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Why is supraspinatus tendon more prone to compression during 60 - 120 degrees abduction?

I understand painful arc is when supraspinatus tendon & subacromial bursa are more prone to compression under coracoacromial arch and that is when shoulder is abducted 60 - 120 degrees.

My question is, how does abduction of 60 - 120 degrees compress on that area above capsule and below coracoacromial ligament? Is it the greater tubercle of humerus that actually compresses on it?

Thank you.

It is not compulsory that only 60-120 degress,it can be anything like 70 to 180 degrees it varies from person to person,the rotator cuff muscles[including the supraspinatus] pass from a very narrow space between the acromion process and the head of the humerus anything that reduces this space will cause painful arc,eg.it can be migration of the head of the humerus due to injury of rotator cuff [greter tubercle] which impinges and can cause pain.When 1 tries to attempt movement [i.e 60 to 120 or 70 to 180 degrees ]this narrow space further narrows down and the structure passing through narrow space gets further tight or they impinge and cause pain  (+ info)

How to prevent vans shoes from blistering your achilles tendon?

I just wore my knew vans and after an hour i had my achilles tendon blistered on both feet and i was wondering if there's a way to prevent the blistering for next time or that i have to break them in and if so how?

Just they don't fit!  (+ info)

How long does Achilles Tendon rupture pain last?

I ruptured my Achilles Tendon a week ago and have never known such pain. Is this normal? It is getting worse by the day.

Because of the fact that this pain is getting worse by the day I would recommend going to see your doctor for further evaluation of the situation.  (+ info)

Why does my achilles tendon hurt when I wake up?

I've had tightness and pain in my right, and sometimes left, achilles tendon for the past several weeks. The strange thing is, it only seems to be when I first wake up in the morning. As the day progresses it feels as though it gets stretched out and back to normal.

I've done nothing physically that could have caused this, no over-exertion of the area through running or other sports.

Any idea what/why this could be?

I get this as well and was confused as to why. It turned out to be a simple answer. I at times sleep on my stomach and sometimes on my back. Both ways lead to my toes pointing down. So when I wake up and start to move especially when I step on the floor my achilles then start to stretch causing some discomfort. I find that if I wake at all during the night I flex my feet back and forth or due so before I get out of bed and it alleviates most of it.  (+ info)

How can I do to treat/prevent soreness in my achilles tendon?

About a month ago I began my career in law enforcement. My duty uniform requires that I wear tactical type boots. My achilles tendon(s) do not bother me while wearing my boots but anytime I jog my achilles hurts badly, so bad to the point where I am unable to run (which sucks because I need to stay in shape for my job). I came across this article and think this may possible be my problem.

"Women who wear high-heeled shoes often and switch to sneakers for exercise also can develop Achilles tendonitis. The Achilles tendon and lower leg muscles gradually adapt to a shortened position because the shoes prevent the heel from stretching all the way to the ground.

When this occurs, wearing sneakers or flat shoes forces the Achilles tendon to stretch further than it is accustomed to, causing inflammation. If high heels are worn everyday, stretching should be done every morning and night to keep the Achilles tendon lengthened."

What if anything else can I do to relieve my pain?

i would suggest getting some like dr sholls sols for your shoes and when ever you dont have to where the shoes dont . you could even get a new apir of sheos if tha would help at all? work out your tendon .....  (+ info)

Why can't the body successfully heal an achilles tendon injury or degeneration?

The body can do all sorts of amazing things to heal itself but it seems to me that its one weak point is the achilles heal. No pun intended. I've had achilles problems for two years and have done everything under the sun to treat it, and still have pain all the time. Why is this? Why can't it heal a tendon like it does throughout other parts of the body?

