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Are ultrasounds accurate at detecting necrosis, gangrene, and suppuration?

i m not sure of gangrene or suppuration but necrosis 4 sure  (+ info)

if a suppuration leads to inflamatory tumor, can it lead to cancer??

don't afraid  (+ info)

can suppuration lead to a tumor?

Honestly, its better you consult a specialist. I really want to help but I don't think I can give better answers than specialist do. Sorry.

good luck

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Is Biosol (germicide) safe on skin?

I bought Kelly Pearl Cream a few days ago, and im not sure about the safety of the ingredients. It contains "...Biosol a highly effective germicide to kill germs and supress suppuration: and Allantion an active new agent for promoting formati of new cells in healing area." If someone has a bad experience using Kelly Pearl Cream, or other pearl creams, please share your experiences!

It should be safe.  (+ info)

Am i pregnant,??please help... immediately..?

i had sex 1 week ago..and i had to test my urine for some other reason..it was very yellowish and doctor said these is suppuration in my urine..he prescribed ciplox-500. is there any chance that i'm pregnant??
i had sex about 13 days after my last period..

Okay, so I checked you ciplox 500 and it is a broad spectrum antibiotic and I take it you were using it for a urinary tract infection because you had puss in your urine. Are you on birth control pills?? If so, the antibiotic could have weakened the effectiveness of your birth-control pills, especially since you were given a high dose (500). Wait for your next period or take a stick test in about 2 weeks. Next time be sure to use other means of protection when you are on antibiotics.  (+ info)

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