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What are some symptoms of a torn tendon in your shoulder?

My mother has been having severe pain in her shoulder and the doctors say they can't figure out what it is (of coarse), so how would she know if it is a torn tendon?

It could be bursitis or tendinitis.
I also have pain in my left shoulder and the doctor thinks it's bursitis.
Can she move her arm some. Lift it over her head? If it's painful she probably has an inflamation of the bursa (bursitis). She needs to rest her arm. Maybe see aphysical therapist/ chiropractor.
Good luck as my arm has been hurting for months now.  (+ info)

after relaxing for an hour after work, my heels hurt and my achilies tendon feels tight when I start moving?

I work for fedex and am constantly moving at work. After work, I get to relax for an hour or so. When I get back on my feet, the back of my heel hurts and it feels as though my achilies tendon has tightened up. I have tried stretching before and after work and it doesn't seem to help...any ideas?

I agree with Jarred, I would only add If you have weak legs inner outer thighs this could be the reason why and shoes are only a temporary fix to a lifelong problem. If their is a weight issue, such as I had. The bigger I got the more pronounced the pain, shoes would temporarily help but it wasn't until the problem of building long lasting solid leg muscles especially inner thigh did the pain go away, a common problem that not many people are aware of. It all has to do with the way the muscles pull on the bones and keeping everything balanced. Your walking (gait) has to do with it but your used to walking a certain way all your life and without proper muscle structure other muscles pull and compensate for the way you move, and result in pain in your helper muscles that adjust to pick up the extra load. While looking into shoes, I would also get a gym membership and a personal trainer to help you work specifically your leg muscles and core let them know the problems your having and specific exercise to correct and build solid muscle to carry you through the day, and the rest of your life.
Good Luck  (+ info)

How long is it gonna take me to recover from a severed patella tendon?

I cut my leg wide open at work on July 5th with a machete.(Me,Land surveyor) Severed patella tendon, and muscle lacerations just above the knee. I have been in an immobilizer for a month almost, and haven't bent my leg since the accident. I go back to the doc for a checkup and maybe start physical therapy next Thursday. What's my forecast?

I'd say it will take quite some time to be back where you were before, and you may always have some vulnerability in your knee area.

You've been in an immobilizer for a month, so that will cause muscle atrophy itself that will take a good PT program to reverse. Then, you will slowly have to build up the severed tendon as well.

I'd say 6-8 months to be close to normal (that's just my uneducated guess though). But if you overdo it and hurt it by thinking you're more capable than you are, you'll have to start the recovery process all over again.

So best to go slow and steady than take any chances.

Hope you heal well.  (+ info)

How do I know if I may have hyper extended a tendon in my foot?

About a week ago the top of my foot from my big toe to about the middle of my foot would hurt when I would bend my toe up and down. Then last night it began to feel like my tendon was grinding every time I would bend my big toe. I also noticed that the tendon pertrudes out(more than my other foot) on the bottom of my foot when I bend my toes. Is this something to be concerned about and should I see a doctor? What is the possible diagnosis?

It is best to see a Podiatrist to make sure it is not Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD). You can go through the details because it sounds closer to this problem than any other I know. The causes suggested are as below

"Overuse of the posterior tibial tendon is frequently the cause of PTTD. In fact, the symptoms usually occur after activities that involve the tendon, such as running, walking, hiking, or climbing stairs."

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

Why is there a large bump on the back of my heel after achilles tendon surgery?

I am 9 weeks out after having a bone spur on the back of my heel removed and my achilles tendon reattached to the bone with anchors. Also, when will I be able to stand on my toes again? It seems impossible at this point. I have been walking again for three weeks.

You might be interested in looking at http://www.bonespur.com This website tells how people have eliminated their bone spur naturally.  (+ info)

How can you tell if you pulled your achilles tendon?

I played soccer (causually, not like a game) a few days ago but now when I walk on my right foot my achilles tendon feels stretched and sore. It hurts less when i bend my foot back probably because i'm not stretching it. Now I'm not sure if anything's wrong with it. How can I tell what's wrong, if anything?
It also looks a little swollen compared to my left tendon.

If you lay on your stomach and try to flex your foot and then try to point your toes. If this is difficult for you to do you might want to check it out with a doctor.  (+ info)

What can I do about a torn tendon in my left foot?

Just recently, I have been having pain in my left foot, down the middle, on the bottom. Somebody I know told me it could be a torn tendon. It feels like there's a cut, or something like a blister inside my foot that bothers me only when I walk. What should I do to cure this if it is a torn tendon? What should I do about it if it isn't? And should I stop physical activity until it begins to heal? Thanks alot for your help.

go to the doctor and let him worry about it and rest rest rest until then because if you did tear something it will not heal if you walk on it, it will only irritate it more   (+ info)

What is the best ankle brace for a ruptured Achilles tendon?

Is neoprene the best? Tendon healed but was then aggravated.

A ruptured Achilles tendon is nothing to mess around with as it can cause you problems walking and running in the future. See a doctor and based on the extent and type of injury they can recommend a brace for you. Usually a partially torn one will heal with rest and time but a completly ruptured one will not allow you to flex or roll your foot to walk and they usually have to go in and surgically try to repair it.  (+ info)

How do I know if I seriously injured my achilles tendon or just bruised it?

I'm a cheerleader and today at practice my coach was spotting me on a skill and I somehow kicked his elbow and ever since then my achilles tendon has been really sore and it hurts to walk on it or stretch it out. I've iced it and rested it but it still hurts, should I be worried?

Don't push it too hard if it still hurts to walk. It is possible that you damaged your achilles tendon, but if you CAN walk, its probably not that bad. If it doesn't seem to be improving in 4-6 days, go see a doctor.  (+ info)

What is the treatment for torn ligaments and a torn tendon on the inside of my foot??

There was no injury, just a lot of pain and the MRI I had showed I had a tear of my ligaments and my tendon on the inside of my foot. I See the doctor in two days but was hoping for some information now? I really can't miss work, I've been working for the last 3 weeks with a boot on. No help.

I tore a ligament in my ankle several years ago. They usually try to see if it will heal on its own. I'm guessing that' why you are wearing a boot??? Anyway, mine didn't heal on it's own and I ended up having surgery. I was off work for about a week and went back in a wheelchair for another 2-4 weeks. It was in a bad area of the foot and wouldn't heal up quickly as it would reopen with any movement of the foot. Hopefully your's is in a better place and can heal quicker. Anyway, I used a wheelchair for convienience and quicker movement around the office. I was told not to put any pressure on it until the would closed up and it took at least 3 weeks for it to do so. hope you have a desk job!  (+ info)

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