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Pills for overcoming social fear and stuttering?

I'm very outgoing, playful, goofy, loving around people I know really well, however whenever I meet new people, I get so nervous that I can't be myself. I have even gone on a date and been so nervous that I started stuttering. Can seeing a psychiatrist and getting on medication help? Does anyone else have/had this problem? It's ruining my life.

See a speech pathologist. He or she will tell you if it is a stutter or just nerves.  (+ info)

What does a headache and stuttering indicate in an adult?

A friend's son, who is 28, recently visited him and was struggling with a stutter that had not been there previously. He also said that he had been afflicted with a rather extreme headache recently. What could cause this? I found a few things on google, but it was pretty vague.
Also, the guy is going to the doctor today. I just prefer to do a bit of research and have a sort of educated second opinion.

My first guess would be Stroke. Advise would be to check for clotting disorders. These can affect any age or sex.I have Antiphospholipid Syndrome and know of younger patients who have had strokes with this. Glad he is seeing a Dr. I am a multiple stroke survivor.  (+ info)

Does the speecheasy device for stuttering really work?

I'm thinking about buying it, but some people say it works and others say it doesn't.

Any of those electronic feedback devices may or may not work as they work with some forms of stuttering and not others. Some people have found that they work when they first get them but the effects wear off so they no longer work later. They are not worth the expense unless you want to use it to help you while you are working on speech exercises. Those stutterers who have overcome their stuttering and rarely stutter are ones who worked with a speech therapist or on their own practicing the technigues.
"Indeed, in a recent survey of NSA [National Stuttering Association] members, 125 of 701 respondents reported using a feedback or speech pacer device such as DAF, masker, Fluency Master, Pacemaster, etc. Of those, 38% reported that their experience with the device was not at all successful; 44% said their experience was somewhat successful; and 18% reported their experience was very successful. Thus, different people have different experiences."

Check this page out:
http://oldsite.stutteringhelp.org/Research/survrslt.htm  (+ info)

How can I control my speech to stop stuttering?

I have trouble as a little stutter to where I think what I'm going to say but can't actually say it I have to either close my eyes and say it or look away to say it when I'm talking to someone directly.

Stuttering is treated with Speech Therapy.. There are many schools for the same where they offer short courses of speech therapy.. where u can improve ur speech..  (+ info)

what is the best method to reduce or eliminate stuttering?

I have a friend who stutters and I know how much that can be a set back on life, whether he's talking to a girl or applying for a job, I want to help him out really bad

Socializing and practice is the best way  (+ info)

anyway to get over a stuttering problem?

I have a stuttering problem when I speak to people. Like, say if I want to thank someone, I think it out in my mind like "thank you" but when I say it sometimes it goes like Tttttttttttttthank you or Ttt tt t tthank you.

I want to apply for a job and im preparing for the worse if I have to deal with customers.

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and Viola! You are stutterless :}  (+ info)

Is it possible to treat stuttering in adults?

I have a friend who still stutters and is in her mid twenties. The pausity of information and specialist services on my country has contributed to the fact that nothing has been done yet. I believe she would love to try any effective therapy that may exist for people with similar speach deffects at her age.

I had stuttering and was 99 percent cured in 5 minutes when I was 20.
I was put on a machine like a walkman that had earphones and (this is the magic bit) played static / white noise in my ears whenever I spoke.
This was a revelation for me.
It seems that stuttering is normally the fear of the sound of your own voice and, when you can not hear your own voice in a conversation, the brain reverts to so called normal operating parameters.
Try to get one of these items. The one I tried had Russian writing on it. This was 20 years ago.
A half decent electrican would be able to make one out of an unwanted Ipod or old walkie-talkie. Please tell me in the fullness of time if this approch to the problem works for your friend. Thanks.  (+ info)

What are the herbal remedies or medicines for chest constraints or stuttering?

This dilema has been persistent for a year or so now. During conversations, suddenly, certain words can not be pronounced and I feel like I'm loosing my breathe , which, onlycontributes to the problem. I just want to know if there is any thing I can take that would hopefully eradicated this probelm.?

No herbal remedies...Pagoclone is being tested for stuttering and has shown promising results. Read about it here http://www.stutteringhelp.org/default.aspx?tabindex=515&tabid=525

The Stuttering Foundation of America's book "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" is online at http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster/Therap...
This is the book that helped several of my uncles and cousins who couldn't go to a speech therapist who specialized in treating stuttering. They said that they had to work through the book and practice rather than just read the book.
You can also find online videos showing therapists working with people who stutter at www.stutteringhelp.org

Check out these blogs, too:
http://stutteringhelp-bud.blogspot.com/  (+ info)

Is there a correlation with adoption and stuttering?

Most of my adopted friends (myself included) occasionally stutter. Nothing severe, just an occasional thing. Is this common in adoptees or is this just a coincidence?
Okay, my friends and I are just weird, that sounds normal. Haha.

I've known a lot of people who were adopted and none of them stutter. I only know a few people who stutter, but none of them were adopted.  (+ info)

what can cause stuttering all of the sudden?

i have a 3 year old who all the sudden started stuttering, what can cause this a little worried?

Stuttering may commonly occur in the normal language development of toddlers 3 - 4 years of age. It occurs because ideas come to mind faster than the child is able to express them. It more commonly occurs if the toddler is tired, stressed, or excited.
When the child is speaking, give your full, prompt attention, and do not comment on the stuttering. If the stuttering is accompanied with other signs, such as tics, grimacing, extreme self-consciousness, or if the stuttering persists longer than 6 months, consider having the child evaluated by a speech pathologist.

Your best source of help for stuttering, especially with a young child is The Stuttering Foundation of America. Check out www.stutteringhelp.org and you will find tips for parents of ways they can help, if and when your child needs to see a speech therapist who specializes in treating stuttering, a list of referrals to specialists all over the world, online videos, helpful books you can find at your library or in the estore, etc.  (+ info)

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