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Has anyone ever heard of Sclerosing Mesenteritis and how best to treat it?

My sister was diagnosed with this disease and nothing the doctors have done seems to help. She's lost over 100 pounds and is apparently dying of this very rare disease which supposedly looks and behaves like cancer but isn't? Can anyone explain that?

Hiya, try this link. Hope it helps!  (+ info)

How long do you stay in remission with Chronic Pancreatitis,Crohn's,and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis?

Impossible to answer as its an individual thing for everyone.  (+ info)

What substance to be used as positive control for non spatial memory impairment in invivo subacute study?

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all the time  (+ info)

How much should an alcohol-base sclerosing injection (for neuroma) cost?

I have two statements from my insurance company stating two different amounts for what I remember was the same procedure. One is coded under nerve destruction 64640 and the other is coded under injection procedure 64632. One costs $500 and the other costs $150. Which one should be the correct charge? I only want to complain if they overcharged me.
ethanol injections

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What is Focal Sclerosing Glomerulonephritis?

I was always told I had urinary reflux when I was born but was finally diagnosed at the age of 9 with Pylonephritis.

I don't get why in 2005 when I was hospitalized they put on my medical records that I had Focal Sclerosing Glomerulonephritis.

So now I am trying to find what that is (thought maybe just another name for what I had) but there is very little information on the net on this .. especially something easy to understand.

Does anyone know the answer?

I understand the term as Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. This may help in your search.

This is a disease of the kidneys of an unknown cause. It is characterised by hyaline deposition in the glomeruli of the kidneys (the bit of the kidney that does all the filtering of the blood).

Hyaline is a compound found in the body. If it deposits on the glomerulus, what can happen is that the cells of the immune system bind to it and attack it, trying to clear it from the kidney. A side affect of this is that the immune cells often do even further damage to the glomerulus causing the sclerosis (thickening due to damage).

The impairment is generally progressive and is characterised by loss of protein in the urine (proteinuria). This may cause swelling in the body, particularly of the face and around the eyes. The person may also develop hypertension.

You would usually be diagnosed with this condition after a renal biopsy. If you've not had a biopsy this is perhaps just a working diagnosis and it might be something else which is causing problems for your kidneys.   (+ info)

How is my prognosis in primary sclerosing cholangitis effected by having had a liver resection?

  (+ info)

What on earth is Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis Prophylaxis?

Most often a penicillin or derivative given by dentists to prevent bacterial infection of the cardiac valves, from the oral cavity, when doing surgery.  (+ info)

what substance suitable to be used as positive control for memory impairment in invivo subacute study?

Ethanol  (+ info)

how to treat subacute coughing of an adult? what disease that this adult got?

this female adult has gone through blood checking and found blood is healthier.

  (+ info)

Does anyone know of or have Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis or SBE? Or maybe Marfan's Syndrome?

I am currently going through tests to discover if I have one or the other. If you are living with either, how do you treat and live with them?

I had the genetic defect characteristic of Marfan's syndrome (Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm) but do not have Marfan's. I'm short.
This was discovered when I went to the doc for allergy shots and he heard a loud murmur. Since this defect is an Ascending Aortic Aneurysm and was affecting the Aortic Valve and Aorta and the coronary arteries and was quite large it had to be repaired right away. I had open heart surgery and had the aorta replaced the coronary arteries moved and repair but not replacement of the aortic valve. Having the valve repaired and not replaced was really important to me because with some heart valves it is not possible to have kids. I was young at the time and the surgery went well with few complications (an occasional TIA) and I had my lovely daughter 3 years later. What could be better than that?
At the same time I was in the hospital there was a young man there also with SBE. He was on antibiotics for weeks but avoided surgery at that time. If you should require surgery, find the best surgeon you can with the most experience.  (+ info)

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