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How long for a torn tendon in the shoulder to heal, If Ever?

I tore my tendon throwing a football harder than I could handle according to the doctor.
I got physical treatment and the cortisone injection but that still did nothing.
Its been a year and more than a half and it still hasn't healed how long would it heal and is it serious.
I also just turned 15 so it happened when i was 13 turning 14.

Im sorry that I dont have an answer for you, but I also have the same problem as you. I was playing tennis and I think I either strained it or torn it, and its still bother me. Its been about a year now.  (+ info)

What injuries cause tendon pains in the wrist?

i thought i might of had carpal tunnel. i saw a doctor and he said i did something to my tendon in my wrist. Im relieved. I am taking 3 advils a day for 2 weeks (im fourteen) after every meal. I ice it regularly. It is feeling better but can it be anything other than a pulled tendon? what are the possibilities? will it ever fully heal? thanks !

Could have hurt a growth plate. It may be a joint problem too.  (+ info)

How to heal a pulled tendon in my quadricep?

I started football kicking two weeks ago and I'm pretty sure I pulled a tendon in my quad and each time I kick I get a sharp pain in my quad. I'm trying out for kicker in a week and I need practice but I can't with my leg hurting, so I need it to heal. Any suggestions?

  (+ info)

How much force can a tendon take before breaking?

I am doing a research report and I need to know how much force it takes roughly to break a tendon roughly 15cm long and about 1cm thick. Only serious replies please I really need help and I can't find any websites that will help me. Straight answers or helpful websites please. Thank you.

27.^ Wang, J. H. C., Mechanobiology of tendon. Journal of Biomechanics 2006, 39, (9), 1563-1582.

Haven't read the paper but the journal is a well-known, peer reviewed publication so you should find the info you need (and more than you ever thought you needed to know) in there somewhere.  (+ info)

How can you tell if your patellar tendon is ruptured?

I have pain and a palpable defect on the tendon, however I can extend my knee fully and bear weight on the affected leg. How do I know if it is ruptured? What can I do if it is?

Injury or over use of a joint or tendon can result in pain redness, heat and inflammation of the bursa, a condition known as bursitis which often develops quickly, over just a few days. Apply ice or cold packs for 10 minute periods, one an hour or as often as you can for 48 hours. Continue applying ice (15 to 20 minutes, 3 times a day) as long as it relieves the pain. Call you doctor if you have signs of damage to the nerves or blood vessels, such as numbness, tingling, a pin-and-needles sensation below the injury, or pale or bluish skin. If your knee is red , hot swollen, or painful to touch. If you are limping, or if pain does not improve within 2 days. For more information go to wwwwebmd.com.  (+ info)

What is this treatment for the patellar tendon called?

I went to the doctor today and he numbed my patellar tendon to see if that reduced the pain and he said if that worked then they could do some kind of steroid therapy to help fix that. However it was not just steroid shots it was some other kind of therapy and I cannot remember the name of it. Does anyone out there know?


iontophoresis  (+ info)

How long will it take to recover a tendon in my finger?

I've just had surgery for a partial cut of a tendon in my ring finger, how long will it take to recover??

full movement could be tricky . should see improvements in 1-4 months  (+ info)

How long does it take for a bruised tendon in your ankle to heal?

I know someone who bruised a tendon in her ankle and I'm pretty sure she's milking it cause she's had a boot on it for like a month.

I have a similar injury and was told by the orthopedic to expect it will take as long as 12 weeks to heal. I am nearly 12 weeks out now - and it still hurts! I'm wearing the ankle corset daily and the healing process is far from over.   (+ info)

What Exercises can is do for a pulled tendon in my shoulder?

I have a pulled tendon in my shoulder. I was wondering what exercises I should do to take care of this.

Rest till it heals if you do anything else you run the risk of making it worse or tearing & scaring the tissue.

I have a bicep tendon with scaring from re injuring it & not letting it heal fully.  (+ info)

What are the signs of a pop achilles tendon?

From time to time i will tip toe and hear and feel my achilles tendon snap or pop, the pain is bearable but it is still there when it happens... Other than the initial pop their is no other pain in my achilles.... What is it and what should i do?

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