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What is a parietal occipital subarachnoid hemorrhage?

Could this happen because a doctor used a “mity vacuum” in delivery?

parietal= bone that forms the roof and sides of skull
occipial=bone that forms the base of the skull
subarachnoid=under the weblike middle membrane of meninges
hemorrhage=bleeding inside
basically bleeding in your brain, and yes it could probably be from the vacuum used during delivery of the baby, their heads are the most fragile.  (+ info)

does subarachnoid hemorrhage have an effect in the increase of creatinine level? if so, how?

my client has a chief complaint of an elevated creatinine and has a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease stage 2 and subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) stage 2. i was just wondering why was arteriovenous fistula (AVF) creation was done considering that the chief complaint is the elevated creatinine level? are they related to each other?

if anyone of u knows.. pls help me.. i need to make a pathophysiology of this...

thanks in advance! =)

Subarachnoid hemorrhage has nothing to do with the creatinine level. It has everything to do with kidney disease. Once his creatinine level gets too high then they do a AVF so that he will be ready for dialysis when he needs it. Once the AVF is created it takes several months for the AVF to mature before it can be used.  (+ info)

does anybody know anything about Subarachnoid hemorrhage?

My grandad is 77 already has vascular dementia and we have now been told he has a Subarachnoid hemorrhage they wont operate because of his age and illness so we dont no what we have in store for us. He fell on saturday which caused it and when he went to the hospital on monday it was still bleeding


The bleed has occurred between the brain and the skull due to blood vessels tearing as a result of the head injury. The bleeding may stop on its own, however the resultant haematoma, (blood clot,) will put pressure on the brain. If it is large enough and the pressure is sufficient it will cause brain damage and may prove fatal.  (+ info)

does any one know the imaging method used in MRI to diagnose Subarachnoid hemorrhage?

MRI means Magnetic Resonating Imaging, so there's the "technical speak" for you right there. An MRI uses high resolution imaging to take pictures of all parts of the body.

Secondly, a doctor would probably order an MRI of the brain with/without contrast, depending. A Radiologist would read the scan and find the subarachnoid hemorrhage, but usually if it's large enough, it can be seen while taking the pictures, even before the radiologist looks at the finished pictures.  (+ info)

what causes photophobia in subarachnoid hemorrhage?

what causes photophobia in subarachnoid hemorrhage?

  (+ info)

Doctors told me my daughter has intraparenchymal, subdural, and subarachnoid hemorrhage what should i expect?

Surgery to evacuate the blood and control the bleeding. The timing of the surgery may vary depending on the patient's condition and neurological status. If the neurological status is stable, they may try to stabilize things and wait for an optimal time for surgery. If there is deterioration, they will go in immediately.

Subdural hematomas are the least dangerous of the three. Intraparnechymal meaans there is bleeding directily into the brain tissue. A subarachnoid hemorrhage is potentially very dangerous and can lead to herniation of the brain. That is when the bleeding is very brisk and pushing the brain. It can lead to loss of consciousness, then stoppage of breathing and pulse.  (+ info)

Anyone know anythng encouraging to a young patient w a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage. 31 yr old female in HI?

yes  (+ info)

can a patient recover if he had a bilateral and minimal left subarachnoid hemorrhage?

If it is minimal yes, with proper health care. He may need neurological rehabilitation treatment.  (+ info)

My Gigi, has Subarachnoid hemorrhage , she is 84, I need answers please?

My grandparents gigi and pappy been together for ever, x mas day she fell down the stairs and broke her collar bone and head trauma now called"Subarachnoid hemorrhage " like a stroke, brain damage, she is in a nursing home and wont eat, she is in and out of conscience state, pappy is 86 by her side night and day and he is scared too, how can we get her back? wil we get her back? if she wont eat, she will get worse..any advice would help. If anyone has experince with this please tell me what to do how to help. Thanks blessings
would juicing help, maybe there is a natural remedie for brain function returning?? pappy wont survive without her, how do I help them? Thanks

You need to get her to a neurologist/neurosurgeon. She needs an MRI with contrast to determine the extent of the bleeding through the pia-arachnoid. The dura mater should also be evaluated for damage. Do it immediately.  (+ info)

my dad has had a subarachnoid hemorrhage and now has vasospasm !! help!!?

my dad has has subarachnoid hemorrhage on friday (10 days ago) had it coiled last Monday (7 days ago) and the vasospasm started thursday (6 days after the initial bleed) he got moved into intensive care on thursday evening following a ct scan which showed some of his brain the doctor said the size of the end of your finger tip is not receiving enough blood

he is not moving his right side and cannot speak except for yes and no

the complication is that he has another anyrsm that needs to be coiled in 6-8 weeks and so cannot put his blood pressure too high as this may lead to the other one rupturing.

it is now day 4 of the vasospasm i would just like more information on whether he will be able to talk again whether this vasospasm will go itself whether he will slightly get his movement back etc.

any info would be great

amy, 19.

Amy, post this in Medicine and you will get better responses. I hope you Dad will be okay.   (+ info)

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