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Why does my strabismus always returns?

I'd have four surgeries for my crossed eyes due to severe hypermetropia, I think. Now at 16 yrs old, doctors says that my strabismus returns because I do have something like "CVI?"

What is that darn thing and why my strabismus keeps coming back? I'm tired of being teased at school and having second look back because of it.

CVI is Cortical (Cerebral) Visual Impairment, which is usually found in children with Cerebral Palsy. Here is a good web-site that helps explain what CVI is and some of the visual problems associated with it and what current treatments are available. There is an email address on the page for one of the authors, a specialist in that field. You might consider emailing him and asking his opinion regarding the returning strabismus.

Good luck and peace to you,


http://www.aph.org/cvi/articles/good_1.html  (+ info)

Question for people who know about strabismus and lazy eye?

I have intermittent strabismus where the eye I don't use will cross inward. I've had this my whole life.

But lately I'm having problems. I have a hard time "switching eyes". My left eye is dominating and I have to force my eyes to switch by closing the left eye in order to make the right eye turn out and work. But if I relax too much it goes back in and I use the left eye again. Its the worst when I'm tired.

I do plan to visit the eye doctor soon but my scedule is very busy and it might not be for a little while. So I was hoping someone might know here?

My oldest son had this problem. It was picked up when he was born. They kept telling me his eyes weren't straight. Then one morning he woke up and his eye was completely turned inward. We took him to a eye specialist and they started with getting him to wear glasses to make the bad eye strengthen and straighten. But he was 3 years old (very difficult). Then we had to patch his good eye to strengthen bad. That didn't work (he kept pulling off) then we did the drops. We had to put drops in his good eye so he couldn't see real well and had to make his bad eye make up for it. (well the doctor made me do it too long and ended up causing his good eye to turn (even worse then the bad eye) In the end we gave him an operation to straighten both his eyes. He had the eye surgery fine, his eyes was quite red and sore the next day but he recovered very quickly. No eye sight problem. He is now 17 and is just gorgeous (if I must say so myself) occasionally when he is tired it may turn in a little.
But I say dint leave it too long! The older you are the harder it is for the operation. Go straight for the op. All the other alternatives are just an inconvenience. Good Luck. And do it. My son is so grateful we did it when he sees photos of himself he cant believe it.  (+ info)

What eye therapy exercises help strabismus?

My eye sight is fine. It could be alittle better, but it is basically good. I really would like to correct the look of my eyes. However because its not a vision problem insurance want cover it. I have seen in other questions that some people get therapy, but i want to know what are the exercises. I have had it since birth, can't afford surgery.
my eyes go outward. When the left is looking straight the right is outward and when the right is straight the left is outward. It has been this way since birth.

Good answer from Judy B, strabismus is almost never corrected from exercises. And the exercises will make you so sick. Of course this would be a little thing, if the exercises corrected the problem, but in most cases they will not. You know there are Doctors and Surgeons who do Surgery for Free at Free Clinics. Have you looked into this?  (+ info)

Strabismus Surgery - How long post op does it take for the eye to settle in it's new position?

Im nearly 3 weeks post op, and although I've noticed a small improvement since my surgery, Im still not happy with my eye position (over corrected)

How long is it before the eye settles down and the muscles stay in their new position? My eye is still sore.

Will it edge a bit more out? I had esotropia,.

It is still too early to tell your final eye position. When eye muscle surgery is performed the muscles enter a state of shock, and are not pulling with their full force. Also at the time of surgery the muscles are held onto the eye with sutures, with time they will scar into place.

The earliest time one would consider repeat surgery would be able 2-3 months. So be patient and give it some more time.

Also if you had glasses before surgery, make sure you are continuing to wear them.  (+ info)

Would Vision Therapy be possible to fix my strabismus?

I read that Vision Therapy has helped others correct their strabismus.

I have anomalous correspondence, and I found one site that suggested Vision Therapy is not as effective in this situation.

