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What is the most effective way to remove syringoma? Thanks for your help.?

When I had my syringoma removed by my dermatologist (he used a laser device), he told me they would return, and they did. But this was about 16 years ago. Are there new ways to remove syringoma? I've read about new products to remove warts and moles, but I don't think they'll work on syringoma.

there are several treatments for that pathology:
chemical(topics or systemic) as retinoic acid,atropine,antiallergical,cortisone and
surgical (by laser or traditional) nothing
is 100% effective but the better way to
extirpate it is without doubt surgical,recidivants are frequent  (+ info)

Is there any way to prevent Syringoma? Is there treatment?

I hope I'm spelling this right, but my doctor told me to just cover up my Syringoma with makeup. Does anyone know a way to prevent getting more on my face or even a way to treat it?

check with your doctor or go online to a medical terminology website and research it.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of syringoma?

the little benign sweat gland tumors. Is there any wat to get rid of them or something that I can use on them? What causes some people to get those? Thanks

syringomas are benign growths caused by a blockage in the sweat gland. There is nothing that you did to cause them, and nothing you could have done to prevent them. They just happen!!
A dermatologist can drain them quickly and easily using a special instrument.  (+ info)

How can I get rid of my syringoma?

Yeah, ummm, I'd see a doctor about that....  (+ info)

Does anyone have Syringoma on their face? What moisturizer and foundation do you use to cover them up the best

this may offer help:

http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=8015  (+ info)

what is the best cream for syringoma w/o cutirizing it?

There is no cream that will remove a tumor.  (+ info)

syringoma skin disorder help?

Does anyone know the
signs and symptoms
of syringoma?
Thanks : )

Is a benign skin disorder that is made up of flesh colored or yellowish bumps. They are often found in clusters near lower eyelids; cheeks; armpits; abdomen; chest; genitalia. It does not itch & is not painful.

They often appear in people after puberty & may run in families.

There is not necessarily any treatment because it is benign. However, people may want them removed because they are upsetting to those who have them.
Though there is some risk of scarring; they can be removed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon by: Cauterization; freezing with liquid nitrogen; excision; laser treatment & dermabrasion.

Google: medlineplus>>health topics>>search: "Syringoma"

Good luck to you.  (+ info)

what is the cure for syringoma?

and y do we get it?

Nothing eliminates syringoma/moles faster and more effectively, with no negative side effects, no scars and no recurrence, than Nevexen. Nevexen has been proven time and again to eliminate blemishes like moles and warts without scarring, tissue damage or surgery. Guaranteed results are seen within days. Purchase with Confidence!!

* Single application is often enough
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I Am looking for the answers to these questions on Benign syringoma
I have been to the doctors and i now know what they are, i know that the ones i have, situated under my eyes, are completely harmless and non cancerous; the only problem is that my doctor won't remove them for cosmetic reasons!

I have done research on Benign syringoma and i know that they are caused by the inflammation of the sweat glands etc...I just have a few more questions i would really appreciate the answers to ...
If anyone could help, I would be very grateful :)

If Anyone Has Any History Of Benign syringoma And had them removed, would you be able to explain what procedures you went through, how old you were when you get them and what size they grew to etc ? any information would be helpful

If you had treatment, what are the results like ?

What are the costs like ?

Would you personally say that you can see a noticeable change ?

How long does treatment normally last and does it involve a great amount of pain etc ?

Any other info would be handy :) Thanks x
Please, your replies would be helpful :)

I treat these quite often by the use of electrosurgery. The results are almost always superb, with almost no scarring, and very little pain during the procedure. In fact, the patients don't even require an anesthetic. Since you have multiple syringoma, yours are most likely genetic, and you will probably develop more over time. See if another dermatologist in your area will provide this service for you. The cost will be between your dermatologist and you; what I charge my patients will have no bearing on what your costs are.  (+ info)

syringoma? you know anything about this benign sweat gland tumor?

there r permanent sort of pimples (?) under my eyes.. one skin doc told me its syringoma and that there's no treatment... help?

try to read here:


I had something like that removed by a dermatologist, but it reoccured after some years.
Go to some beauty parlour. They will show you how to hide them with make up.
DonĀ“t try to remove them yourself...it is really dangerous and can cause infection which even can affect your eyesight!

Unless they are not huge and do not bother you much I would let them remain and live with it. It is said, the more you remove, the more they will grow... I am not sure about that (this is also not according to what I have experienced, but why take chances?)

If anybody teases you because of them or tells you they look ugly, just ignore those idiots. Beauty is only visble with the heart.
Do not worry!
All the best!  (+ info)

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