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I have tarsal tunnel syndrome I need to find a supportive shoe?

I have tarsal tunnel syndrome and it has effected my life for the past 5-6 months. And I have had to wear a big boot to help support my ankle.... I would like to wear something a little smaller but still have the support for my ankle. I am sick of being called big foot. I would like to still support the ankle because there is the fear that if I do not it will get bad again.

I am having the exact same problem and just got out of the big boot myself although I am going to have to have surgery to fix it. My podiatrist recommended two different types of shoes. He said either get New Balance directly from a New Balance dealer (not just a shoe store but the actual New Balance store) or Asics. I had been wearing the New Balance before I was put into the boot so I decided to get Asics. I bought them from shoe carnival on sale for $89.00. THese shoes are aw some. They have a lot of gel in the them and a lot of support. I also wear a product called air-heal. This can be ordered on line. It gives you a lot of Ankle support but it also elevates the heel which takes the pressure off the nerve that is causing tarsal tunnel syndrome. You can buy these new off ebay or directly from the store. It slips on your foot and then your foot fits comfortably into your tennis shoe. The Type of Asics I wear is the Gel Nimbus 10. Its pretty ugly but its comfortable. In my sources there are link to wear you could purchase the products I have mentioned. If the air heel link does not work just type air heel by aircast into yahoo or ebay and you will find it. It looks like a black sock. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

Let the tarsal tunnel syndrome go to long, what kind of casting will I have?

I was Dx with Tarsal Tunnel several years ago. It has not gotten out of control, the entire foot and ankle are excrutiatingly painfull. The doctor could give cortisone, but I have already had some and it is a temporary fix. He mentioned casting due to the fact that the nerve is severely inflammed and he wants to cast prior to surgery. A few years ago I was casted with an ankle high boot type cast, due to thick ankles I cut into me and I could not wear it. Do they use regular casts like in a break or air casts for this?

Part of the answer is your age. The older you are, the slower it will be to heal. The steriod shots are only a temporary fix and will hurt going in and may make you sick for a day or two.

Go with a non-steriodal anti-inflamitory medicine and I'm surprised your doctor hasn't had you try a couple. That helps. Some say ice packs but a heating pad may work wonders for your condition.

I once read an article about the use of steriods and it stated that if you doctor suggested such use, not to walk away but run away.

I'm surprised that your doctor hasn't rx such medicine to get down the swelling, along with muscle relaxers and pain killers. Get a second or even a third opinion.

As late as seven years ago, they were using boot strap-on type casts. Also, splints that were wrapped onto the foot or leg. The problem was that if the attending nurse or doctor wasn't paying attention, it would be wrapped too tight and the patient would suffer for weeks until the next appointment to figure out why the circulation was being cut off.  (+ info)

Pain to the touch with tarsal tunnel syndrome?

My doctor says I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. I agree as I have all of the classic signs. Do any of you know if tarsal tunnel would cause your foot to hurt in a specific location when touched on the bottom of the foot? Mine hurts to the touch on the bottom of my foot in one specific place. It feels like a "stone bruise" if you know what I mean by that. I am wondering if it is a cyst causing the pain and the tarsal tunnel syndrome. The doctor has done no tests - not even x-rays. Thanks.

tarsal tunnel syndrome is a neuroapathy of the distal portion of the tibial nerve at the ankle cause by chronic pressure on the nerve at a point it passes through the tarsal tunnel. it causes pain in and numbess of the sole of the foot and weakness as you plantar flex(extending or pointing your feet forward).  (+ info)

Is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome considered a disability?

I have had the surgery on my right foot, but it still bothers me when I stand too long or walk a lot. Foot doctor have also given me the shot and the pills, nothing works, now what do I do? Go to the disability office?

Yes it is considered a disability. You need to also talk with your doctor about getting custom make orthotic shoes made. Most insurance companies will cover or at least par-cover the cost. This will help. I'm sure with therapy you will be up and about in no time. Good Luck!!! Cheers!  (+ info)

What's the best type of sneakers to wear if I have falling arches & possibly tarsal tunnel syndrome?

I can't stand on my feet past 20 minutes without them hurting. Been like this for years, even when I was slender. Now I'm overweight.

One of my teachers had surgery on her feet and her doctor recommended New Balance because of their arch support. Also, have you talked to your doctor?  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome and how is it treated?

I have been treated for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome for the past year. Anti-inflams, orthotics, Steroid injections, deep tissue massage, and immobilization are typical conservative treatments (not all at once). Final step is surgery.

The symptoms can be numbness, tingling in your feet, and/or a burning pain that starts in the inner ankle and can extend to the sole of your foot and up the inside of the leg. symptoms get better with rest and worse the more you are on your feet.

If you think you have this...see a doctor or podiatrist, it's not something you can treat on your own.

The link below is a good starting point to learn more about it  (+ info)

Is there a way to relieve burning nerve pain associated with tarsal tunnel syndrome? Orthodics do not work.?

I've been dealing with this over the last several years. It has started to hurt with every step or just when I move it even if I am not putting weight on it.

Have you been to a Doc? Amitriptyline in a low dose is often prescribed for nerve pain but it doesn't suit everybody. Ask your GP for more information.  (+ info)

Tarsal Tunnel?

I recently had tarsal tunnel syndrome. It is carpal tunnel of the ankles and i was wondering if it would ever come back or did it go away for good?
I got it from a change in physical activity and it went away from inactivity for a while
i dont see the doctor any more but wrestling is coming up soon and i don't want a costly visit to see my doctor

It might come back - it depends on what caused it. If it occurred because the tunnel is too small, then the problem will return every time you engage in activities unless you have surgery to increase the size of the opening.

If the problem is caused by tightness in ligaments or tendons, you can prevent it from returning by stretching properly. You could check with your doctor to see if he/she could schedule a single visit to a physical therapist to show you what stretches are needed.  (+ info)

i am pregnant and have been diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome.?

i was told that the pain will continue ans long as i am pregnant and on my feet. will i be covered by short term disability or fmla if i decide to take off work?

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Tarsal tunnel syndrome and ssi.?

I am in the process of being tested for tarsal tunnel syndrome. I have had many tests, and am in a great deal of pain on a regular basis. My next test is a nerve block on my ankle. My question is during the treatment process, can I get any type of disability to help me survive? I have a family, and can't live without money coming in. I am not interested in milking the system, rather I just want to get through to recovery.

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