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How do I help my Stuttering?

Ok here is my story.

I used to think I almost never stutter until just a few hours ago when I made a video to post up in YouTube. But After first viewing the video in WMP I noticed I stuttered in almost every word. I only stutter at the very beginning of words. I am actually very frustrated so I started to speak slower but I do not want to sound like a sleepy robot. So is thier a way to help treat my stuttering?

Help is very much appreciated!

Thank You and Happy Holidays!

My uncles and cousins who stuttered used the book "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" by The Stuttering Foundation of America and available in their estore or at Amazon.com. After working through the book, their speech improved greatly. One uncle went to a speech therapist who specialized in treating stuttering and found that she used that book in her sessions. You can meet other stutterers at http://groups.myspace.com/stutteringfoundation.  (+ info)

Why did this child all of a sudden start STUTTERING?

This four year old that I know, recently started stuttering when she was about 3 1/2 yrs old. Since neither of the parents have any speech problems, I am wondering how this could be? Is stuttering an inherited trait? Or is it rather a sign of child abuse?
how could this be normal if many children her age don't stutter? You would think that it could be somewhat genetic, especially if NOT ALL children at that get it

There are 4 main reasons why someone may develop a stutter.
1) Genetics - 60% of people who stutter have a family history
2) Child development- if the child has other developmental concerns such as speech and language or developmental delays
3) Neurophysiology - the child may process speech and language in a different area of the brain
4) Family dynamics - if the family has a fast paced lifestyle etc.
There is no reason to believe that stuttering can be caused by emotional trauma so to answer your question about stuttering as a sign of child abuse , I would say that it isn't.
Check out the following link for more information. If the parents are concerned, I would recommend that they see a speech and language pathologist who specialized in childhood stuttering  (+ info)

A friend of mine got hit by a car and is now having severe stuttering problems?

Can "Head trauma" cause stuttering? And if so, what does that mean? Does it mean it's a serious injury?

They went to the doctor, but the doctor said it was nothing but stress. So I told my friend to get a second opinion. What hospital is good to go to for a second opinion for something that may be head trauma?

If you can answer any of these questions, it would be most appreciated. Thank you.

me and my 10 year old son both suffer with stuttering but we only do it when we are stressed or have anxiety,or have something traumatic happen I really think that your friend had a traumatic thing happen and until he is mentally and emotionally over it the stuttering will continue. you will see that as time progresses it will slow down until it stops. the doc is right. I bet is he is listening to music and singing along he will not stutter or if he is in a group of people who are all talking and he starts to talk he won't stutter either. It may take a month or 3 but it will go away  (+ info)

One of my friend started stuttering earlier this year. How long until she'll recover?

The doctor told her that it is due to stress. He keeps telling her dates that she'll be able to return to work, but she never can. If you know anyone who has suddenly started stuttering I would be interested to know what you know and if there is any way to help the person also.

I'm a scientific / non-orthrodox / non-rituals guy. But one of my aunts had her stuttering cured by following (what sounds to me as a stupid but harmless (and it worked!)) age-old indian tradition. She used to hold a pebble the size of a plum (clean it first!) in her mouth for several hours a day.

It is also important to encourage the person to talk freely (without explicitly asking them to speak freely... you know, just make them talk). Do not feel frustrated or look too much into their mouth or too much away from them when they are stuttering. Some folks just get out of it by improving their confidence. If they like music, create a good environment to make them attempt to sing a song (again, don't ask them to sing. They might think that you are trying to pull a prank on them and it might hurt them). That helps too (my aunt was encouraged to sing). My aunt has improved quite effectively now. She stutters only very rarely.  (+ info)

Why did I recently start stuttering?

I am a 19 year old male and I just recently started having a problem with stuttering. I have never had this problem before. I have my thoughts in order, but I just can't seem to get the words out right. Is something wrong?

Being overly tired, under stress, or any extreme emotion can make stuttering worse for people who stutter all of the time, so the same things might make you start stuttering. Get more rest, get as much stress out of your life as you can, practice relaxation technigues and see if things clear up.  (+ info)

How do I keep from stuttering when I get nervous before a presentation, etc?