I have the exact same problem. My achilles tendons have been giving me serious problems for over 2 years now. It all started when I suffered a small tear in my left achilles 2 years ago and I'm pretty much positive that if I had let it heal in the right manner, then I wouldn't be having any problems today. I however, just kept walking on it and continuing to go to work and it healed all messed up and with scar tissue preventing the proper blood flow needed to regenerate. I think that the blood flow issue plays a big role in why the achilles won't heal if there's a bunch of scar tissue with low blood flow in place where healthy tissue should be. I've read that when scar tissue builds up, it can do so while containing very few capillaries at first and the tissue will have a very hard time regenerating until new ones find their way in. Also, chronic tendonitis can lead to tendinosis where constant stressing leaves fibers of the tendon wavy and disoriented making their structure much weaker and inelastic. Normal tendon fibers are lined up and oriented nicely which give them strength and elasticity. Check out this page on what I'm talking about:
My achilles doesn't look abnormal in any way when looked at externally so it's not like there's tons of scar tissue built up but there must be a blood flow issue because healing is slow to non existent and the tendon is extremely weak. I try to rest it as much as possible, I hardly walk around on it at all. I get around the house by scooting around on my butt while hearing athletic pants that slide on the carpet easier. It wasn't always that bad but it's gotten worse over time. Accidental overstresses, trips while walking, overuse and accidental over stretching have all lead to it's demise.
I know, isn't that crazy how the tendon just doesn't seem to get better no matter what you do? The funny thing is, people who rupture their achilles completely and have it surgically repaired, casted and healed in a non-weightbearing manner, can return to pretty much full activity.
There is a female olympic gymnast named courtney kupets who has suffered TWO complete achilles ruptures and is still competing in gymnastics. The stress that an achilles has to suffer during gymnastics is insane and I saw her the other day just tearing it up on the floor exercise event with no problems at all. That's funny because all I had was a very tiny tear in my achilles and it's two years later and my achilles is so weak that I can barely walk.
It's all in how the whether or not the achilles is given the right conditions to heal properly I believe. There's simply no other explanation for it. I've heard stories from other people who have suffered achilles injuries that weren't total ruptures who continued to walk on them and end up just like you and me.
It's so unbelievably messed up that it is what it is as far as that when they get bad, they seem to stay bad. It has ruined my life COMPLETELY and if I had my choice between a billion dollars or my achilles back, I would take the achilles for sure. I'm sure that you
eel the same way. The scary part is that I've never heard a story of a person having an achilles injury that
asted for over 2 years and recovered from it, although I'm sure that it happens, I've just never heard it.
We should keep in touch and report if we find anything that really helps or with any success stories. Right now, my achilles are so weak that I can't even stretch them but you should check out this stretching technique and see if it helps you. I posted it in response to another achilles question:


My email is [email protected], maybe you could tell the story of how your injury started and how it got to where it is today, I'd be interested to hear it.  (+ info)

What are those little welts you get after pulling a tendon?

I pulled my peroneal tendon and now I have two of these little welts under it. They lay directly under it, then go out to the side of it some. They are kind of hard to the touch, and showed up about 2 hours after I pulled it. Thanks for your answers.

First of all, you need to see a docter. This does not sound like a pulled tendon. This sounds like an acute tear or possibly subluxation. In an acute tear, which is caused by a trauma to the ankle, small blood vessels around the tendon will rip causing blood under the skin to form a welt or contusion. The two peroneal tendons are connected to the peroneal muscles and they are held in place by the retinaculum, a fiborous tunnel-like tissue. In subluxation, the retinaculum disconnects which will cause the peroneal tendon to snap out of place. This will produce a snapping sound followed by intense pain and ankle instability. Again, blood vessels surounding the retinaculm will burst and form a contusion. You definitely need to see a docter right away and get his opinion.  (+ info)

How can I still play basketball with a partially torn patellar tendon?

I suffered an injury to my patellar tendon last season and I still have a lot of pain when I jump. Is there anything I can do besides take anti-inflammitorys that will reduce pain and maybe get me back to my 35 inch vert days?

You need to re-train the quad muscles to help the biomechanics of the patella. Recommend you see a Physical Therapist to learn how to do it right.  (+ info)

What tendon connects a muscle on the inner side of the upper arm to the elbow?

I hurt my elbow throwing batting practice, trying to figure out what's the name of the tendon that hurts.

I have tennis elbow which is called Lateral Epicondylitis. Not sure if that is the info you needed. Hope that helps!  (+ info)

How do you heal a strained tendon?

When I do dumbbell curls my tendon under my bicep on top of the elbow hurts. It doesn't hurt that bad but after it starts to hurt I cant curl the weight all the way up anymore is there a way to strengthen it?

let it heal for a few days first, lift less weight until its stronger  (+ info)

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