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What is the difference between a damaged tendon and a damaged ligament?

I was told I may have a damaged tendon or a damaged ligament by a wrist therapist and to see a hand dr before I go on with wrist therapy. What is the difference between a damaged tendon and a damaged ligament? I put a call in to the dr, but until then I'm sitting here with a custom splint, what is the treatment that is done to correct a tendon or ligament.

Tendons connect muscle to bone. Ligaments connect bone to bone.  (+ info)

What causes a tight achilles tendon? How can it be diagnosed and treated?

I'm just wondering how a tight achilles tendon is diagnosed and what causes it along with how it can be treated?

There are 2 conditions which may cause a tight achilles tendon.

1) Achilles Tendon Bursitis
2) Achilles Tendinitis

In the first one, achilles tendon bursitis, is where a tissue on the back of your heel called teh bursa, becomes inflammed. You will know if you see a mildly red sowllen tender spot on the back of your heel. This is commonly caused by your footwear or the way you walk somehow repeatedly applies pressure to your bursa, resulting in inflammation.

In the second one, achilles tenditis, occurs when stresses placed on the tendon are greater than the tendon's strength. Running uphill or downhill repeatedly can overwork your achilles tendon. Or wearing a stiff-soled shoes (shoes that don't bend particularly well) can overwork your achilles tendon as well.

Hope that helps  (+ info)

How much effect does the achilles tendon play in plantar fasciitis?

My podiatrist says all the pain is caused from the tight achilles tendon, is it true.

It very well could be. If the achilles tendon is too tight, it would be causing constant pressure (pulling) on the Plantar facia, thus making it tired / sore.  (+ info)

What is the recovery time on a tendon graft?

I have a torn tendon in my foot. I will be having surgery to repair it and they will be putting a graft in. How painful is this recovery and how long will it be?

I know more about hand surgery, but I'm sure it is very similar. When we do tendon grafts or repair torn tendon it requires an average of 8-12 weeks of total healing time. First you will be put in a restrictive brace, then typically in something that allows you to move but in a protected way, & then you will need therapy. Good luck.  (+ info)

How do I deal with a sore tendon on my shoulder?

Yeah, I have a sore tendon on my left shoulder that's making it hurt really badly just to move my arm. I just ran and lifted weights too much, really. Anyways, how long will the effect take in?

i was a doctor in the civil war so i say amputate. not really, just let it rest, don't lift heavy things for 4-5 days, put an ice pack on it one or two times a day for 20 minutes, take mild anti-inflammitory medcine. depending on how severe it is that should help.  (+ info)

What phobia is the fear of anything touching your Achilles tendon?

When anything gets near it or i watch any ones tendon get touch i freak out and start bawling and go into a panic attack. That goes for touching, cutting, tendons touching each other, bending backwards, etc.

Wow now thats a weird thing to have a fear of.
Well I don't think there is an actual name for your fear
but it is more of a mix of a couple of things

Aphenphosmphobia -Fear of being touched.
Agliophobia- Fear of pain.

which is kinda strange because there is a fear of chins..
However I included a list of phobias.
I suggest that you see a doctor or ask a doctor
or some specialist they would be more likely to pin point your fear.

Good luck.  (+ info)

How long does it take for an achilles tendon injury take to heal?

I started a running regimen 6 weeks ago. I got up to 4 miles a day, 5 days a week. One day i over did it and ran 12 miles within 24 hours. My achilles tendon started hurting the next day. It still hasn't healed and it has been 3 weeks since the injuiry. I don't think its ruptured because I still have full use of it. Any suggestions?

yeah its probably nothign bad, but you should tape your ankle everywhere you go, even if your just walking to work, you want to have maximum support. stop runnig if you havent done so yet. i got one of those during fball season and i just stopped doing stuff for a week (comp0letely) not even jogging, and it healed in a little over a week  (+ info)

How long does a tendon in a finger take to heal?

I cut the inside of my pinky with glass. It cut in deep and i was not able to close my pinky. I got 4 stiches and its been 3 weeks now, and i am still not able to close my pinky. I can bend it slightly but it feels stiff for the most part. I dont have insurance, so I cant afford to go to the doctor. I dont think it cut completely through the tendon, but if it is slightly cut, how long will it take to heal so I can move it again? Thanks

Inside of index finger took over a year and still isn't quite right.  (+ info)

How long does it take a strained tendon to heal?

The doctor that I saw told me that it should get better in a week, but the pain hasn't stopped.I strained a tendon in my foot a week ago and it is still not getting any better. I have been relaxing it, icing it, and I have had it in a brace. I strained a tendon in my foot a week ago and it is still not getting any better.

idk  (+ info)

What exercises can I do with a pulled tendon?

I have recently been diagnosed with a pulled hamstring tendon, probably from my years of running. I am a very active person and cannot stand sitting on the couch doing nothing. The doctor said even walking at this point is straining the tendon. Is there any exercise I can do? What can I do to not gain weight (which has already happened). Thanks!

Do upper body exercises. Like swimming without using your legs at all. Go in a canoe or kayak and paddle. List goes on and on.

For your pulled hamstring tendon, consult with your doctor to have him/her refer you to a physical therapist. You need physical rehabilitation of that muscle otherwise it will limit your range of motion.  (+ info)

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