So I am wondering if any one knows much about this and if Vision Therapy would be effective.

And also, are there any particular eye excercises that I could attempt @ home?

It is difficult to say without knowing all the details of your condition. There are many causes for strabismus and they may require different treatments. Therefore you will have to discuss this with your doctor to determine the most appropriate therapy for you. Good luck.  (+ info)

I had surgery to correct intermittent strabismus and now my eye is always pointing inward. What can I do now?

I think it is much more noticeable now and the doctor says that I may need additional surgery. But my health insurance coverage ends in a month. How can I get this corrected. Surgery was a week ago and now I have to do exercises to get it straight but I feel its much worse now.
I have 3 months of visits to see the doctor. I just can't believe its worse now than before.

You may indeed need further surgery. Call your insurance company to see if they will cover additional surgery since the original problem was not totally repaired. You may be able to get coverage even after your policy ends.  (+ info)

What is the average cost for an intermittent strabismus eye surgery? Is this considered an elective surgery?

My left eye deviates inward when I'm trying to focus on anything small, or I'm trying to be accurate with something. It creates in focus double vision if I try and use both eyes at the same time.

So, I'm considering eye surgery to correct this problem. Has anyone had any personal experience with this procedure? and how much did the operation cost.

Thank you very much.
Oh, I do wear a corrective prism in my glasses, so I experience this problem mostly when wearing my soft contact lenses.

The cost of strabismus surgery depends on your insurance, the hospital you have the surgery at and their room fees, fees for anaesthesia, and fees from your ophthalmologist's office. Since you have prism in your glasses, you may also need to get a pair of glasses without prism,

Many insurance companies will cover strabismus surgery, as it is a restorative surgery and not just a cosmetic surgery. This link has a lot of information about strabismus surgery in adults:

You may want to see a pediatric ophthalmologist- they are medical doctors who specialize in strabismus in children and adults. This link will help you find a pediatric ophthalmologist:

Good luck!  (+ info)

Amblyopia and strabismus. Is there any hope for adults with this problem?

I recently came out of surgery for this issue at age 26. The 3rd surgery actually through my lifetime. The weaker eye is still not completely corrected. What can I do?

Strabismus -- yes there is hope. Strabismus means that one of your eyes deviates up, down, right, or left in comparison to the other. Strabismus can be corrected by surgery.


Amblyopia -- not much hope here. Amblyopia is a brain adaptive response that occurs very early in life in response to the strabismus. In amblyopia, the brain actively suppresses (turns off) the deviating eye. This suppression causes the brain to no longer accept central visual acuity information from the deviating eye (therefore your vision is blurred) while both eyes are open. Once the brain has adapted and suppressed the deviating eye it is very unlikely in adult life to be able to cause the brain to again "listen" to the deviated eye while both eyes are open even if surgery has cosmetically straightened the eye. Hope this helped.  (+ info)

How do people with strabismus (crossed-eyes) view the word?

Do they see two conflicting views?

Just curious.
First-hand knowledge is appreciated, but all answers are totally welcome.

Depends on the type, severity, and age of onset of the strabismus. But if you don't mind a simplified version:

Kids are likely to suppress the input from one eye so they don't see double all the time. That suppression over time can lead to amblyopia, or decreased vision basically due to lack of use. If an adult suddenly gets strabismus (after trauma or neurological disease) they often have much more of a problem with double vision, since their visual pathways are more developed and not as adaptable. There are many nuances to this, but that's the short, short version.  (+ info)

Does spending a lot of time on computers cause Strabismus?

Also known as a lazy eye. The reason for asking is: I've been spending a lot of time on my computer, and when I looked in the mirror my left eye looks slightly off.

looking at a computer screen for more than 20 minutes at one time strains the eyes. get them checked and wear glasses when using the computer. [learned this while doin a buisness and computers course and nearly all the class ended up wit gasses but it will save your eyes in the long run.  (+ info)

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