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strabismus or lazy eye or retina detachment or what is it?

Normally either both or just one eye looks outward just alittle bit but the left eye is the dominate one. When I get tired after lets say playing sports, my right eye is usually goes outwards a tad bit more than normal and sometimes it moves back in forth( I was told ) while my left eye is straight. What is going on with my eyes? Is it getting in and out focus when I am tired or is my eyes just crazy? how can i fix this problem or try to make my eyes more healthy?

From your excellent description of your condition it appears that you have a convergence insufficiency and a slight strabismus.

Some O.D.'s say they can help this by a series of eye exercises but I did not have success with this in my office.

As well I am hesitant to say that an eye surgeon would want to resect (shorten) the internal rectus muscle which is the procedure used to keep an eye from turning out as your does.

If you can function (pass the motor vehicle tests and read, watch TV etc) comfortably then I would say you should just accept this minor anomaly. Most of us have some visual inconvenience when we are fatigued.

However, if you feel the strabismus is causing you embarrassment in public or is causing you to see double vision instead of single binocular vision (which is the optimum and what we aim for in all patients) then a visit to a surgeon for assessment might be suggested.

I am quite sure you do not have a detached retina but of course diagnosing such a condition on line is really unprofessional of me. No diagnosis on any eye condition should be made without seeing the patient. A detached retina is usually caused by trauma or diabetes and not by any muscle fatigue as you have described.

As for "lazy eye" as you have mentioned, this condition (amblyopia) can only be helped by patching if the patient is 2 years old or younger. After that surgery can straighten the eye but can NOT improve the vision in that eye.

Hope this helps  (+ info)

Can a person suffering from Strabismus become an Optometrist?

Yes. Though, it will be hard diagnosing some diseases when you dont have depth perception. I know a couple optometrists who only have monocular vision.  (+ info)

Do you know any information or websites on driving with strabismus?

Most places will allow you to have a regular driver's licence with strabismus, but you may not be allowed to get a commercial licence. You will have to check your local laws to know what is the case for you.

As long as you are not seeing double, driving with strabismus is not much different that driving without. If one eye is lazy or surpressed, you may need to turn your head more when checking the mirrors or for shoulder checks so that the good eye is sighting.  (+ info)

Can people with strabismus (cross eyed people) see clearly?

For example, if i ask you to stare at a cockroach, do you have a hard time seeing it as an object or not?

No great reason why not.
Having strabismus only means the two eyes don't align.
Usually, but not always, that will mean *one* eye has poor vision, but the other is as likely to have good vision (or just to need glasses) as anyone else's

Some people have a strabismus and good vision in both eyes. A minority of those have constant double vision, but most simply use one eye or the other alternately.  (+ info)

Sould I get a Strabismus Surgery for my left eye?

ok its not really THAT bad, my right eye is prefect but my left eyes goes a little bit to the left especially when I look far away.
so Basically its noticeable but its not that bad.
for money I have a lot of money so money is no Problem.
Q: Do you think I should do the surgery or not?

If you are an adult, the effect will only be cosmetic. If it looks pretty good now and is not causing any problems, I would leave it alone.  (+ info)

What is the approximate cost for Strabismus (lazy eye) surgery?

It depends on a lot of factors:

if you have insurance or not
whether you'll be under general anaesthesia
how many muscles are being operated on
if you've had previous eye muscle surgery
hospital/operating room costs
etc.  (+ info)

what is the difference between difference between Strabismus and Amblyopia?

Strabismus is misalignment of the eyes. One eye may look straight ahead, while the other turns inward, outward, upward or downward. Although the problem appears to be improperly coordinated eye muscles, it is sometimes accompanied by vision loss.

Amblyopia is reduced vision in one or both eyes as a consequence of failure to develop normal sight in early childhood. Amblyopia can result from a number of underlying abnormalities, including strabismus and focusing abnormalities.  (+ info)

Could Strabismus or Amblyopia start at the age of 15?

Or does it start at a certain age or under certain circumstances?

  (+ info)

what is the cost of eye muscle surgery in india (strabismus)?

Doctors recommend to perform eye muscle surgery for my son (4 years old) for correcting his strabismus condition. It costs $3000 to $4000 for the surgery in USA. Would appreciate if someone can tell me, how much does it cost in India.

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Do prisms in glasses help correct strabismus or lazy eye, or just make it less noticeable.?

i was wondering if the prisms in glasses help correct and fix strabismus or if they just make it less noticeable? thanks!

They do both to some degree. There are prisms that help line up the eyes to make the crossed eyes less noticeable, and other prisms that can be used to strengthen the eye muscles to help correct the crossed eyes.  (+ info)

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