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How can I stop getting infections and viruses due to bodybuilding?

I've recently started heavy weight training sessions in the gym but keep getting infections like flu and chest infections.

My weight training sessions are intense and I also do intense interval cardio on alternate days. My goal is weight gain and big muscles.

What can I take to help keep my immune system strong?

I would scrutinize your supplements or diet, something isn't right. Do you eat sugar? If so stop. Use hand sanitizer at the gym.

I highly recommend taking liberal amounts of EsterC & marine betacarotene (algae - spirulina or dunaliella) taken 3x day for 6 weeks to build up your immune system, you can then take once or twice a day thereafter for maintenance.  (+ info)

Any home remedy to an ear infections that someone might recommend?

Every 6 months or so I get an ear infection and I can't keep going to the doctor as I don't have health insurance. This started happening after moving to a different climate and until I am able to move somewhere else I need some home remedies to help me get rid of ear infections when they pop up. PLEASE help me with this as it is getting very old to have to go to the doctor for such a thing every 6 months. Thanks a lot!

Here you go I found this site it has alot of different home remedies for ear infection, and earaches. Hope that helps!!!!

  (+ info)

What kind of infections can a virgin get?

I'm terrified of getting an infection. I'm staying a virgin foreverrrr to avoid them BUT what other possible infections can I get down there that aren't stds.

Besides yeast infection, I already know.


Besides a yeast infection, you can get a bacterial infection without having sex.

Different types of infections:

Signs of yeast infections:
White, cottage cheese-like discharge
Swelling and pain around the vulva
Intense itching

Signs of bacterial vaginosis:
A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap
Itching or burning
Slight redness and swelling of the vagina or vulva

Signs of trichomoniasis
A watery, yellowish or greenish bubbly discharge
An unpleasant odor
Pain and itching when urinating
Most apparent after your period
(there is some discussion about getting it from remaining in a wet bathing suit)  (+ info)

How many women have experienced urinary, and kindey infections after hysterectomy?

Please explain your situation after surgery. I have had kidney infections six months after a hysterectomy. I have been on anti biotics ever since. This has gone on for two years. Doctors don't know why. Has anyone gotten better? Has any one gotten healed from uti's and kidney infections? If so how?

Well my mom had this surgeory on November 13, 2008 and after she had it she got a urinary tract infection, she had it for a couple months but the doctors gave her antibiotics and it took a while for her to get better but she did  (+ info)

How can infections become so resistant to antibiotics?

I recently found out that the bladder infection I had that rose up into my kidneys was resistant to more than 8 types of antibiotics, hence the kidneys getting affected when penicillin was doing nothing for my bladder. I am now have IV treatment on an antibiotic they hope will rid it after 2 weeks of pain. How can infections become so resistant that they avoid 8 types of Antibiotic?

Bacteria become resistant to antibiotics by being exposed to levels of antibiotics that do not kill them. Once they have survived exposure, they can pass on their resistance.

There are three main ways in which this can happen:
Prescribing too low a dose.
The patient not completing the full course.
Antibiotics used in farming to boost meat, milk or egg production.

Of these, the third is probably the most common cause of resistance.

The young lady above me (if you'll pardon the expression!) has it exactly right.

Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.  (+ info)

How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?

How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?
It been 12 days since i had intercourse so its not quite time to test yet but Im scared that i got pregnant. I have no signs but just a feeling. Is there any sign i can look for to detect pregnancy this early. I know a yeast infection is no sign but its just weird that I have one.

I have never had a yeast infection with either of my pregnancies. I don't think the two have anything to do with each other.  (+ info)

How many ear infections before tubes go in?

I know a common procedure done for kids with a lot of ear infections is putting tubes in the ears. I myself had this done. Gracee has had 3 ear infections in the last 3 months. When do they determine if tubes are needed?

My daughter had a 3 ear infections all within a few months as well but that was when she was under the age of 1. We went to a specialist and he say no need to look into tubes, yet. She hasnt had an ear infection since she was 10 months old, 7 months now without one. I wouldnt jump the gun yet but would most certainly take her to an ear nose and throat pediatric specialist and get their opinion.

Good luck!  (+ info)

How are microorganisms prevented from causing infections in lower respiratory system?

Describe how microorganisms are prevented from entering the upper respiratory system.
How are they prevented from causing infections in the lower respiratory system?

Hair like cilia cells beat in rhythem within your respiratory tract thus expelling them. Also there are globlet cells that secret mucus that traps micro organisms and the hair cell sweep them upwards. Eventually you will end up spitting it out or it can be swallowed and eliminated via your digestive tract  (+ info)

How many ear infections before tubes are put in?

My 10 month old has had 4 ear infections within the last 6 weeks or so and has yet another one. I was just wondering how many ear infections usually before tubes are put in and how painful is it for a baby to have the procedure done?

My little man is 8.5 months old and we're getting them put in. He has had ear infections back and forth now since November. He has been on antiobiotics 4 different times and his pedi said that they typically think about tubes if they see 5-6 within a year. Last time (which was last week) she said that he has too many so we're going ahead. She explained the procedure to me and said the only reason they do the anesthesia is because a little one moves so much, where as if it were a regular adult they could just slide them in. She also said they don't go deep with the anesthesia and keep it light. We have been asking around to people who have had their children put them in have said nothing but great things about them. Good luck!!  (+ info)

How do you get rid of skin infections?

My husband gets skin infections. Terrible skin infections. He gets them in his underarms. But worse where his belt lays and the insides of his thighs. The ones under his belt are worst they weep all the time. They have puss pockets the size of nickles. He has been to the doctor and put on medication but it didnt work. And the doctor refuses to send him to a dermatologist. (Medicaid) But he wont take a sample to test them either. The puss is green and yellow and bloody and nasty. The only way he can walk sometimes is if I pop them.
I know if you mash them you can make the infection go deeper. So I put on gloves and clean the area with alchole and iodine. Then take a new autoclaved peircing needle and make a hole in it. And drain it. But that doesnt get the infection gone, just removes pressure. What can we do to heal this up and make them all better.

He needs to go to www.notaquitter.com and get some Silver Cream which is a 100% Natural antibacterial agent. It is inexpensive and they ship worlwide. I use it for the same purpose and it works great.  (+ info)

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