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Does sweating really help fight off a sickness?

I was confirmed with the H1N1 Swine Flu today and when I came home my mother rubbed my back with isopronanol and told me to dress heavily so I would sweat. I asked her why but she didn't have an answer.

Does sweating really help fight off an illness, if so, how?

Generally when you sweat it means your body is hot, and when your body is hot, your body can better fight off the illness. You might leak out a germ here and a germ there every now and then in the sweat, but that alone isn't what solves your problem. So sweating no, but heat yes. Sweating is good if you have a fever. If your fever is about 100 degrees, don't take any fever medication untill you reach 101 degrees, because 100 degrees will aid your body in fighting off the infection. Remember to constantly monitor your body temperature when your holding a fever, you don't want anything to happen to you while your awake. Take some fever medication before you sleep so you'll be safe for the next eight hours.

Sweating also cools your body and makes you want to drink more water, and constantly replacing the old water in your body with new fresh water will definetly help your blood flow easier, and make your immune system stronger.  (+ info)

Where can I find information on the "sweating sickness", or the "English Sweat"?

I first came across it in the book The Other Boleyn Girl. I'd never heard of such a disease, and I'm thinking about doing a report on it. I found some information on Wikipedia, and the references it links to.
Does anyone know any other places I can find (free) information on it?
Oh, and the disease first appeared in the late 1400's, and apparently was never seen again after 1551.

Just an idea   (+ info)

can people still get the sweating sickness in this day and age like they did in the 16th century?

i mean, it was a horrible disease that killed 10s of 1,000s at a time! can we still get it now?
please dont use wikapedia!!! its not very reliable!

The last outbreak was in England in 1551 and there haven't been any cases reported since.  (+ info)

Why is my son's hands and feet sweating? Is this a symptom of a sickness?

Take him to the doctor. There are so many things big or small that could be causing the problem. In honesty, it does not sound like it is much but if you do not have him checked, it will probably turn out to be a big problem. Never mess with a child's health.  (+ info)

what sickness has the symptoms of: sweating, body weakness, and headaches?

what sickness has the symptoms of: sweating, body weakness, and headaches



random Viral Syndrome  (+ info)

i have the flu, is sitting in a sauna good for me? (sweating out the sickness)?

i am about 15 years old and my immune system is very strong in the past 4 years i have not been sick until this weekend i got the flu... and now its my 4th day in pain... with flu type B...

my mom says that i should go to the sauna (steam room) at my local 24 hour fittness and sweatout the sickness.. its not that i dont trust her... i just think some ways of her trying to get my sickness away are wrong. coiuld anyone help me asap? thanks

Your body is taking care of raising it's own temp. It needs to be kept cool to keep this temp rise under control.
Putting yourself in a hot environment like that would be just as bad as bundling up and covering up - not good.
If you really want to do your body some help, just put a light pair of pj pants on and a t-shirt, and kick back on the couch or your bed. This will raise your temp as far as it needs to go.
If your temp makes you uncomfortable, take some tylenol or ibuprofen, as per dosing instructions. Ususally around 102, you will find that your body starts to ache and be uncomfortable.
See your doc if the fever lasts for longer than a few days, doesn't seem to have a source (like a cold), or if you have trouble keeping it down.  (+ info)

Medical - excess sweating at back of my head only - in daytime and in sleep?

I see no signs of any sickness except excessive sweating only at back of my head both during daytime (with slightest physical activity) and during sleep which makes my pillow soked with sweat. I am an office worker with a spiceless life stile - no excercise, no alcohol and no smoking (quitted 4 years ago). What is the cause? What is the remedy? I intend to have a medical chech-up. What tests you recommend?

this was a problem for me as well it went on for a month or so and then i developed other symptoms like light chest pain shortness of breath with little activity and went to the ER and was told I had blod clots in my lungs and night sweat was one of the biggest symptoms. Ask for a D Dimer test and see if it is raised if it is then get a cat scan. Good luck.  (+ info)

What disease or sickness results in these symtoms?

•shortness of breath
•discomfort or tingling in the arms, especially the left arm
•pain in the back
•tightness or pain in the lower jaw
•profuse sweating
•lightheadedness or loss of consciousness.

What is this?

  (+ info)

having sickness sweating?

hi can anyone help me me and my partner are trting for a baby but this month i was 2days late and no im bleeding it the 1st day of bleed but im in agony and im sweating i keep shaking cant eat and my pain killers arnt working i feel so weak i cant stand hand are very unsteady and im 24 yrs can anyone suggest anything thanks in advance x

I suggest that if it is as bad as your making it sound, go to the doctor now. Urgent care, or emergency room.  (+ info)

what kind of sickness would i geT?

it's raining hard and i ran a mile and i started sweating.
what kind of sickness would i get?

cold  (+ info)

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