it in many ways and his feelings about it. He also discussed why other people who were blind are sometimes so afraid, that they pretty much poison their lives with fear. The book is called "And There was Light", and each page is an absolute jewel. I'm glad to hear you have such a wonderful positive attitude.  (+ info)

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