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WHen can i resume normal activity after having a testicular hydrocele removed?

I had a testicular hydrocele removed on Saturday. Doctor said i can stop wearing the girdle/supporter after two weeks, but when will i be able to resume normal sexual activity?

this will be in form 2 or 3 weaks  (+ info)

Could a hydrocele being concealing the signs of testicular cancer ?

Within the last two to three months i have noticed the presence of a hydrocele in my scrotum. Since i had no idea what it was i looked it up, upon reading these articles another potential worry arose. According to a couple medical articles that a hydrocele could be concealing testicular cancer. I'm only twenty years old.
Any information from people who have gone through this would be appreciated.

Most hydroceles are harmless. Medical articles are intended for those in the medical profession. There's a lot of knowledge that goes into assimilating the content of articles like the ones you read. Knowledge that's not contained in the article. Information like what you read about hydroceles concealing malignant tumors is true but perhaps what you don't know is this usually applies to tense hydroceles but tense hydroceles can often mimic testicular cancer.

The thing with these articles is "Yes, true, but..." To truly appreciate what you read, you have to know about the exceptions, the rates of incidence and the variables and factors that are involved. The information about hydroceles hiding tumors puts practitioners on the alert, reminds them to be watchful for this for the simple fact that hydroceles CAN hide tumors. They don't ALWAYS, they don't USUALLY..... they CAN.

Testicular cancer isn't a common form of cancer and is very treatable with a high cure rate, about 90%. Without mets, the rate is 100%.

So, your question: Could a hydrocele be concealing the signs of testicular cancer? Not really. The signs are more than just a lump. There can be breast enlargement and a hydrocele isn't going to conceal that, is it?

See a urologist about this. Have an exam. Get diagnosed before you decide you have a hydrocele. The symptoms can resemble other conditions. And try not to worry.  (+ info)

My husband is due to have a testicular hydrocele needle extraction tomorrow morning.?

Can anyone who has ever had this procedure done tell me what to expect, is it painful and exactly how do they do it? Any information would be helpful, and please no jokes,

http://health.allrefer.com/health/hydrocele-treatment.html  (+ info)

How much does testicular torsion hurt?

I did a lot of biking over the weekend and I ran several miles yesterday. I also have a preexisting hydrocele, which may be the culprit.

Today, I discovered that when I bend down or move my legs funny, my testicles ache a little, although the pain is very dull, non-consistent, and only occurs with certain actions. I heard torsion is one of the most painful things you can go through, so if that is true, than I do not have torsion.

you'll know if it happens.

testicular torsion happens when the sensitive tubes and blood vessels attached to the scrotum get twisted, blocking off blood supply. Hence, the terrible pain. The trick is to, when doing sports, wear a jock or sport brief to keep the boys in check. Then they can't wrap around themselves.  (+ info)

How long until a hydrocele goes away after left inguinal hernia repair?

I had it done a week ago. The hydrocele was there before the procedure, and it is STILL up and swelling nearly a week later. I don't understand, this is what I went in to get removed. I fear the swelling will get worse. How long until it goes away?

You went in for an inguinal hernia repair and hydocelectomy? It's been a week and you are still swollen? Call the doctor- that's not right at all.  (+ info)

How could hydrochlorothiazide help in the treatment of a hydrocele?

I was told by a doctor that hydrochlorothiazide could help reduce the amount of fluid collected in a hydrocele. Is this true? How would this work? Can anyone provide some information on this as it appears hydrochlorothiazide is used to reduce the amount of water the kidneys can collect. I don't see how this could help with a hydrocele?

The mechanism of action for HCTZ like the other responder said is diuresis. Technically speaking, it decreases the amount of sodium that your kidneys reabsorb, thus causing increased urination. This can be to one's advantage for patients with hypertension which is why thiazides are first line for hypertension. However, I've never seen my attendings or residents prescribe HCTZ for a hydrocele. This is because the cause of the hydrocele will not be fixed by the medication. The way to fix the hydrocele is to correct the underlying problem

I hope this helps.  (+ info)

How Long takes to dissolve the stitches inside the scrotum after Hydrocele Surgery?

I had Hydrocele surgery 4 months ago and looks there are few stitches exists inside the scrotum and those are connecting to my left testicle and the outer layer. So the Testicle is not moving freely and getting little pain some times. Also it is not going down as it was before surgery. it is upwards than the right(may be an inch ) can anybody advise on the same

Go to your surgery and speak to a DOCTOR!

Jeez.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get a hydrocele operation on both side AND Penile implant at the same operation?

After my recent Inguinal Hernia operation I have a HYDROCELE on both sides. Should have a GOOD surgeon NOTICED that when he corrected the hernia.

Headline question ... no, these operations require two differently trained surgeons, Special expertise is required for implant surgery, normally outside the training given to urologists..
Second question ...yes, but he couldn't do anything about it because you only signed the consent form for the hernia repair.  (+ info)

How long it will take for recovery and improvement from Hydrocele Surgery?

I recently underwent surgery for my hydrocele condition on right side ( less than a week ago) and I would greatly appreciate if anyone who underwent similar operation and treatment can share their post surgery
experience with regard to healing, recovery and overall improvement after the surgery.

Thank you to all for sharing their experiences and info.


3-4 weeks ,  (+ info)

Has any one had to deal with a hydrocele either personally or as a parent?

My five year old son has a hydrocele and there has been no complications thus far. I'd like to know other men/boys experiences with them and wether or not they got it fixed. Those who've dealt with it will know what I'm talking about.

Yes, I had one at when I was 16, was the size of a soft ball, LOL, was wierd. Got it drained, was back to work 2 weeks later. Sucks cause I was living on my own at the time, but it wasn't bad at all. Once your son has the operation only thing that may be left like I have is some perminent scarring on the sac and some enlarged testicle connector?...if thats what you call it. At age 26 I notice I had the operation, one testicle is larger than the other and alot harder than the other. Anyway, hope this helps, feel free to contact me with other questions.
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