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How can I get rid of my stuttering problem?

I've been stuttering since I was a kid. I'm now 21 and I still stutter. It actually went away for a couple years. And Last December I started to stutter a little and now its really bad. My mom and friends always tell me to just slow down when talking, but that doesnt help. What can I do?

i would go to a speech therapist.  (+ info)

Can an emotional state make you start stuttering or unable to speak correctly?

I am so stressed out because of work and life and husband that I find I am having difficulty speaking and putting thoughts in a sequential order...I am stuttering more than ever and I just can't control my speech anymore

You know what you need to do ? .. go swinging.. i live by a park that i can walk to. I go everyday at 7 and just swing and listen to my Ipod, i do it for about 1 1/2 hours and i enjoy it to =]. or just find a way to get anger/ sadness out itll help alot=]
♪Mimi♪  (+ info)

How do I stop myself from stuttering?

I stutter, not severely, but when I talk in public or just to my friends I stutter which makes me insecure. Everyone makes fun of me as a joke, but it bothers me. Is there any way you can grow out of stuttering? Or is it something u r born with, and die with?

i used to have the same problem but for me it was like i would get really excited trying to tell someone something and i would stutter but you really just have to concentrate on talking very slowly when you talk  (+ info)

How do i stop my toddler from stuttering?

My 3 year old daughter has been Stuttering for the past year, She starts off every conversation stuttering, I tried to help her by telling her to say the word only once, That made it even worse because she tries to stop and gets angry when she cant, I dont know what to do?
Do they grow out stuttering? and at what age?

Your best source of help for stuttering, especially with a young child is The Stuttering Foundation of America. Check out www.stutteringhelp.org and you will find tips for parents of ways they can help, if and when your child needs to see a speech therapist who specializes in treating stuttering, a list of referrals to specialists all over the world, online videos, helpful books you can find at your library, and the causes of stuttering. They are a nonprofit group started by a man who stuttered.  (+ info)

Is it normal for a 3 year old to suddently start stuttering a bit?

My son just turned 3 and he was talking so well-he's got a great vocabulary and has been talking for quite a while now very legibly. Recently he has started stuttering a bit and we don't know why. Any ideas? I have heard that good talkers can suddenly start stuttering around this age. Is it true? What is your experience?

My youngest did this, and i have seen this a lot in my role as Senco in nursery. I would suggest you keep an eye on it, and maybe mention it to your Senco (if your son attends nursery) or your Health Visitor. However, I have often found it is where the child's brain works quicker than their mouth. They have lots they want to say, and their mouth cant seem to process it quick enough. I suggest you wait for him to finish what he is saying, and try not to rush him or get impatient. Sometimes it helps to remind them to slow down and think before they speak, but try not to make it too big an issue. usually they will grow out of it, although my daughter still speaks too fast sometimes, to the point I have no idea what she is saying!
Good luck  (+ info)

Is it common to for an Xtacy addict to have a bad stuttering problem?

Unfortunately I know of someone that caused me to read up more on this addiction. I know it's supposed to give an initial "rush feeling" and I wanted to know if this contributes to a possible stuttering problem. I don't know what all is involved in the drug but I found an article saying that certain drugs may cause cerebral problems linked to stuttering and I want to know if it is in XTC? I noticed the person had times when his speech was incomprehensible compared to others.

yes ecstasy can make people stutter, being on it, a day after taking it or a month after they take it, i stutter now after i took it, but only sometimes, but most people dont stutter after taking it, it just depends on the person  (+ info)

Does neurogenic stuttering ever just randomly all of a sudden stop occurring after a stroke?

I know it takes a lot of therapy, but is it possible at all for the stuttering to just stop all of a sudden on its own?

Check out this brochure http://www.stutteringhelp.org/DeskLeftDefault.aspx?TabID=81 and contact the Stuttering Foundation of America for help and information.  (+ info)

About to start high school and nervous about a stuttering problem i have?

Well I start high school in 2 weeks and im kind of excited and kind of nervous cause i have a stuttering problem. Ive had it ever sense the 3rd grade and I'm afraid that I will get made fun of when im doing a report or something or just talking in general. I mean sometimes its not that noticeable but I just don't know what to do. Any Ideas?

i've stuttered all of my life (i'm 26) and i was also really nervous every timee i started new schools, jobs, etc. I've learned to tell people right away and try not to be too embarrassed about it. i have developed an attitude like "i stutter and if u have a problem with it then too bad for you." don't worry if u don't feel like this, just pretend u do and eventually you'll believe it! i know how hard it is and don't worry, you're not alone! and good people will see past it. to try and reduce your stuttering breath more (take longer, deeper breaths) and use that air to sound out (or "breath out") your words. i'm way worse when im nervous but if i remember to breath, talk slower, and sound out my words with each breath it helps. good luck!  (+ info)

My 6 yr old son has started stuttering very bad and acting up his teacher has noticed this as well.What to do?

I talked to his teacher and she is gonna to have him meet with the speech therapist at the school. I am unsure of what to so. The stuttering had started out of nowhere, he has never stuttered before, and within the pass month or so he has started.

check out www.stutteringhelp.org as they have loads of information on stuttering, ways you can help at home, online videos, referrals to specialist, etc. Stuttering sometimes begins when the child is going through a new learning phase and it disappears as quickly as it started.  (+ info)

How soon can I get over stuttering?

I have stuttering problems.

I keep practicing and practicing; I've been practicing for almost a week now.

In how many months could I get over stuttering? Could I get over stuttering completely by June?

The more you try NOT to stutter, the more you will. The more stress you put on yourself to stop stuttering, the worse you will get. Stress and being overly tired will make stuttering worse.

Try these resources:
www.stutteringhelp.org there are videos online that show speech therapists working with stutterers; watch them and learn some techniques.

Meet others who stutter here http://groups.myspace.com/stutteringfoundation
Stuttering Foundation on Facebook

Contact The Stuttering Foundation of America as that is where our family got help. Their book "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" worked wonders after working through it step by step. The book can be found here http://www.stutteringhelp.org/Default.aspx?tabid=630  (+ info)

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