When I get nervous before a presentation or something, I don't sweat or tremble like other people - my thing is I have trouble getting the words out. It sucks. I never stutter or anything when I'm not nervous

These tips are for people who stutter all the time; maybe some will help you

Tips for doing a presentation

Know your subject matter really well and practice reading to your dog or just out loud to yourself ahead of time.

Look over the heads of the class at a point on the wall in the back of the room. The class will think you are looking at them, and the teacher will think you are looking at your audience.

Don't notice any reaction from the class. Their reaction doesn't matter, but it might make you feel more nervous.

Concentrate on what you are saying rather than how you are saying it.

Don't try to keep from stuttering as that will make you stutter more. If you stutter, just let it happen.

Maintain a steady pace, not too fast, and don't get in a hurry to "get it over with."

Speak in a relaxed manner and pause every so often.

Start into words easily keeping your lips, tongue, and jaw relaxed.

Realize that stuttering occurs more often when you are trying NOT to stutter, when you are under stress, and when you are tired.  (+ info)

What is the difference between stuttering and stammering when speaking?

My (american) dad says he is/was a stutterer and his dad (my grandfather) was a stammerer. I can't find a difference in the dictionary or online. What do you think he means?
I agree that the def american/euro is the same but I think my dad means somethign different..nto sure..maybe repeating a word over and over vs being STUCK on a sound?

They are the same thing. People in Europe call it stammering while those in America call it stuttering. Perhaps your grandfather lived in Europe and your father lived in America, so he remembers his father talking about "stammering" while he grew up being told he stuttered.

In France, they have http://stammeringcentre.org/s-The_Michael_Palin_Centre
In America, we have www.stutteringhelp.org  (+ info)

why out of nowhere my son started stuttering?

My son who is 9-years-old started stuttering a few weeks ago. No one in my family stutters and I don't know if I should let it go for a while or ask for medical health. He seems to stutter when he talks fast or when he is trying to express his emotions.

I'm 22 and my 21 year old sister has been stuttering since she was 4. When she was 4 my parents got a divorce and my father received sole custody of us AND we moved clear across the country. Unfortunately, my sister was very close to my mother.

Over the past year she's been attending speech therapy and it turns out people usually start stuttering due to a traumatic life experience. It's some sort of emotional reaction to it....they're basically trying to deal with the emotional stress that they feel. (This all per my sister's explanation to me on how her therapy is going.)

My advice: get him to a speech therapist asap. My sister is an extremely intelligent person and getting ready to finish undergrad and go on to law school. But, unfortunately, because of her stutter people have a tendency to judge her and assume that she's "slow" because of the way that she speaks.  (+ info)

Is it normal for unsevere stuttering to sometimes go away and come back again?

Yeah I'm in 7th grade and I started having a unsevere stutter in 4th. And it comes and goes. Like for the past week, I've been speaking fluently and today it came back.
I feel really unhappy about this situation and whenever I stutter when participating in class I usually cry at home, though my parents don't know about it.
And will it go away eventually? It's not severe at all.

Yes, it is common for stuttering to come and go. There are good days and bad days. Stuttering will get worse when you are under stress or tired. Try to relax and get plenty of rest. Stuttering can be controlled to the point that other people don't notice it unless you get upset by it. You have to learn what to do.  (+ info)

How to relieve a stuttering speech problem?

I used to have perfect speech for a long time. However, I made a good friend you had a serious speech problem, that had made him stutter for sometimes even five seconds. I seemed to be picking up his habit! It is not at all serious like my friends, but sometimes, when I start a sentence, I stutter for about 2-3 seconds. Now, in the present I only stutter for about 1-2 seconds. But I want this problem gone! Is there a way to stop this??

Pathologic stuttering is a developmental problem and can differentiated from the normal stuttering children experience as part of speech development between the ages of 4-7.
The only permanent way of becoming a stutterer after childhood is to have an insult to the brain, either from a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Your problem is strictly due to imitating your friend, I would guess.
Read aloud to yourself from the newspaper or a novel. This never fails to increase fluency in persons who have dysfluencies.
Realize, though, that all normal speakers have periods of stuttering that are perfectly normal, especially when in a stressful situation.  (+ info)

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