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Why does strabismus get worst over time?

My eyes cross inward and my left eye is dominant. I can only use my right eye if I look to the right. My vision has not really changed much, but my eyes cross more than they used to.

Why is this and how severe will it get? I can't have another surgery because my eye muscles are messed up. I've tried excercises too but nothing worked. i've been told my eyes will be crossed for life. Now I'm kind of worried about how severe it will get as I age. I'm 24 now.

not all strabismus get worse over time. i have strabismus too my condition is retinitis pigmentosa and my doctor says it might get worse over time but he's not sure, i hope to God that he's wrong. but yea my left eye crosses inwardly, but for some reason it straightens out a little when my mood changes... its kind of weird. i also feel more pressure on my left eye than my right eye.

check back here in like 20 mins, i'll try and post a pic of my eyes

ok so i dont know how to use photobucket and stuff, i put it on myspace


its the very last picture, my phone's camera blows so bear with me  (+ info)

Who would trade some of their life span to get rid of strabismus?

Not me. I don't want to minimize your frustration with strabismus BUT there are ways to deal with strabismus medically that do not involve hurrying the day you die. Go see a good ocular muscle surgeon. He or she should be able to help and you just might live to be a ripe old age.  (+ info)

Need tips on strabismus (lazy eye) with a two year old?

My little girl just went through 6 weeks of eye patching, now she is wearing glasses and still eye patching. I believe the next step is surgery. What is everyones experiences with this? Is there a good success rate? Or do kids undergo this therapy for many years? Any one with anything to say about this, please do enlighten me!

Hi, my daughter is 22 months and will go in for surgery for strabismus in a week. The question of surgery vs glasses fully depends on whether the glasses are helping with her alignment. If she is farsighted and the glasses are correcting enough that her eyes don't turn in or out, then surgery should not be done. However, if the glasses and patching are not helping, then yes, surgery is often the best next step.

Basically strabismus can be caused by a couple of different things, including uncorrected prescription problems where the eyes cross in order to better focus (accomodative) or it can be due to overactive eye muscles. In some cases (as is the case with my daughter), it can be a combination of the two. It's only in the case of overstrong muscles that the surgery should be done. As an aside, strabismus is not the same as lazy eye, but often the two are associated. When the eyes don't line up (strabismus) then the brain will often turn off the input from one of the eyes so it doesn't see double (lazy eye). But they don't always go together - my daughter has strabismus but has not yet developed lazy eye - that's one of the reasons we're doing the surgery and glasses - to try to minimize the chance of lazy eye.

The surgery is relatively successful, but it is not as exact as other eye surgeries, such as laser surgery (our ophthalmologist's words). About 15-20% of kids who have the surgery will end up needing another surgery, sometimes not for years later. Some of those will always have problems with eyes not being aligned. If your child has a combination of muscle and focusing problems, then the surgery will not remove the need for glasses. Still, it can be very effective.

I'm putting a bunch of links you may want to check out. One is my blog post about all the questions I asked our doctor. One is a site about a family's experience with strabismus, and the last is a site from Prevent Blindness America that is an online forum with a topic for parents whose children have had strabismus surgery.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk about this. I don't have the answers, but I'm going through it too right now.  (+ info)

Have any of you ever had strabismus surgery?

Have any of you, or your children or anybody you know, ever had surgery to correct strabismus? If so, please tell me about it! Thank you. :)

Yes! my niece's friend who is 13 had strabismus surgery because she could move an eye slightly without moving the other! She came out of it untouched! Dont worry! I just think that she has to get her eyes checked every so often and dialated!
:-}  (+ info)

Doctors in Chicago that perform strabismus surgery? and the cost too!?

I had strabismus surgery about 20 years back as a child and i was told that i would need it again due to my eye turning outward. Does anyone know where in chicago i would be able to find a doctors that would perform this surgery on an adult?

Also does anyone know the general cost of the surgery? I dont have medical insurance so no it wont be covered, i am planning on taking out a personal loan for this, thank you for any help or link!


This should be a good place to start with to get info you need.  (+ info)

do contacts correct strabismus or lazy eye the same way glasses do?

i just got contacts a few days ago. i have not really worn them because im worried that they wont correct my lazy eye the way my glasses do. my eye doctor said that the contacts don't have prisims in them like my glasses so what does that mean? and will the contacts correct it or will you be able to notice it?

Prism in the lenses of glasses is used to change the way the lenses bend light passing through the glasses. This causes the images we see to shift left, right, up, or down, depending on the direction the prism is placed in the glasses.

For example, if someone has a strabismus (a lazy eye), the two eyes can be looking at two different points. This causes the brain to become confused, and may cause double vision or suppression (your brain "shuts off" an eye and ceases to use it).

To correct a "lazy" left eye that tends to drift outward, prism is placed in the glasses in such a way as to simply shift the image the left eye sees outward, so it can view the same image as the other eye but remain in its resting (outward) position. This eliminates the brains confusion!

Contacts will not correct this because they are unable to add a significant amount of prism to them. Any prism that is added to the contacts causes one edge of the lens to be slightly thicker and rotate to the bottom as it sits on the eye (which is one way they stabilize contacts that correct astigmatism).

Whether it will be noticeable or not, I can't really say without assessing it myself. My thinking is that if your eye doctor felt comfortable prescribing you contacts and not correcting the lazy eye, then it may not have been terribly bad and you will do just fine without prism correction!  (+ info)

I need an estimate on what corrective eye surgery would cost to correct strabismus?

i work in a pretty high end place usally runs about 10 thou for both eyes just depends on how many muscles they are working on. most ins do cover sugery for stabismus  (+ info)

How repulsive is it, when a person has any kind of eye disorders( lazy eye, strabismus, crossed eyes).?

I second that ZERO. I am far more repulsed by ignorant people asking questions like this.  (+ info)

Has anybody had surgery to correct strabismus/lazy eye?

I'm not sure what exactly it's called, but it's where one eye kind of drifts in a different direction than the other. I have it, and the eye that turns in also has poorer vision than my other eye.
Can somebody that's had surgery to correct the physical appearance (i'm not worried about the vision) tell me as much about it as they can? How it felt before and after? Was there anesthesia?

My son had this operation a few years ago. It is very common, up to 1 in 20 children suffer with "lazy eye". You will have a general anaesthetic and the operation takes around 30-40 mins. Your eye will feel quite gritty and sore for a few days afterwards but you will be given drops for this. You won't need an eyepatch and you will usually go home the same day. The surgeons will cut the muscle in the affected eye and then reattach it slightly further back on the eyeball. They don't take your eyeball out of the socket, despite what you may be told! The operation usually makes a big difference and although your affected eye may still "drift" if you are tired, you will notice the change almost immediately. Good luck and don't worry, it's a minor procedure.  (+ info)

how do you know if you need strabismus surgery?

Because i dont know when i am going cross eyed if it is caused because of weak eye muscles or lazy eye where the brain doesent devolop normally how do you know?

Go to an opthamologist and ask him/her this questions. Only after an exam can he give advice on surgery.  (+ info)

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