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Is it safe to fly during the Swine flu outbreak?

I live in Vancouver, BC, and I am going to Taiwan on June 26th, and coming back to Vancouver around August 20th. I am worried about the Swine flu, even though Taiwan hasn't have any people infected. I know this sounds stupid for some people, but I take this very seriously, because I don't want to get the Swine flu...

What are some ways I can prevent from not getting the Swine flu while on the plane? Is it safe to fly during the summer?

First I would like to say...people are damn rude.... there is no need for asshole answers...

Second... I would think is safe to fly to Taiwan. Because there hasn't been any cases of the swine flu. If you are healthy the swine flu would not kill you. But if you are still a little worried there are types of medication to buy to overcome the flu.  (+ info)

What is the incubation period for the swine flu? How can you determine when you were exposed?

My son was deemed a "suspected swine flu" case today. I was told that he was contagious 2 days prior to onset of fever (which would have made him contagious Friday). When could he have been exposed?

Well there are many things that counts, one is how much he got exposed if, he got more exposed then he will be showing symptoms in couple of days. The second thing is his age if he is healthy and active then it will take longer for the symptoms to appear. Don't worry much cause the swine flu isn't any severe than the seasonal flu. good luck.  (+ info)

How do I tell the difference between Swine Flu and a common flu?

How do I tell the difference between Swine Flu and the common flu?

I am having flu like symptoms and have been in contact with someone from the US but he isn't sick.

You probably do not have swine flu but just in case you could visit the doctor, here are more flu facts

http://interesting-science-facts.blogspot.com/2009/04/interesting-science-facts-flu-influenza.html  (+ info)

How can you tell the difference between swine flu and the regular seasonal flu?

So I'm feeling super sick, and I know it's either the flu or the swine flu, and my question is how do I know which one it is? Of course, I know there's a not a significant difference between either, and either one will suck just as much as the other. I'm just curious, thanks!

I found out that there is a difference. I've have both the swine and the regular flu. Infact, I currently I have swine flu again.
With swine flu, you can't move all that well. I actually have to get my Mom to come help me around. The regular flu, you can move, but, it just really hurts.
The only way, though, to truly know is to get tested.  (+ info)

How can I prevent people from projecting swine flu onto me?

I see people giving me the look, I know they're trying to project swine flu on to me, possibly through some incantation. How can I prevent them from succeeding, and if possible project it back at them?

Become a hermit. Spend the rest of your life alone in the mountains of Tibet.

PS, take your meds for paranoia.  (+ info)

How likely is it that someone in my office will catch swine flu?

My boss says someone will. There are about 10 people in my office. I live in Northern Manitoba, Canada. There haven't been many cases of swine flu in my city but in some aboriginal reserves there have been and some of those people are going to be coming here for medical treatment.

How likely is it that someone from my office will catch the swine flu? Will we all be oinking in no time?

Unlikely. I doubt if 10% of the population will get it (1 in 10 people is 10%). So far, the prevalence in North America has been 3% (3 in 100 people). There have been 56 cases in all of Manitoba, that is .0005%.

As a precaution, wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer after touching documents that other people have handled or after attending meetings. Transmission is largely hand to hand, avoid touching your nose and eyes with your hands. Wipe shared objects like telephones and doorknobs with alcohol several times a day.

Your workplace should have a flu preparedness plan including plans for prevention of transmission and plans on how to cope with multiple people on sick leave at the same time.  (+ info)

How quick do you get better from the swine flu?

One of my co-workers is sick with the swine flu. I miss her.
Does anybody know how long she might be sick for?

Depends on how bad you had it heaps of info at site below
pc  (+ info)

Why is swine flu spreading quicker in Australia than other countries?

We're now up to 147 cases and it's increasing huge amounts each day. There are more cases of swine flu here than any other country in the world apart from Mexico. Why are there so many?
Ok maybe not more cases than in the US or Canada but we're definitely up there and we're on the other side of the world.

we ourselves are heading into our seasonal flu season, unlike america which was officially out of its flu season, as we head into the colder months we will start to see more swine flu cases.

i might be that history is about to repeat itself and this flu might do the same thing as the spanish flu. but there is one major difference. back in 1918-1920 they naver had the anti viral drugs tamiflu and relenza. our medical advancements have become far greater then it was in that period.

but if that is the case as well and the second wave occurs the people that survived the first outbreak will most likely gain immunity from swine flu.

this might be stupid but letting your immune systems experience swine flu might be beneficial. that is called addaptaion, that same thing occured in the spanish flu outbreak after WW1. in which during the first wave people that survived had a certain amount of immuity to the spanish flu. there immune systems addapted to the strain of spanish flu

EDIT: people blaming the government are idiots seriously the government cannot do everything. they cannot contain a swine flu outbreak on its own that is not their job, their job is to run the country. it is our job to take the proper precautions to make sure this flu doesn't get out of hand.

if you do have flu like symptoms call the doctor to come to your house don't go to the surgury you will only infect other people, good personal hygiene, a ready supply of medication (tamiflu, relenza). these are some of the things you can do not only to protect others but to protect yoursef as well  (+ info)

What is the difference between swine flu and regular cough?

Ok... so I'm really paranoid about getting the swine flu because my brother and my mom both have it. I was sick over the weekend but not with the flu (a sort of tired out/headache/chill combo) and am better. Now, however, I have an irritation in my throat and cough once in a while. I know both my brother and mom had a cough at the beginning too but I am wondering if there is any way it is not swine.

Usually the swine is headache, fatigue, chills, fever and cough. sometimes you get better for a day and then get sick again. sounds like you already have it.  (+ info)

How is Swine Flu different from regular flu?

Seasonal Flu (regular flu) infects millions of people every year. It's fair to say it's a common ailment, just like a cold.
Regular flu also kills thousands of people each year...
Of all the swine flu cases I heard about, most people are getting better, just like with a regular flu.
Of course if you're elderly or a newborn or an immunodeficient person, well, the flu might be harder to treat and may kill you, but that's not news!

Are we panicking over nothing?

It's not really different from the "regular flu". And yes, some people are majorly overreacting.

The media is often creating unnecessary panic in gullible people by focusing on a variety of diseases that turn out to be no big deal. Anyone remember West Nile Virus? SARS? Bird flu? If you hardly do it's because not much ever came of any of those things. Take a clue, people.  (+ info)

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