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How to lower my systolic without lowering my diastolic blood pressure?

I have had a slightly higher blood pressure since my teen years. But only the past week I noticed that my BP values are wide - 150 over 77. My heart rate is about 75 but it has reached 39 as well. I have diagnosis of "Hypertensio arterialis essentialis labilis; ventricular extrasystole (Extrasystolia ventricularis); and Struma diffusa" as the cardiologist wrote it down. I need to have a holter monitoring done and a Echocardiography to determine the causes of the ventricular extrasystole, but that might take a few months, and until then, what do you suggest I do, at leat with the higher systolic pressure value?
When measuring my pulse, sometimes the beats are regular, but very ofter they would skip beats. It has only been this week that I noticed that sometimes it beats faster - 2 beats in the time span on a normal singular beat. There are sometimes up to 6 beats like this.
The doctor I saw when I was a bit frightened of my slow heart rate scolded me for not being more disciplined in losing weight. I'm 27, weigh around 120kg and am 170cm tall. I know I need to loose weight - but it's just so hard!

The reason I asked this question is because I fear I would have a sudden heart attack, or a stroke and die; or sometimes I feel anxiety build up in me and I fear I might faint any moment. These thoughts sometimes keep me up all night - something that I know is not good to do especially when having difficulties with your heart.

Are there fears real or should I take it easy?
I had a really good answer from Mrs. Doubtfire, but now I can't find in anywhere, what happened to it?

I decided to take action regarding my obesity and scheduled to see a nutritionist in 2 days. I am scared that it won't work even though I really want to loose weight.

Believe it or not, diet and exercise go a long way. Eating a healthy diet on a regular basis, and regular exercise can help your blood pressure get back to normal. Its not a miracle cure, and you need followed up by a qualified physician, as there may be other outside factors causing the blood pressure abnormalities. Genetics can also play a part in why you would have this problem. Just do as the doctors say, eat healthy, and get regular exercise.  (+ info)

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